General Accounting Of Microfilmation - Authorization - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: CONTADURIA GENERAL DE LA NACION MICROFILMACION - AUTORIZACION - Texto completo de la norma

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GENERAL CONTADURIA OF THE NATION Decree 1715/91 Authorize the use of the microfilmation procedure of the accounting-of-service documentation of the Public Administration in its charge.

Bs. As., 29/8/91

VISTO the provisions of Act No. 23,756, authorizing the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER to empower its agencies to use the microfilmation procedure established by Act No. 19,931, and


That the General CONTADURY OF NATION is the body responsible for the preservation of the administrative-contable documentation of the Public Treasury, in accordance with article 73 (g) of the Law of Contabrity.

It is necessary to implement the appropriate procedures for a more effective documentary management of such a repository, through the application of techniques to ensure access to and conservation of the computer framework, also contemplating the aspects inherent in the security and economy of means.

In this regard, the General CONTADURIA OF NATION has adequate equipment and experience to apply the microfilmation procedure aimed at solving the lack of space and precarious conservation in the sectoral archives, solving the chronic saturation of the General Archive of the Administration, in order to systematically centralize the information in its organic destination.

That under articles 86 (1) and (2) of the National Constitution and 1 of Act No. 23,756, the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER is empowered to dictate the present.




Article 1 Authorize the General CONTADURIA of the NATION to use the microfilmation procedure of the accounting-awareness documentation of the Public Administration in accordance with the provisions of Act No. 23756.

Art. 2° s For the purposes of this Decree, microfilms will be considered for which, from both original paper and computing documents, they are produced through materials and equipment specially designed for this purpose, according to the following conditions:

(a) Any first-generation microform or computer support may be used to produce on materials capable of registering permanent images.

(b) Materials and procedures that allow partial or total modifications, aggregates or alterations of the images, as well as microforms whose frames do not present a continuous physical unit or those that group, by any means of union, are expressly excluded.

Art. 3rd Las The technical characteristics of microfilms will be as follows:

(a) Regardless of the original and the microform to be used, the image of the document to be recorded must be complete and faithful, reproducing all the characteristics of the document, such as annotations, amendments, stains, etc., cannot be added any inscription that may alter the information contained.

(b) Where the actions of the document exceed those of the field of taking the equipment used and it is necessary to take part, the actions of the document shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of IRAM Norm 32,210, in the relevant part.

(c) The use of signs, numbers or other means for the codification of microfilm information is authorized for identification and subsequent location, which may be inscribed at the lower left angle of the original, provided that no alterations or loss of information are introduced.

(d) A control of the content of the microform must be carried out, comparing the images obtained with the originals. For this purpose, the latter will contain signs of individual identification such as folio, page number, date or any other means usable for this purpose, applying a similar procedure for partial takings of the same original.

The result of this control operation shall be recorded in the manner provided for in Article 9°.

Art. 4° . When a group of interrelated documents submits a number of sheets that exceeds the capacity of a microform, they will be used as much as necessary, maintaining the integrity of the information by means of appropriate coding that ensures continuity between partial microforms.

Art. 5° . Within the same lot of documentation, contained in one or more microforms, the degree of reduction with which the task has begun cannot be changed.

Art. 6° Las The supporting records of microfilm documentation will respond to the following rules:

(a) Each microform will begin and terminate, respectively, with a "Attachment ATT" and a "CERTAIN CLOSE ATT", duly made and signed by the officials who for this purpose designate the General NATION CONTADOR. These records will be formatted in IRAM A4 (297 x 210 mm) vertical.

(b) The "Attachment" will contain at least the following data:

- Number of Opening Acts.

- Number of microforms.

- Microform type.

- Reduction factor employed.

- Identification of the microfilm producing entity.

- Identification of the possessor or legal liability of the documentation.

- Place and date of initiation of microfilmation.

- Description of the documentation contained in the microform, indicating document types, initial and final document of the lot, and all other data that best identifies the microfilmado.

- Operator name and signature.

- Name and signature of the responsible official.

- The legend "registered documents possess the probative value attributed to it by Law No. 23756".

(c) The "CERT" will repeat the data of the Opening Act, indicating the date of completion of the microfilmation and adding the number of frames recorded between minutes.

(d) Officials responsible for the signing of the records and their controls shall be appointed by the legal body responsible for the documentation.

(e) When the microforms are of a single frame, as in the case of the so-called "window cards", a " OPERATING ATT" should be included in the field only, in small format and in such a location that it does not conceal information from the original.

Art. 7° El The microfilmation process will include the following:

(a) When the documents reproduced present, in their original form, stains, impairments or missing, in the sequence of ordination, they may be recorded using the symbols provided for in Regulation IRAM 32.212.

(b) When omissions of one or more documents are detected in the processed material or deteriorated or inutilic, for any reason, one or more frames, the correction will be made at the end of the microform, if it admits it, or in a new one, leaving the reference for a subsequent location.

The procedure to follow will be:

- Microfilm a "Attachment ATT" by keeping in mind that it is a correction, identifying the corrected documents and microform.

- Then microfilm the documents affected in the corresponding order.

- Finally microfilm a "CERTAIN CERTAIN" leaving the same constancy as in the "A OPERATING CERTAIN".

In the case of microfilms in rolls, this correction can be inserted at the end with the condition that the reel has sufficient space.

(c) The presence of a document, subsequently repeated by accident, will not be a cause of rejection or a reason for correcting microforms.

(d) The defects of taking and processing detected in the microforms produced that cause, in some way, loss of information, shall be corrected in accordance with the provisions of subparagraph (b) of this article.

Art. 8° . In the event that microfilms present imperfections in one or more controls, and these cannot be corrected in accordance with the provisions of this decree and in accordance with the aforementioned IRAM standards, the microform examined shall be considered technically imperfect and shall not have the probative value given to it by the Law.

Art. 9° Toda Any microform produced according to this decree shall be recorded individually, carrying for it the producer entity, a "Registration of Microforms" signed by the competent authority in the area of action of the same.

This record will be composed of fixed sheets, in which they will consist, for each microform produced and approved the following data:

- Number of seats in the register.

- Number of the microform.

- Microform type.

- Number of opening minutes.

- Number of closing minutes.

- Number of opening and closing records used for corrections, if any.

- Outcome and date of quality controls (density values, resolutive power, permanence, content and any other that the producer considers appropriate).

Name and signature of the officer responsible for quality control designated under Article 6 (d).

- Registration date.

- Date of expiration of the opening and closing records.

- All other data that contributes to better identification and location of the microform.

Art. 10. . Microform Registration books should be kept up to CINCO (5) years after the microfilmation activities of the production organization or the cessation of the existence of the microfilmation, without prejudice to its eventual microfilmation when necessary. The Opening and Closure Acts shall be kept at least up to UN (1) year after the limitation of the saving period attributed to the corresponding microfilms.

Art. 11. . First generation microfilms should be kept in safety files, properly protected from atmospheric and biological agents, for the time corresponding to the originals, being the responsibility of the user to procure the means and techniques for that purpose.

For the purposes of this article, appropriately protected archives shall be deemed to be compliant with national and international standards established in this regard.

Art. 12. . Paper and other media can be expanded from the microforms produced, using any of the current reproduction procedures that generate permanent images. The certification of authenticity will be made according to the legal procedures in force for the National Civil Service, identifying the microform from which the image proceeds.

Art. 13. Los The duplicate microfilms obtained from those of first generation produced according to this Decree will not have the probative value declared by Law No. 23756.

Art. 14. . Facultase the General CONTADURIA OF NATION to impart the relevant instructions and to dictate the clarifications regarding the implementation of this decree.

Art. 15. . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . MENEM. . Domingo F. Cavallo.