Economic Emergency Energy National Fund - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: FONDO NACIONAL DE LA ENERGIA EMERGENCIA ECONOMICA - Texto completo de la norma

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Decree 867/89

A number of specific funds are challenged in order to enable them to be used in those priority areas.

Bs. As; 21/9/89

VISTO Economic Emergency Act and


That the sanction of such a rule has put into effect the Power of State EMERGENCY in order to overcome the serious economic-social crisis.

That, by virtue of this, inter alia, the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER has been empowered to disabling a number of specific funds in order to enable them to be used in those areas that become a priority.

That in order to do so and in view of the fact that the measure in question may be considered independent of the regulation of the rest of the provisions contained in the above-mentioned Act, it is essential to implement the act that facilitates the use of funds in the terms in which it establishes.

It is necessary to regulate article 29 of Law No. 23 697 in order to expedite the transfer of funds intended to increase the diet in the programmes of school and children ' s eaters.

That the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER is entitled to the dictation of the present in use of the powers conferred upon it by Articles No. 28 and 29 of Law No. 23.697.




Article 1.- Default from the validity of Act No. 23.697 on the total collection of funds for specific purpose provided for in Acts No. 15.336, 17.574, 17.597, 19.287, 20.073 and Decree No. 22.389/45, creator of the NATIONAL FUND OF ENERGIA.

Art. 2°- From the date established in Article 1 the BANCO OF THE ARGENTINA NATION shall rotate, during the first SCIENTA (180) days, the CINCUENTA BY CIENTO (50%) of the resources of the FUND of COMBUSTIBLES (Act No. 17.597) to General Rents.

On the remaining 50% CIENTA (50%), the banking entity shall apply the percentages assigned to it by Article 8 of Law No. 17.597, subparagraph (b), as amended by Law No. 20.336, for the purpose of its distribution to the Provinces, respecting the maximum limit of disabling established in Article 28 second paragraph of Law No. 23.697.

The remaining balance, after deduction of the SIETE with SETENTA SCIENTIUM and CINCO CENTESIMOS por CIENTO (7.175%) that will be added to the resources established in Article 4 for the constitution of the SPECIAL ELECTRIC DEVELOPMENT FUND of the INTERIOR, must be turned to a Special Account that is created by this act in the jurisdiction of the MINISTERIO DERAS and PUBLIC SERVICES.

The SECRETARIAT OF ENERGIA shall communicate the summary of the encumbered operations, as set out in Decree No. 1.046/68, on a monthly basis, to the DIRECCION GENERAL IMPOSITIVA and the BANCO OF ARGENTINA.

Art. 3. The MINISTERY OF ARTWS and PUBLIC SERVICES shall transfer to the Provinces the amounts corresponding to the road share equivalent to the DIECISEIS WITH OCHENTA CENTESIMOS por CIENTO (16.8% = 35% of 48%) of the FONDO DE LOS COMBUSTIBLES (Law No. 17.597), after deduction of the CINCUENTA Article (50%)

Art. 4°- During the first 180 days from the validity of Law No. 23,697, the production of taxes on natural gas, the sale of electricity and crude oil processed, that constitute the NATIONAL FUND of ENERGIA (Decree No. 22,389/45), FONDO NACIONAL DE LA ENERGIA ELECTRICA (Law No. 15,336), FONICO DE CHOLECTROS The remaining balance shall be distributed by funds, in accordance with existing provisions. Once such amounts have been obtained, including the resources referred to in the third paragraph of Article 2, the SECRETARIAT OF ENERGIA shall constitute the SPECIAL ELECTRIC DEVELOPMENT FUND OF INTERIOR (Law No. 15,336) and the total remaining balance shall be transferred to the extent of its collection to the Special Account established in the jurisdiction of the MINISTERIO DE ARTS AND PUBLIC SERVICES.

Art. 5°- The SECRETARIAT OF ENERGIA will monthly communicate to the BANCO OF THE ARGENTINA NATIONAL FUND for the INFRASTRUCTURE OF TRANSPORT. Once this Fund has been established, such a banking entity shall rotate, during the first SCIENTA (180) days, from the validity of Law No. 23.697, the SCIENTA CINCUENTA (50%) of the same to General Rents and the CINCUENTA per SCIENTA (50%) remaining to the Special Account that is established in the jurisdiction of the MINISTERIO DE ARTS AND PUB SERVICES.

Art. 6°- The first SCIENTO OCHENTA (180) days the percentage of the distribution of Articles No. 2, 3, 4 and 5 that correspond to General Rents will be of the VEINTE BY SCIENTO (20%), while the remaining SCIENTA (80%) will be distributed according to article 28, first paragraph infine, of Law No. 23,697.

Art. 7°- Trust in the area of Jurisdiction 60 - MINISTERY OF ARTWORKS AND PUBLIC SERVICES - the Special Account No. 534, which shall be called the UNICO ARTICLE FUND 28 LEY No. 23.697, and approve its operating regime in accordance with the working detail annexed to this article that is an integral part of it.

Art. 8°- MINISTERY OF ARTWORKS AND SERVICES PUBLICS shall determine the character, destiny and use of the UNFONDO regulated by this measure, in accordance with the terms of the Law that gave it origin.

Art. 9°- Until the budgetary changes that arise as a result of the creation of the Special Account are made, the administrative services involved in the administration of funds disaffected by Article 1 of this act shall limit transfers to the instructions given to it by the MINISTERY OF ARTWS and PUBLIC SERVICES, through the SECRETARIAT OF COORDINATION AND PLANIFICATION.

Art. 10°- Please refer to the Minister of Public Works and Services for authorizing the expenses required for the operation of the Special Accounts in Jurisdiction of the Ministry and the SECRETARIAT of ENERGIA, under the UNICO FUND mentioned in Article 7 of this act.

Art. 11 On the basis of the sentencing, the application, perception and control of all taxes in accordance with the funds disaffected by Article 28 of Law No. 23.697 shall be carried out by the IMPOSTITIVE GENERAL DIRECTION, which shall dictate the supplementary rules necessary and shall be governed by the provisions of Law No. 11.683 and its amendments.

Art. 12°- For the purposes of compliance with article 29 of Law No. 23.697, the funds referred to in this Act shall be entered into Special Account 325 - Produced Exploitation Random Games under Jurisdiction 80 - MINISTERY OF HEALTH and SOCIAL ACTION.


Art. 14°- Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. MENEM - Néstor M. Rapanelli.
NOTE: The table attached to Article 7 is not published.