Airport Transport Transport Aerocomercial-Autorizan Charter System - Full Text Of The Standard


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AEROCOMERCIAL TRANSPORT Decree 1364/90 Permission to be requested by national or foreign air carriers authorized for internal and/or international trade in persons.

Bs. As., 19/7/90

VISTO is proposed by the NATIONAL TOURISM ARGENTINE, in relation to non-regular air transport services for tourist contingents, aimed at facilitating the development of receptive international tourism, and


That foreign exchange income from receptive international tourism has reached the first level in non-traditional exports.

That, however, participation in the international tourism industry is extremely low in the face of the wide possibilities of the Argentine tourist offer.

That it is a governmental purpose to seek all possible measures that contribute to increasing international demand, within which they acquire significant importance those that correspond to policies in the field of air transport that allow the entry of tourists in a massive, efficient, orderly and economic way, as shown by the results obtained in other countries in the field.

To that end, it is of interest to facilitate the conduct of non-regular flights, for the transport of tourist contingents within and to the country.

That, in turn, entails increased use of infrastructure, installed throughout the national territory by improving and optimizing its services.

That the appropriate measure may be given in order to the powers conferred by Article 86, paragraph 2 of the National Constitution and in accordance with the provisions of the Nros Acts. 14.574 (t. 1987), 18.829, 23.426 and 23.696.




Article 1 Artículo National or foreign flag airlifts authorized for the internal and/or international trade of persons may apply for permission for the conduct of non-regular air transport services of persons destined to move to points located in the country, tourist contingents on trips called "Everything understood" or "Aeronautical Charter" before the National Transport Directorate Aircraft under the Ministry of Public Works and Services at a minimum advance of TREINTA (30) business days prior to the date of flight initiation or flight series.

Art. 2o o The National Air Transport Authority under the Ministry of Public Works and Services, as the Implementing Authority, shall be issued in respect of such applications within ten (10) administrative working days from the date of submission to which the permit is not issued.

Art. 3o o Foreign flag air carriers may exercise the right under Article 1 in accordance with international treaties to which the Argentine Nation is a party and provided that it has reciprocity with the countries of origin.

Art. 4o — Applications referred to in Article 1 may also be processed by tourist operators constituted in accordance with the legislation in force, provided that there is prior conformity of the air carrier.

Art. 5o o It will be within the competence of the Argentine National Tourist Entity to determine the duration of the stay and other conditions in which the authorizations are granted to Argentinean flag conveyors and everything related to tourism and its commercial aspects, to which effect they may issue the necessary regulations.

Art. 6o o Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and Archívese. . MENEM. . José R. Dromi. . Domingo F. Cavallo.