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Original Language Title: CONSEJO DE SEGURIDAD SU CREACION - Texto completo de la norma

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Decree 83/89

Trust the Presidency of the Nation. Mission and integration.

Bs. As., 25/1/89

VISTO the provisions of article 86, paragraphs 1, 15, 17 and 20 of the National Constitution, and


That the serious events that occurred on the 23rd and 24th of the current month that are of public knowledge pose no doubt risk to the life and freedom of the inhabitants of the Nation.

That, therefore, the president of the Nation must fully exercise the powers that the National Constitution See Text agrees to him for the fulfilment of the objectives that underpin it: To establish the national union, to strengthen justice, to ensure internal peace, to provide the common defense, to promote the general well-being and to ensure the benefits of freedom for all those who inhabit the Argentine soil.

That the exercise of the constitutional powers requires the President of the Nation to make decisions leading to the efficient prevention, control and suffocation of the eventual repetition of events such as those already mentioned and, within the framework of the legislation in force, to ensure their deterrence.

That, without prejudice to the provisions of Decree 82/89 implementing the necessary measures for the quickest investigation and clarification of the events produced, the necessary coordination of decisions to be taken in all fields should be envisaged.

It is not dismissable that the very serious events that have occurred have linked with the outside.

It should be recalled that in December 1987, the Bureau of Consensus, consisting of twelve political parties, stated that: "the political and legal nature of the rule of law grants the Constitutional Power the power to have all human and material resources to consolidate internal peace, safeguarding the life, honour and heritage of all inhabitants."

That in order to ensure the best use of available resources and to ensure the effectiveness of the measures that may be required, it is essential that the President of the Nation make decisions on the appropriate advice of the various agencies of the national administration.




Article 1 - Trust the Security Council in the area of the Presidency of the Nation.

Art. 2o The Council referred to in the preceding article shall consist of the Ministers of the Interior, Defence and Foreign Affairs and Worship, the Secretary of State Intelligence of the Presidency of the Nation and the heads of the Joint Chiefs of State and the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

The council will be chaired by the President of the Nation, who will appoint the secretary of the agency.

Art. 3o - The Council will be tasked with advising the President of the Nation on the issues that he submits to his consideration in relation to measures to take to conjure up any act of organized violence that undermines the security, life, property or freedom of the inhabitants of the Nation or puts at risk any of its institutions or its heritage, as well as providing the Federal Justice with all information that may be useful for the investigation and prosecution of the facts. In particular, he will advise the President of the Nation on:

(a) The anti-subversive action strategy.

(b) The articulation of security mechanisms to achieve greater effectiveness in their actions.

(c) The articulation of operational intelligence tasks.

(d) Coordination of actions with the various provincial governments.

Art. 4o - The President of the Nation may invite the Attorney General of the Nation to participate in the Security Council.

Art. 5o - The President of the Nation may determine the participation of other authorities and persons whose knowledge or competences he considers useful to the specific issues to be dealt with. It may also convene non-full meetings of the Security Council, indicating in that case which of its members should participate in the meetings.

Art. 6th - The President of the Nation shall instruct the Council on the topics to be considered as a matter of priority, as well as appoint the Minister to exercise his or her coordination as appropriate.

Art. 7o - Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. - ALFONSIN - Jorge F. Sábato - Enrique C. Nosiglia - Dante Caputo - José H. Jaunarena