Ministry Of Economics. 1283/87 And 1611/88 - Its Modification - Updated Standard Text

Original Language Title: MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA DTOS. 1283/87 Y 1611/88 - SU MODIFICACION - Texto actualizado de la norma

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MINISTERY OF ECONOMY Decree 2021/88 Amendment of the Nros Decrees. 1283/87 and 1611/88.

Bs. As., 30/12/88



That Decree No. 1283 of 6 August 1987 granted special compensation to the personnel of the SUBSECRETARIA DE PESCA, the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT and the NAVAL ARGENTINA PREFECTURA that remains engaged in commercial campaigns, in inspection functions.

That subsequently, by Decree No. 1611 of 8 November 1988, the benefit was extended to the staff of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT, under the SUBSECRETARIADE PESCA, of the SECRETARIA DE AGRICULTURA, GANADERIA And PESCA, which performs research functions embarked on the accomplishment of scientific-technical tasks.

That in the first of the decrees mentioned there were differences in the amounts received by agents shipped according to the Agency or distribution, which were modified in the second of the legal texts cited in relation to the personnel of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT.

That it is desirable to eliminate the alluded differences and at the same time to update the base values set for compensation as the established update system has been insufficient to maintain the amounts originally determined.

That the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND DEVELOPMENT PESQUERO is engaged in the preparation of the most appropriate scalophone regime for the performance of its specific functions.

That until such time as this is discussed in the relevant legal instrument, it is incumbent upon the staff of the Institute . excluded that corresponding to the crews of fishing research vessels . an advance on the basis of the scale body under study, beginning on 1 January 1989.

That the SECTOR ' s TECHNICAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE PUBLICO has taken the intervention that belongs to him.

That the measure fits into the powers granted to the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER by article 86 (1) of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.




Article 1— Replace, from 1 January 1989, article 2 of Decree No. 1,283 of 6 August 1987, which shall be drafted as follows:

"ARTICLE 2°O The special compensation referred to in article 1 of this Decree shall be for SEISCIENTY AUSTRALES (A600.-) per day of navigation for the personnel of SUBSECRETARIADE PESCA and the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT, for the performance of their duties of inspection, only when the NATIONAL INVESTIGATION AND INSTITUT OF THE NATION OF THE NATIONAL INVESTIGATIONAL INVESTIGION OF THE NATION INVESTIGATION AND THE NATION OF THE "

"The special compensation must be updated according to the average increase set for the Scale for the Civil Service of the National Civil Service approved by Decree 1428/73, beginning on 1 February 1989."

Art. 2° . (Article Derogated by Article 6 of the Decree No. 261/2004 B.O.4/3/2004) Art. 3rd de Please note, as of 1 January 1989, for the personnel of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT de excluded from the crews of fishing vessels de as advances in the account of the increase resulting from the application of the new scale regime to be determined for such personnel, a monthly fixed amount of a non-substantiable remuneration:

Scientific-technical personnel applying the scale of the National Institute of Industrial Technology, categories



Scaffolding staff for Civil Service staff

(Decree No. 1428/73)


Art. 4°. The advance granted by the previous article will be updated with the percentages of general salary increment available, effective 1 February 1989, the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER for the personnel of the NATIONAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION. Art. 5° . The emerging costs of the implementation of the provisions of this decree shall be charged to the provisions assigned to the specific items of the General BUDGET OF the current NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION. Art. 6°— Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . ALFONSIN. . Juan V. Sourrouille.