Migration Rates - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: MIGRACIONES TASAS RETRIBUTIVAS - Texto completo de la norma

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Decree 1207/89

Retributive rates of services for processing and benefits carried out in the National Directorate of Migration or delegated authorities.

Bs. As; 8/11/89

VISTO Laws No. 22.439, 23.110, 23.564 and Decree No. 104/85.


That article 87 of the first legal text mentioned establishes the conditions for the determination of those procedures and benefits that, in the NATIONAL DIRECTION OF MIGRATIONS, may be subject to payment of retributive rates of services, while at the same time regulating the provisions, requirements and modalities of their perception.

That Decree No. 104/85 provides for such procedures and the amounts of fees to be received.

That, with the approval of the Migration Regulations by Decree No. 1434/87, some benefits have been modified and others have disappeared, and so Decree No. 104/85 is outdated and, therefore, it is appropriate to replace it with another rule of equal hierarchy that covers those variations.

That the present falls within the powers conferred by article 86, paragraphs 1 and 2, of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.



Article 1.- The following procedures and benefits carried out by the NATIONAL DIRECTION OF MIGRATIONS or delegated authorities shall be subject to the prior and in cash payment of the retributive asa of services established for each case:

(a) Application for permanent, temporary or temporary residence of aliens in the country A 8,000.

(b) Request for entry permit to the country as a permanent or temporary resident A 8,000.

(c) Request for entry permit as a temporary resident, except those made to the consulates A 8000.

(d) Renovation of stay as temporary or temporary resident A 5000.

(e) Request for rectification, duplication, renewal or replacement of entry permits to the country as a permanent, temporary or temporary resident A 16000.

(f) Request for the rectification of seats in the registers of the National Directorate of Migration for reasons not attributable to Administration A 10,000.

(g) Request for authorization of work for foreign transitory residents and their renewal A 30,000.

(h) Request for a certificate of precarious residence and its renewal A 2,000.

(i) Request for shipment, disembarkation or trans-shipment of foreign crew members or members of an international transport medium A 800.

(j) Application for registration or renewal in the Register of Powered and Gestores A 30,000.

(k) Request for certificate of entry, graduate or stay A 5,000.

(l) Request for duplicate recording or transfer of record of income or A 8,000.

II) Judicial request for trial reports, except those originated in criminal headquarters A 8000.

(m) Interposition of appeals for revocation, reconsideration or appeal in the process of entry permits or regularization of immigration status or extensions of stay A 10,000.

(n) Application for admission as a temporary resident for seasonal activities by each worker A 1,500.

Ñ) Request for temporary landing A 50,000.

(o) Request for certificate for having driven passengers in the course of travel, formulated by international transport companies A 5,000.

(p) Request for authorization for the momentary departure from the place of arrival of passengers in pursuit of travel, formulated by international transport companies A 5,000.

(q) Laboratory analysis A 2,000.

(r) Radiological examination, without radio label A 1,000.

(s) Clinical medical examination A 1,000.

(t) Request for the issuance of documentation only for the purpose of leaving the country, of an alien who is irregularly residing in the country A 10,000.

(u) Application of certificates not provided for in this listing A 5,000

Art. 2°- The NATIONAL DIRECTION OF MIGRATIONS may establish systems of perception of rates by stamping, sealing or dyeing, mechanical or electronic system.

Art. 3.The MINISTERY OF INTERIOR may establish the application of a retributive rate of documentation check-out services provided by the NATIONAL DIRECTION OF MIGRATIONS, to passengers leaving the country, determining forms of perception and places of application.

Art. 4.-The NATIONAL DIRECTION OF MIGRATIONS shall establish and regulate the procedures for which the diligence may be carried out in a preferential manner or in an unqualified hour or day, by payment of the double tariff provided for in Article 1 of the present.

Art. 5°- Applications for:

(1) Admission as permanent or temporary residents formulating:

(a) Members of Catholic religious orders recognized in the country, or

(b) Juveniles protected or protected by official guardianship authority - National or Provincial - or

(c) Unmarried children of DIECISEIS (16) years or less performing the process together with one of their parents or,

(d) Destitute persons.

(e) Aliens who credit TREINTA (30) years or more in the country.

(2) Applications for certificates of precarious residence under section 22 of Act No. 22,439.

Art. 6°- In accordance with articles 69 and 89 of Act No. 22,439, the application of fines and retributive service rates shall enter the Special Account "MINISTERY OF NATIONAL INTERIOR-DIRECTION OF MIGRATIONS".

Art. 7°- The updating of the amounts of the retributive rates of service and fines shall be carried out by the MINISTERY OF INTERIOR, governing for this purpose what determines article 110 of Act No. 22,439 replaced by article 7 of Act No. 23,564.

Art. 8°- Default of Decree No. 104/85.

Art. 9°-Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. MENEM - Eduardo Bauzá.