Ministry Of Economy Law - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: LEY DE MINISTERIOS MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA - Texto completo de la norma

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LAW OF DECRETO MINISTERIES No. 386 Modify in the part of the Ministry of Economy.

Bs. As., 17/3/88

VISTO Nros Decrees. 15 and 134 dated 10 December 1983 and its amendments,


The above-mentioned measures identified the Secretariats and Under-Secretaries of the various ministerial areas and the Presidency of the Nation and their respective missions.

That by Decrees No. 3,855 of 11 December 1984; 359 of 19 February 1985; 1,189 of 26 June 1985; 1,198 of 28 June 1985; 1,758 of 11 September 1985; 2,057 of 24 October 1985; 2,436 of 22 December 1985; t 1,788 of 7 October 1986; amendments were made to the original scheme of organization of the Ministry of Economy, adopted by 10 December 1985.

Given the greater activity that the Ministry of Economics must develop in the light of the new dynamics that the Executive Power has imposed on the treatment and resolution of economic issues, it is necessary to strengthen the organisational scheme of the same, in order not to neglect the attention of its usual operator.

That for the reasons set forth, it is essential, in order to meet the current operational requirements, to create a new Secretariat that specifically addresses the search for solutions to the different problems that present the relationships that the Ministry must establish with the different sectors of the economy and the coordination of studies for the resolution of situational situations.

That the National Executive Power is empowered to take the following measures by virtue of its powers under Article 86, paragraph 1, of the National Constitution and, in particular, by Article 9 of the Ministry Act (T.O. 1983).




Article 1 s Replace in article 1 of Decree No. 15 of 10 December 1983 and its amendments, the corresponding part of the Ministry of Economy, as follows:

I . Secretariat for Economic Coordination.

. Undersecretariat for Economic Policy.

. Undersecretariat for Institutional Relations.

II de Economic Management Secretariat

. Undersecretariat for Public Sector Salarial Policy.

. Technical Undersecretariat and Administrative Coordination.

III . Ministry of Finance.

. Undersecretariat for Tax Policy and Administration.

Budget Undersecretary

. Undersecretary of External, Internal and Public Treasury.

. Undersecretariat for Provincial Relations.

IV . Mining Secretariat.

. Undersecretariat of Mining.

V . Regional Development Secretariat.

. Subsecretariat for Regional Development.

VI . Interior Trade Secretariat.

. Undersecretary of Price Policy.

. Undersecretariat for Internal Trade Development.

VII . Secretariat for Industry and Foreign Trade.

. Undersecretariat for Trade Exchange.

. Undersecretariat for Export Policy.

. Undersecretariat for Industrial Development.

. Undersecretariat for Industrial Management and Modernization.

. Undersecretary of the Small and Medium Enterprise.

VIII . Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

. Undersecretary of Agriculture.

. Undersecretary of Livestock.

. Undersecretary of Agrarian Economy.

. Undersecretary of Fisheries.

IX . Cooperative Action Secretariat.

. Undersecretariat for Cooperative Action.

Art. 2o las Provisionally approve the missions of the Secretariat and Undersecretariats, which are set out below, and incorporate them into Annex IV, approved by Article 1 of the Decree No. 134 of 10 December 1983, as follows:

. Economic Management Secretariat.

Assist the Minister of Economics in all aspects of the assessment and reconciliation of proposals submitted by agencies representing public and private economic sectors, and in the resolution of situations that by their nature require preferential treatment, proposing courses of action to follow. To propose alternatives to the Minister of Economics for the design of the public sector wage policy and to assist him in the coordination of the support activities of the jurisdiction and in the control of the Social Work.

de Undersecretariat for Public Sector Salarial Policy

Assist the Secretary of Economic Management in developing proposals for the design and implementation of the public sector wage policy.

. Technical Undersecretariat and Administrative Coordination.

Assist the Secretary of Economic Management in the administrative compatibility of the areas of the Ministerial Jurisdiction as well as the planning and implementation of support activities.

Art. 3o La The Economic Management Secretariat shall submit its proposal for organizational-functional structure to the Minister of Economics within the nineties (90) days of the publication of this decree. Plant charges must be covered in a whole according to the provisions of Decree No. 2.326/85, with respect to the restrictions on vacancy coverage. Art. 4o El The expense that demands compliance with this measure will be met with the provisions of the specific provisions of the jurisdiction 50 ­ Ministry of Economy. Art. 5o o Defeat Decree No. 2.085/85, supplemented by Resolution M.E. No. 506/87, the relevant part, the mission of the Technical Under-Secretary and Administrative Coordination. Art. 6th . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.


Juan V. Sourrouille