Federal Administration Of Public Revenues Uprooting - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: ADMINISTRACION FEDERAL DE INGRESOS PUBLICOS DESARRAIGO - Texto completo de la norma

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DECRETO NATIONAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION No. 1,840 Please extend the special compensation regime for the higher costs incurred by staff members convened by the P.E.N. to perform political functions in various places in the country that have permanent residence.

Bs. As., 10/10/86

VISTO proposed by the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Nation, and


That the National Executive Branch has convened to perform political functions in agencies under its dependence on citizens from different parts of the country and in whom they have their permanent residence.

That the nature of their positions requires such staff to settle temporarily at the headquarters of their functions with the resulting increase in the costs of accommodation, mobility and subsistence.

It is therefore considered appropriate to offset the higher costs incurred by their transitory uprooting through a monthly allocation to address this situation.

That, on the other hand, the reasons for the decree No. 1,569/85 also include, without a doubt, cabinet staff convened to perform political-level functions.

That the Technical Advisory Commission on Public Sector Salarial Policy has taken the necessary action.

That the present measure is in exercise of the powers conferred by Article 86, paragraph 1 of the National Constitution.




Article 1 Artículo Please provide to the Ministers and the Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Nation to compensate in their respective areas, the higher costs incurred by officials who have been summoned to carry out political functions in the field of the National Executive and who have permanent residence in the interior of the country at a distance greater than 100 km from the headquarters of their functions.

Art. 2° . Such compensation shall be met by officials provided for in Article 10, Sub-paragraph VI of Decree No. 1.343/74, as amended by Decree No. 1,569/85 and by staff appointed as a cabinet under Article 12 of Law No. 22,140 and its regulation.

Art. 3° . When the above-mentioned assignment must be granted to a minister or to the Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Nation, the relevant decision shall be adopted by decree of the national executive branch.

Art. 4° . If, after the granting of the reference allocation, the staff member shall install his permanent residence at a distance below that provided for in Decree No. 1.569/85, he shall lose the right to both benefits. Art. 5° . Please note that the amount of compensation set out in Article 1 of this Decree, which is readjustable by cost of living, is six hundred (A 600) per month.

In cases where the State provides the staff member with accommodation, food or both, the percentages of reductions that for vitics are set out in Article 3, paragraph IV, subparagraph (f) of the regime referred to in Decree No. 1.343/74 and its amendments.

Art. 6° 6 Replace Article 10, paragraph VI of Decree No. 1,569/85 with the following:

"The Ministers, Secretaries and Head of the Military House of the Presidency of the Nation, Assistant Secretaries; maximum authority of decentralized agencies, State companies and societies and cabinet personnel provided for in Article 11 of Law No. 22,140, who have been or have been summoned to carry out such functions in the field of the National Executive Branch, which have their permanent residence at a distance exceeding 100 km. from the headquarters where it is performed and provided that such a situation is not changed during its management, it may use one (1) passage per week, personal and intransferable, from one to the next, between the Federal Capital and its city of residence, and up to four (4) passages from one to another per month in favor of its spouse and/or minor children from the place of its permanent home and to this Federal Capital, by air or by land, which it is used when the beneficiary of the week.

Art. 7° 7 Expenditures for the performance of this decree shall be met from the specific provisions of the corresponding jurisdictions.

Art. 8° Communicate, publish, give to the Official Registry Directorate and archvese.


Juan V. Sourrouille Mario S. Brodersohn