Distinctions Memorial Medals - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: DISTINCIONES MEDALLAS RECORDATORIAS - Texto completo de la norma

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DECRECT N° 707/1987

Disposal the delivery of memorial medals for civilian personnel in the National Civil Service.

Bs. As., 12/5/87

VISTO, Decrees 1234 of 3 June 1978 and 2.439 of 13 August 1984, and


That for the first of the above-mentioned rules the delivery of memorial medals was provided to the National Civil Service agents who fulfilled certain years of service.

That in view of the high cost of making such medals, the application of Decree No. 1.234/78 was suspended by similar Decree No. 2.439/84.

That, without prejudice to the reasonableness of the reason that led to the suspension of the regime of granting the distinctions, the circumstance that the award in question constitutes a well-deserved recognition of the dedication shown over so many years of work in the service of the State has been pondered.

That the situation of many agents who, having reached the required antiquity, had also been resolved, had requested the granting of the distinction, which could not be materialized under the suspension of the regime.

That, on the basis of this, it is the intention of the National Executive to reprint the granting of the precited homage, adapting its modalities to the policy of containment of the public expenditure in which the National Government is committed.

That, therefore, it is essential that, for the preparation of the precited distinctions, a material whose cost implies the least possible erogation is used.

That this does not mean detracting from the value of recognition to the staff concerned.

It is appropriate to limit the delivery of distinctions to agents who serve thirty (30) years of service, deleting the benefit for staff who credit twenty (20) and twenty-five (25) years as a State employee.

The situation of ex-emplary officers who had served thirty (30) or more years of service should also be considered as retired as of 1 July 1978, and that of staff who, despite complying with the requirements of Decree No. 1.234/78, did not receive the distinction as to the suspension of the application of that rule.

That the National Executive Power, in use of the powers conferred by article 86 (1) of the National Constitution, is empowered to issue this measure.




Article 1- Civil personnel performing in the National Civil Service (central administration, special accounts services, decentralized agencies, social works and State-owned companies, whatever their name or legal nature) that meets or has reached thirty (30) years of service, will be distinguished with a memorial medal.

Art. 2°- The distinction instituted by the preceding article shall also be given to ex-agents who, having served thirty (30) or more years of service, have retired from 1 July 1978, provided that the respective request shall be submitted to the corresponding staff service within the maximum period of one (1) year from the date of this decree.

Art. 3.- The distinctions will be delivered annually and consist of nickel bronze medals of fifteen (15) grams of weight and thirty-two (32) millimeters of diameter, and will carry the emblem and legend that constitute the reverse and the model that, as Annex I, is an integral part of the present decree.

Art. 4°- The services provided in the National Civil Service shall be computed, continuous or discontinuous, rented or ad-honorem, as permanent or transitional staff, including those served as Minister, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and equivalent hierarchies, Senior Authority of Decentralized Agencies and members of collegiate bodies.

The services provided in public enterprises shall be computed from their incorporation into national heritage.

In the event of simultaneous benefits, the services for a single charge will be taken into account.

Art. 5°- The staff who, upon the date of the award of the distinction, will receive the award at the time of registration of the highest level of service.

Art. 6°- Medals will not be delivered to staff in activity or retiree who, even in compliance with the requirements of this decree, had already obtained distinctions from official bodies on a similar basis, provided for in other regimes, including that approved by Decree No. 1.234/78.

The award of the distinction shall also not be appropriate when the employment relationship had been terminated by a cessation or exoneration.

Art. 7°- The Ministers, Secretaries of the Presidency of the Nation, Head of the Military House and senior authorities of the other agencies, shall, within their respective jurisdictions, regulate the implementation of the provisions of this measure, determining the annual date of the ceremonies of surrender and the authority to be entrusted with the award.

Art. 8°- Ex-agents who are entitled to the distinction under article 2°, who reside in the interior of the country, may receive the medal of the hands of an authority empowered to do so, in the agency of the National Civil Service closest to their home. If possible, the surrender of the distinction to the prescribed staff shall be made on the occasion of the ceremony provided for in article 7 of the present decree.

The active or retired staff residing outside the country will receive the award of the highest authority of our diplomatic or consular headquarters at the site.

If this is the beneficiary, the medal will be given to you by the lower immediate hierarchy authority.

Art. 9°- The beneficiary agents shall submit, on a pre-delivery basis, an affidavit in which they have previously received no official distinction of similar nature.

The staff services will incorporate into the unique lizards the precited documentation, and also record the delivery of the memorial medal instituted by this decree.

Art. 10.- Expenditures that demand compliance with the provisions of this rule shall be met from the specific items in the corresponding budgets, and a budgetary change that does not alter the overall levels of expenditure authorized for the different jurisdictions must be managed if necessary.

Art. 11.- Please refer to the Secretariat of the Public Service of the Presidency of the Nation to dictate the clarification, interpretative and complementary norms necessary for the implementation of this decree.

Art. 12.- This decree will begin to govern the day 1 of the month following the date of its publication in the Official Gazette, the date on which the Decree No. 1234/78 and any other administrative act providing distinctions for services provided in the field of NATIONAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION.

Art. 13.- The Ministers, Secretaries of the Presidency of the Nation, Head of the Military House and senior authorities of the other agencies, shall regulate the delivery of the medals to the ex-agents included in Article 2 as well as to the personnel in activity who, for accrediting more than TREINTA (30) years of service as at 1 July 1978, was excluded from the benefit established by Decree No. 1.234/78.

This award will be effected staggeredly in a not greater period of CINCO (5) years -starting by agents who credit greater antiquity.

If the retirement leave is made at the intern, the distinction will be made at that time.

Art. 14.- Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.

Juan V. Sourrouille
Adolfo Canitrot

Note: This Decree is issued without Annex I.