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Appropriate Title 7 -Recommendation for Volunteer Troop Personnel", of the Regulation for the Navy of Law No. 19.101

N° 724

Bs. As. 14/5/87

VISTO is informed by the Chief of Staff of the Navy, as proposed by the Minister of Defence, and


That in the field of the Argentine Navy, due to the particular characteristics of the operation of its means of combat, it is possible and convenient to incorporate military personnel of troops on a voluntary basis, in partial replacement of the citizens called to fulfill the Military Obligatory Service.

That this would result in the efficiency of the preparation of your units for the professionalization that will reach its components, thus achieving greater performance in the cost-effectiveness of them.

That with such a replacement can be a valuable experience, which will serve as a basis for considering the future of the Military Obligatory Service system.

That this measure is within the guidelines of the institutional policies for the Personal Area and responds to the demands of the current technological development.

While Law No. 19.101 for Military Personnel provides for the possibility of voluntary entry of personnel, it is necessary to specify their particular regime through a legal instrument that clearly establishes the regime for their incorporation.

That the most convenient means for this is through a modification of the Regulation for the Argentine Navy of the aforementioned Law, incorporating to it the rules that will regulate the personnel of voluntary troops.

That article 107 of the Military Staff Act No. 19.101 authorizes the Nacioanl Executive Power to regulate it in a jurisdictional manner.



Article 1 - Appropriate Title VII - "Volunteer Troop Staff Review", of the regulation for the Navy of the Military Staff Act No. 19.101, added as Annex I and which is an integral part of this decree.

Art. 2o - The regime referred to in the preceding article shall enter into force on 1 June 1987.

Art. 3o -Provide the General Staff of the Navy to introduce in its existing regulations the modifications derived from the incorporated title.

Art. 4o - Communicate, publish, give to the Nacioanl Directorate of the Official Registry and archvese.

José H. Jaunarena

Annex I





Art. 7.101 Definition.

Art. 7.102 Scale and orientation.

Art. 7.103 PTV functions.

Art. 7.104 Recruitment.

Art. 7.105 Change of scale

Art. 7.106 Records and lizards.

Art. 7.107 Patents.

Art. 7.108 Initial service commitment.

Art. 7.109 Renewal of service commitment.

Art. 7.110 Lower.

Art. 7.111 Credits and supplements.

Art. 7.112 Conceptual Foges.

Art. 7.113 Transfer regime.

Art. 7.114 Mandatory military service.

Art. 7.115 General standards.

7.101. Definition

Volunteer troop personnel will be called to those who choose to enter the Navy to fulfil the operational roles of the Navy during a limited period of service.

7.102. Scale and orientation

It shall constitute the personal scale of voluntary troops and in accordance with the knowledge acquired at the Training and Training and Training Centres and shall be grouped into guidelines corresponding to the scales of the junior staff (article 1.4.52), according to the vacancies established by the Naval Staff Armament Directorate.

7.103. Functions of voluntary troop staff

In accordance with article 1.4.53 of this regulation.

7.104. Recruitment

Staff wishing to join the Navy under this regime shall:

1. Being native Argentine or by choice.

2. Being a single civil state.

3. Have authorization from the father, mother or guardian in case of a minor.

4. Approving the admission course for volunteer troop staff.

For such entry, it is not an impediment to having been convened to perform compulsory military service in the Navy or other Force.

7.105. Change of scale

Staff who request it and whenever the command or agency to which it is assigned deems it appropriate in accordance with the requirements of the service, may move to another scale by entering, upon selection, the Armed Training Institutes.

The General Directorate of Naval Instruction shall establish the requirements for selection and equivalences according to the time of service provided for their entry to such Institutes, having to receive at least the last year of each scale.

The proof-of-entry documentation will be turned to the Naval Staff Armament Directorate, which will have the offender as voluntary troop personnel and will be incorporated into the Training Institute, receiving the assets corresponding to its hierarchy.

7.106. Registration and lizards

The Naval Personnel Arms Authority shall make for all personnel the general records necessary for their proper control, according to what is established in the regulations for the administration of Navy personnel.

7.107. Patents

In accordance with article 1.4.56 of this regulation

7.108. Initial service commitment

In accordance with article 2.1.55 of this regulation, it may be unilaterally terminated by the volunteer upon completion of the third year of validity.

7.109. Renewal of service commitment

The service commitment may be renewed for a single period of four years and will result in the perception of the supplement for the renewal of service commitment set out in article 2.4.05, paragraph 4.2, with the requirements set out in the present regulation and/or the Regulations for the administration of the staff of the Navy being unilaterally terminated by the volunteer in completing the third year of validity.

7.110. Low

The opportunities provided for below are those set out in chapter 1.5 of this regulation.

7.111. Credits and supplements

By belonging to the permanent table of the Navy, the assets and supplements to be made creditor will be received.

The difference in times of promotion of the present regime, as stipulated until the entry into force of the regime, makes the minimum-time supplement extended from the end of the first year of sailor 2nd and after the 1st. 1st sailor.

7.112. Concept leafs

They will be made the sheets of regulatory concepts for junior staff.

7.113. Transfer regime

The staff of volunteers will be transferred exceptionally, subject to the needs of the service.

7.114. Mandatory military service

You will be considered at the end of the 1st. Year of incorporation is described as instructed. The particular rules shall be established in the internal regulation of the Navy.

7.115. General standards

1. The above-mentioned aspects will be supplemented in detail in the Regulations for the Administration of the Armed Forces - Vol. II From junior staff.

2. Except as indicated in this title, the other regulatory aspects will be applied with the criteria set for the rest of the naval staff in their respective competencies