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REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT SECRETARIAT Transfer to its jurisdiction the National Viticulture Institute, the National Sugar Directorate and the Mate Yerba Regulatory Commission on Production and Trade. Approve your organic-functional structure. DECEMBER No. 361

Bs. As., 30/12/83

VISTO Law 22.520 and its amendments No. 22,641 and 23,023 and


That by the aforementioned laws, the competence of the Ministries of the National Executive was established.

That by Decree No. 15 of 10 December 1983, the Secretariats and Undersecretariats of the Ministry of Economy were established.

That the importance and significance of regional development in the context of the national economy and the existence of an organizational structure that would enable the actions of the Regional Development Secretariat make it necessary to equip it with a centralized management organization, in line with its objectives.

It should also provide for the qualitative and quantitative human resources necessary for the actions of the Secretariat.

That according to the functions assigned by the Regional Development Secretariats, it is appropriate to centralize those performed by those agencies whose objective is to increase and/or regulate the level of productivity.

It is therefore appropriate to place the agencies responsible for such functions in the same jurisdiction.

That for the development of the organizational structure, the rules adopted by Decree were taken into consideration No. 1,437 of 6 December 1982.

That in accordance with the existing rules it is necessary to establish the distribution of the headings for the General Budget of the National Administration on charges and hours of chairing.

That this measure is also protected by the powers agreed upon by articles 9 and 11 of Act No. 22,770 and article 10 of Act No. 23.023.

That the proposed measure is within the time limits set by article 4 of Decree No. 15/83.




Article 1 ∙ Transfer to the Regional Development Secretariat, the functions and staff currently being performed at the National Viticulture Institute and the National Sugar Directorate of the Trade Secretariat and the Yerba Mate Production and Trade Regulatory Commission within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. Art. 2o Transfer to the Secretariat for Regional Development the movable and immovable property currently affected to the development of the functions of the agencies referred to in Article 1 as well as the relevant budgetary provisions and provisions. Art. 3o ∙ Increase in the amount of $12,000.000 the General Budget of the National Administration for the year 1983, in accordance with article 10 of Act No. 23.023, in accordance with the detail in the table annexed to this article. Art. 4o ∙ Approve the organic-functional structure of the Regional Development Secretariat, in accordance with the organigram, mission and functions, permanent plant and permanent plant and cabinet, which as Annexes Ia, Ib, II, IIIa and IIIb form an integral part of this decree. Art. 5o ∙ discredit on charges, in accordance with the detail provided in Annex IV, the permanent staff departure for paragraph 11 (Personal) of the provisions assigned by Article 3 of this Decree. Art. 6th The support services to the Regional Development Secretariat shall be provided by the legal-administrative agencies that fulfil the same task for the jurisdiction 50 ­ Ministry of Economy and 52 ­ Ministry of Finance. Art. 7o Communicate, publish, give to the National Bureau of the Official Register and archvese. Note: The annex to article 3 and Annex IV are not published. ALFONSIN Bernardo Grinspun


Annex Ib




It will understand in the development, implementation and control of policies aimed at obtaining economic and social growth in the different regions of Argentina, according to the guidelines that, in the matter dictate the National Executive, in order to achieve its proper development.


1. To intervene in the proposal and impulse of political projects, plans, programmes and targets for their scope, and to implement those that result from their competence, in accordance with current legislation.

2. To intervene in the administration of the special funds constituted and/or to be constituted by the effect of the jurisdiction of the Secretariat on regional production regulators.

3. Participate with the Planning Secretariat in setting regional development goals.

4. Conduct research and studies necessary for the formulation of policies and plans in your area.

5. Establish jurisdictions on agencies that regulate regional productive activities, according to directives established by the National Executive Branch.

6. Intervene in the observance and implementation of international instruments to which the Nation subscribes or to which it accedes, when they affect or refer to matters of its competence.

7. Understand the development of necessary rules to avoid the loss of relative prices from regulated productions.

8. Understand in the actions to develop, aimed at achieving a smooth outflow of regional products.

9. Understand in decision-making on the establishment of productive companies in the regional areas, after participating with agencies of the National and Provincial State in the respective studies.

10. To establish committees, delegations or other organizations of a permanent or transitional nature, coordinating the participation of national, provincial, municipal or private sector agencies in matters related to the promotion of regional development.

11. Intervene in the proposal of the proposed budget for your area.

12. Understand the monitoring of your area management control system.



Understand all that is relevant to the establishment of policies, their implementation and control in relation to regional productions regulated by the State and the ongoing proposal of actions based on studies, programmes and projects prepared to promote regional development.


1. Understand the situational analysis of the productions regulated by the National State and set policies to follow.

2. Establish the rules and regulations necessary to avoid the loss of relative prices of regulated productions in order to ensure the increase of the Gross Domestic Product for each of them.

3. Coordinate the actions necessary for a smooth outflow of regional products, thus fortifying the domestic market.

4. Propose the incorporation of activities into the area of regulated productions, when reasons for economic policy advise.

5. Understand in the study and project of policy systems for the promotion and development of regional economies.

6. Understand the coordination and advice of official and private agencies, in the development of research tasks, in line with the objectives of the Secretariat for Regional Development.



Understand the coordination of the work of the various areas of the Secretariat and their relations with the representatives of public and private agencies that make up the Regional Development Committees, in order to specify the study, design and implementation of the social economic promotion policies established for each region.


1. Coordinate with national, provincial, municipal and private sector entities their participation in the Regional Development Committees.

2. Monitor the implementation and implementation of the policy resolutions and directives emanating from the Secretary for Regional Development, aimed at realizing the national policies of the area.

3. Understand the organization and functioning of the Regional Development Committees and project the rules governing their actions.

4. Understand the development of information concerning the actions of the Committees and the extent of progress and implementation of the plans and objectives set.

5. Promote the dictation of norms that favor socio-economic growth in those areas of the country, whose development is propitiated.

6. Participate in the promotion of exhibitions, fairs, exhibitions and other events aimed at promoting productive activities.



To understand in the conduct of studies aimed at the economic evolution of the various Argentine regions and to develop investment projects with the corresponding economic-social evaluation, in order to achieve a harmonious and gradual transformation of the developing areas.


1. Understand in the analysis of the problems of regional productions, in their technical, economic and marketing aspects and propose appropriate measures.

2. Understand the assessment of scientific events and technical meetings that take place in the country or abroad related to regional economies and developments and propose the concurrence to those that it deems appropriate.

3. Conduct research work that is consistent with the objectives of the Regional Development Secretariat, together with public and private agencies.

4. Understand the economic studies of domestic and external markets, analysing the evolution of imports and exports, indicating techniques and strategies for the promotion of regional products.

5. To evaluate investment and development projects and programmes in the economic and social aspects.

Annex IIIa


Annex IIIb