Indotria Frigorifica Regimen De Garantia Horaria - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: INDUSTRIA FRIGORIFICA REGIMEN DE GARANTIA HORARIA - Texto completo de la norma

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Determine a contribution by the National State to the maintenance of the time guarantee regime, of the personnel affected to that industry, in the cases expressly provided for in the Nros Acts. 18,835 and 19,856.

Bs. As., 21/3/84

VISTO the provisions of Act No. 18,835 and


That the industry in general and the exporter in particular is experiencing great economic difficulties, which have their causes in the economic process of financial indebtedness recorded in the past, along with the growing decolation of Argentina in the meat markets.

Such a situation undoubtedly affects the normal development of enterprises whose main activity is to do with meat and its derivatives.

That such circumstances are demonstrative of a situation of force majeure, as in some cases it has brought the paralysis or almost total decrease of the work, with the logical consequences that this produces in the relationship with the staff and the payment of the hourly guarantee.

Without prejudice to the above, it is necessary to establish in each case if the companies that make requests for funds as well as the personnel involved in them are covered by the scope of the time guarantee regime established by Decree-Law No. 14.103/44, ratified by Law No. 12.921 and extended by the Laws Noros. 18,835 and 19,856.

It is the policy of the National Government to defend not only the business situation, but also that of the salaried sector, which could be adversely affected by any failure to pay the amounts provided for in the above-mentioned laws and the respective Collective Labour Conventions.

That in order to alleviate the above-mentioned emergency situation, it is appropriate to determine a contribution to the payment of the affected personnel, as well as to establish that the allocation to the companies, of the funds determined in the present, should be subject to the analysis of the financial situation of the affected staff, in order to ascertain the impossibility of the payment of that benefit with their own resources.



Article 1— The National State shall take charge, on the account of the respective companies, of the maintenance of the time guarantee regime for the personnel affected to the country's cold industry in the cases expressly provided for in Law 18.835 and 19.836 to the sum of Argentine pesos 20,000.000 (Twenty Million Argentine Pesos).

Art. 2° — Funds payable pursuant to the previous article shall be refunded by the respective companies within the Sixty-day period from the date of payment. This term may be extended by the Ministry of Economy to a maximum of Hundred Ochenta (180) days. For the purpose of the refund, its update will be carried out on the basis of the growth of the Index of Major Prices General level published by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses, plus an interest equivalent to 6 per cent per year.

Art. 3° — The benefits of this decree will be excluded from the companies that have accessed or acceded to the benefits of the Additional Aid Scheme implemented by the communication of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic “A 411” and complementary.

Art. 4° — The Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the National Board of Carnes shall determine and report on the status of the companies and the situation regarding the payment of the hourly guarantee of their staff, due periods, as well as whether the personnel involved in such periods are covered by the time guarantee regime established by Decree-Law Nro. 14.103/44, ratified by Act No. 12.921 and enlarged by Nros Laws. 18,835 and 19,856 or the respective collective labour convention, for the purposes of the application of article 1.

Art. 5° — Authorize the Ministry of Economy to regulate the implementation of the present, in terms of distribution of funds and instrumentation of delivery.

Art. 6° — The expenditure that demands the application of this decree will be met with the budgetary provision that is incurred in this exercise, in Jurisdiction 91 - Obligations by the Treasury.

Art. 7° — Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.


Bernardo Grinspun

Antonio Mucci