Ministry Of Economy Delegation Of Powers - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA DELEGACION DE FACULTADES - Texto completo de la norma

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DELEGATION OF DECRETO FACULTADES No. 1,100 Please note that the Secretariat of Maritime Resources will be the authority to apply with the corresponding decision-making powers within the limits established by certain rules. Authorization to the Minister of Economy to delegate authority to the aforementioned Secretariat.

Bs. As., 6/4/84

VISTO SRM File No. 50.031/84, and


That in accordance with the provisions of the Ministeriot.o. 1983 Ley Ministry Act, Decree No. 15 of 10 December 1983, the creation of the Ministry of Economy, the Secretariat of Maritime Resources.

That reasons for good administrative functioning make it advisable to have certain powers assumed by the Secretariats of the area.

That in the present case, such powers correspond to those that were appropriately attributed to the former Secretariat of Maritime Interests, in the field of maritime resources, by the Decree No. 1,514 of 14 December 1982 and the rules issued after that date, attributives of competence, which are set out below.

That the powers of reference arise from the following rules: Laws Nros. 17.500, reformed by the Nros Acts. 20.136 and 22.018; 19,000; 20.094 reformed by Act No. 22.228; 21.514; 22,107 and 22,978 and Nros Decrees. 148,119 of 19 April 1943; 16,912 of 21 July 1949; 10,033 of 26 August 1960; 439 of 20 April 1971; 440 of 20 April 1971; 4,785 of 22 May 1973; 3,176 of 17 October 1977; 173 of 27 January 1978; 955 of 25 April 1978 and 1,533 of 16 December 1982.

That the decision taken is based on the powers of the National Executive Branch emanated from section 86 (1) and (2) of the National Constitution, and also article 14 of the Ministeriot. or 1983.




Article 1 La The Ministry of Economy’s Maritime Resources Secretariat will be the enforcement authority with the corresponding decision-making powers within the limits set out in the following rules: Act No. 17500, amended by the Laws No. 17.500. 20.136 and 22.018, Regulatory Decree No. 1,533 of 16 December 1982, articles 56, 112 and 143 of Law No. 20.094 as amended by Law No. 22,228 concerning fishing vessels; Act No. 21,514 and Decree No. 173 of 27 January 1978 and 955 of 25 April 1978; and Law No. 22,978. Art. 2o s Authorize the Minister of Economy to delegate to the Secretary of Maritime Resources the following powers:

1. To have the products confiscated by the Argentine Naval Prefecture to foreign fishing vessels in accordance with article 1 of Decree No. 3.176 of 17 October 1977.

2. To determine in conjunction with the corresponding area the regime of distribution and control of fuel at official price without tax, for fishing vessels of national tuition.

3. Authorize and control imports of fishing vessels with tariff benefits.

Art. 3o . Attract to the Secretariat of Maritime Resources the functions and powers conferred by the following rules: Decree No. 148.119 of 19 April 1943 amended by Decree No. 16.912 of 21 July 1949; Decree No. 10.033 of 26 August 1960 amended by its similar 4.785 of 22 May 1973 and Act No. 22.107. Art. 4o . Revise Decree No. 1.514 of 14 December 1982, with regard to the rules, and with the scope, which are detailed in the present. Art. 5o . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.


Bernardo Grinspun