Energy Secretary Hydrocarbons - Faculties - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: HIDROCARBUROS SECRETARIA DE ENERGIA - FACULTADES - Texto completo de la norma

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HIDROCARBUROS DECRETO No. 2.233 Please enable the Energy Secretariat to exercise the powers inherent in police power, at all stages that integrate the productive, procedural and marketing process.

Bs. As., 20/7/84

VISTO Expedient No. 17.606/84 of the registration of the Energy Secretariat and Law No. 17.319 which, in its articles 2°, 6°, 75, 76 and 97, grants the Energy Secretariat the exercise of the powers inherent in the police power, at all stages that integrate the productive, procedural and marketing process of hydrocarbons, and


That the exercise of the above-mentioned power of grief requires the necessary means either technical or administrative.

That the Energy Secretariat currently lacks adequate infrastructure to carry out such a task satisfactorily.

At the same time there are societies that belong to the National State or where the latter can exercise the corporate will.

That the main purpose of these societies is to fulfill the objectives that the political power assigns to them, above the crematistic aspect that makes the development of their activities.

That the aforementioned societies possess appropriate technical and administrative structures, as well as specialized in their specific fields of action, which allows them to face the exercise of such powers.

That it is therefore appropriate to use existing structures rationally.




Article 1 . Facultase the Energy Secretariat to exercise the power of the police that is agreed to by the law in its capacity as the authority of application through the Petroliferous Fiscals, Society of the State, Gas of the State, Society of the State, Petrochemical General Mosconi Sociedad Anónima Industrial y Comercial y Yacimientos Carboníferos Fiscales Empresa del Estado, in its specific areas of Action.

Art. 2o o The Energy Secretariat, as an implementing agency of Law No. 17.319, shall delimit the areas of action and shall provide such instructions as may be necessary for the purposes of this decree, without prejudice to the reservation of joint, alternative, or even exclusive intervention, if the circumstances so require.

Art. 3o o Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.


Roque G Carranza