National Law N? 18.875 - Update Of Validity - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: COMPRE NACIONAL LEY N? 18.875 - ACTUALIZACION DE VIGENCIA - Texto completo de la norma

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COMPRE NATIONAL DECRETO N° 2.404 Please update the validity of Act No. 18.875, stating that the National Civil Service, its dependencies, distributions and local or decentralised entities, State companies and public service concessionaires must obligatoryly consume products produced by Y.P.F. State society.

Bs. As., 7/8/84

VISTO File No. 202.002/84 of the Registry of Energy, and


That since 1926 and through successive rules dictated by the National State, the Public Shares, Autonical Entities, State Enterprises, and their contractors were obliged to consume products produced by the State Society Petrolfers.

That those rules were subsequently left without effect, and that obligation was abolished.

That this change undoubtedly produced a strong adverse impact on the Society, even having to allow contractors working for the State Society's Petrolfers and benefited from such contracts, to consume products from other brands.

Given the current situation, it is considered necessary to revert to the practice of those policies favourable to the Petroliferous Fiscal Societies of the State, which results in a direct benefit to the country and creates an awareness of support for national colors.

The same policy should be requested to be adopted by the Provinces and Municipalities of the Country, inviting them to that end.

That the policy that is intended to update the validity of Act No. 18,875 passed on 23 December 1970, by establishing that the National Civil Service, its units, distributions and autocarchic or decentralized entities, State enterprises and concessionary enterprises of public services should acquire materials, goods and products of national origin.

That it strengthens this way and aims to elevate our deeply national spirit, since achieving this objective it will have taken a fundamental step not only to relocate to the sitial that corresponds to the Petroleum Fiscal Foundations State Society, but it will also have collaborated in an unobjeable way with the march of the country in general.




Article 1 . The National State, its dependencies, companies and societies of the State, or mixed with a state-owned majority, and any distribution that belongs to the State or to the majority of those entities that are concessionaires of public services must obligatoryly consume products produced by the Petroliferous Tax Authorities of the State Society.

Art. 2o Las The divisions and entities quoted in the previous article shall provide for the inclusion in the tenders and contracts that sign with third parties, the obligation for contractors to consume products produced by the State Society Petroleums in the execution of such contracts.

Art. 3o . Invite, through the relevant communications, all the provinces and municipalities that are members of the Nation to adhere to the provisions of the present, endorsing the national and equity objectives that are pursued.

Art. 4o . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.


Roque G. Carranza Antonio A. Tróccoli