Decree 302/83 - Its Modification - - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: ARMAS Y EXPLOSIVOS DECRETO 302/83 -SU MODIFICACION - - Texto completo de la norma

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ARMS AND EXPLOSIVES Amend Rules adopted by Decree No. 302/83, DECRETO No. 3.542

Bs. As., 31/10/84

VISTO Expediente No. 6.934/84 (DG FM), proposed by the Minister of Defence, and


That the experience gained in the motherhood of explosives by application of the Regulation adopted by Decree No. 302 of 8 February 1983 has evidenced the desirability of modifying some of its articles.

It is the power of the National Executive to determine the requirements to be met by the aforementioned Regulation, in accordance with article 23 of Act No. 20.429 (National Arms and Explosives Act).





Article 1 . Replace the text of art. 493 of the Rules for the following:

Article 493. . The movement of pyrotechnic artifices will be recorded in the wholesale deposits in accordance with Article 10 of this Regulation.

Art. 2o : Add as article 521 bis the following:

Article 521 bis. Los Inscribed as vendors of pyrotechnic artifices who lack their own stock (sales made on orders raised previously) may use, for the temporary storage of the artifices, a temporary deposit of a provisional nature, under the following conditions:

It will only be stored free and in quantity that does not exceed thirty (30) boxes (external packaging).

Preferably, deposits will be isolated premises. If they were part of a building, they should be located in such a way that they do not obstruct the free transit of people to the street.

The deposits will be on the ground floor and there will be no housing on them.

The walls will be masonry or equivalent material and will have enough openings to allow the early exhaust of gases and smoke in case of fire.

In the vicinity of the deposit there will be at least one water mouth for hose, and a fire extinguisher.

Deposits will be protected from fuel, flammable, oxidant, corrosive, etc., as well as uncovered flames.

The items of pyrotechnic artifices entering the deposits will be immobilized only the time that delays the preparation of the deliveries.

The smallest selling unit will be the intermediate packaging and the opening of the outer packaging will be done outside the premises.

It is prohibited to store pyrotechnic material with other materials. If the premises were large enough, joint storage will be allowed, with compatible materials, after separation through a partition that prevents unnoticed access to the site of the building. In all cases, the artifices will be stored away from the exit door of the premises.

As far as possible, lighting will be natural. If there is an electrical installation, the same will be shielded anti-explosions and the cutter key must be outside the premises. As long as it doesn't operate on the premises, the light will be off.

During the entry or discharge of material operations, the door will remain open and locked to prevent accidental closure. In addition, more than two people will not enter the premises.

The merchants who are part of the rules of the present directives shall, at the time of their registration, denounce the existence of the provisional deposit.

Art. 3o , Add to article 537, as subparagraph (d) the following text:

(1) More than twenty (20) tons and up to one hundred and twenty-five (125) tons, in deposits of exclusive use for ammonium nitrate, distanced not less than thirty (30) meters of houses or inhabited places, roads, railways and other premises.

Art. 4o , Add to Annex 4a of the regulation, as item 11, the following:

11 - Pyrotechnic artifacts Classes A 11 and B 3 (manufacturing).

Art. 5o el Replace the text of paragraph 3 of annex 4b with the regulation, as follows:

3. Pyrotechnic items class C-4b (factory storage).

Art. 6th el Replace the text of point 9 of annex 4b of the regulation, as follows:

9 - Non-conditional raw materials in their original containers (upholstery in explosive and pyrotechnic factories):

Clorates and perchlorates; solid peroxides; dust magnesium; powdered aluminium; ammonia perchlorate particle size greater than fifteen (15) microns.

Art. 7o el Replace the text of paragraph 3 of annex 4c of the Rules with the following:

3 - Ammonium perchlorate particle size fifteen (15) microns or less.

Art. 8o . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. ALFONSIN Raúl A. Borrás