Security Forces Decree 54/76 - Amendment - Full Text Of The Rule

Original Language Title: FUERZAS DE SEGURIDAD DECRETO 54/76 - MODIFICACION - Texto completo de la norma

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DECRETO SECURITY FORCES No. 1239 Amendment of the Regulations on Qualifications, Ascense and Removals of the Federal Prison Service staff.

Bs. As., 24/5/83

VISTO the draft modification of the Regulations on Qualifications, Ascense and Removals of the Federal Prison Service staff, and


That in order to develop an objective system in relation to annual eliminations it is necessary to unify in time the respective analysis of the qualifications of the agents that are in a position to be promoted to the immediate higher degree and that of those who will have to go to retirement.

That, at the same time, the selection of the agents promoted and, therefore, to carry out positions of greater responsibility, the eliminations allow for continuity in the coverage of the charges.

That the change that rises will allow the time of annual promotions to have the minimum number of vacancies in the respective grades.




Article 1 Artículo Replace article 1 of Decree No. 54/76, which shall read as follows:

Article 1 . The rating of prison officers shall be annual and shall be confidential. It will take place on 1 August of each year.

Art. 2o o Replace article 2 of Decree No. 54/76, which shall read as follows:

Article 2 . The modifications that are made from 2 August and up to 5 (5) days before the completion of the tasks of the respective Qualifications Boards with reference to the impediments to the promotion set forth in article 84 of Law No. 20,416, shall be anticipated by radiograms by the Chief within 24 hours of the respective Board, without prejudice to their immediate confirmation by radiographs. The subsequent modifications and up to the date of the lifting of the promotion proposals shall be communicated to the Directorate-General of the Prison Corps by the same tracks and shall be taken into account by the national leadership for the relevant purposes.

Art. 3o o Replace article 11 of Decree No. 54/76, which shall read as follows:

Article 11. . The direct Chief shall raise the annual or partial qualifications by the end of the annual period, before 1 August of each year or the next working day if the latter were traded, the corresponding Chief, who before 10 of the same month or the next working day should the review and the notification procedure of the qualified ones be completed. The Chief shall refer such qualifications to the Directorate-General of the Prison Corps, prior to the 12th of August.

In the cases of partial qualifications provided for in Article 8 (a), (b) and (c), the direct Chief, within 24 hours of the event that motivated them, shall perform the qualifications and shall elevate them to the Chief, who shall, within 24 hours, proceed to the notification of the agent. When originated by transfer of the causator, the partial qualification will be referred to your new destination, together with the personal legajo within five (5) days of the agent's pass.

Art. 4o — Replace article 32 of Decree No. 54/76, which shall read as follows:

Article 32. Artículo The three Qualifications Boards, for the purposes of promotions, will be convened by the National Directorate with sufficient anticipation to begin their tasks on September 1st or the first working day following if it were traded and will deliberate for five (5) working days. The members of the qualification commissions shall be relieved of their duties inherent in the post they hold during the sessions for which they were convened. The National Directorate shall inform the President of the respective Qualifications Boards, the payroll of agents covered by article 101 (c) of Law No. 20,416, which has arranged to continue to work and meet the minimum time to the degree, for the purpose of its inclusion in the order of merit for promotion. The High Board of Qualifications and the Sub-Alternate Staff Qualifications Board shall also be convened by the national leadership for the purposes set out in article 101 (a) of Act No. 20.416, in accordance with article 76 (a) and (c) of the same legal body, during the month of September.

When the case under section 79 of Act No. 20,416 is given, the National Directorate shall notify the President of the corresponding Qualifications Board, the Scaffolding, Subscalaphon and Grades in which a supplementary Merit Order should be lifted, which shall be incorporated after the Merit Order previously established for agents who possess the statutory antiquity for promotion.

Art. 5o o Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.


Lucas J. Lennon