Pensions Law N? 22.929 - Its Regulation - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: JUBILACIONES LEY N? 22.929 - SU REGLAMENTACION - Texto completo de la norma

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Regulation of Act No. 222,929, which established a staff-specific retirement regime that performs scientific technical tasks of research and development and management of such activities.

DECEMBER No. 3.245

Bs. As., 712/83

VISTO Law No. 22929, which established a specific retirement regime for staff performing technical-scientific research or development tasks, and the management of such activities, and the need to regulate their provisions,

The President

De La Nación Argentina


Article 1 -- For the purposes of art. 1st of Law 22.929 shall be understood by personnel who perform directly technical-scientific research or development activities and the management of these activities, with full dedication or dedication, which is specified below:

-- National Scientific and Technical Research Council: Article 6 personnel, paragraph. (a) (Charter of Scientific and Technological Research) of Act No. 20.464.

-- Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria: Agents included in Class A Subclases I and II, indicated in Article 2 of the Scale of Personnel approved by Resolution No. 914/72 of the Board of Directors of I. N. T. A. and its amendments.

-- Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial: Agents of Class A (Technical-scientific staff) Group A I, of the Staff Group of the Statute and Scaffolding of the I. N. T. I., chapter II, paragraph. Resolution I. N. T. I. No. 240/71.

-- Instituto Nacional de Ciencia y Técnica Hídricas: Staff from Grupo A del Régimen del Statute y Escalafón Técnico approved by Decree No. 7801/61 (t. o. 1964), applicable under Decree No. 732 of 29 January 1973.

-- Agency for Scientific Research and Technological Development of the Armed Forces: personnel from the Ii and Id Classes, and the Class III C Group, according to Article 12 of the Regime for the Investigation and Development of the Armed Forces, approved by Decree No. 4381/73 and amended by Decree No. 2780/77.

Art. 2o -- For the purposes of the article. 5th Act No. 22,929 shall be held by the retired agent: (a) In the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research, the Class of the Researcher in which it was reviewing; (b) At the National Institute of Agricultural Technology to its Class Subclass and Category; (c) At the National Institute of Industrial Technology to its Category; (d) At the National Institute of Water Science and Technology, to its Category: (e) In Agency for Research and Development of the Armed Forces, to the Class, Group and Category of the said agent.

The other concepts of remuneration, whatever their denomination, shall be considered supplements or compensations that shall be added to the retribution of the position itself.

Art. 3o -- For the determination of retirement specified in article 5 of Act No. 22,929, remuneration for honorary services or supplementary annual salary shall not be considered without prejudice to the liquidation of the beneficiary of the corresponding supplementary year.

Art. 4o -- The retiree officer shall attach to the certifications of services and remuneration which he perceived at the time of the final termination of the service, a record issued by the agency in which he acted certifying that the agent performed the charge for which he received that remuneration for a minimum period of twenty-four (24) consecutive months.

In the event that in the performance of the last position the agent does not reach the minimum period indicated above, the agency shall extend a certification in which the updated remuneration would be payable to the person concerned for the performance of the immediately preceding position in which he or she will prove that period.

Art. 5o -- In the event of the creation of additional supplements or compensations relating to the status of the active agent having the same status as the retired agent, these new supplements or compensations shall be incorporated in the case of a retired person determined under section 5 of Act No. 22.929, in the percentage set out in that article.

Art. 6th -- If any of the research or development agencies referred to in article 1 of Act No. 22,929 do not continue in the future, the adjustments to the retirement of each agent who has belonged to it shall be made on the basis of the increases that occur in the total remuneration for any concept subject to the payment of contributions of the agent in operation in another of the agencies specified in the aforementioned article, whose retributive status is the most approximate to.

Art. 7o -- In the event that during the processing of the benefit and for the purposes of salary adjustments or for the creation of new supplements or compensations to be awarded to the active agents performing the same post as the retired agent, the amount set out in the certification prescribed in Article 4 shall be changed to a new record indicating the amount to be paid to the person concerned for the continuation of the activity, which the latter shall submit to the national box of activity.

Art. 8o -- The rules of the present decree shall also apply to persons already retired or undergoing retirement, or to those responsible, who under article 11 of Act No. 22,929 are subject to the benefits thereof. To that end, they will require the agency where the holder served the certification of compliance with articles 1o, 3o, 4o and 5o of the said law and article 1 of this decree, as well as the updated total remuneration, including supplements and compensations, corresponding to the position he held at the time of the final termination in the service.

Art. 9th -- For the purpose of the adjustment of retirements and pensions, the agencies specified in Article 1 shall communicate to the national insurance fund granting the benefit, the variations that occur for the staff in activity in the remuneration that was taken into account to determine the existence of the benefit, within five (5) days of the validity of those allowances.

The corresponding box will affect the adjustment of the passive assets with effect to the date of entry into force of the variation.

Art. 10. -- Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.


Adolfo Navajas Artaza