Law Of Secret And Undersecretary Ministries - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: LEY DE MINISTERIOS SECRETARIAS Y SUBSECRETARIAS - Texto completo de la norma

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LAW OF MINISTERIA Determine the Ministries and Areas and the Presidency of the Nation. DECRECT N° 15

Bs. As 10/12/1983

Seen law 22,620 and its amendments Laws 22,641 and 23.023 and


That under the prescriptive terms of Article 9 it is necessary to proceed to determine the Secretariats and Undersecretaries of the various ministerial areas and the Presidency of the Nation.




Article 1 ! The secretariats and subsecretariats in the field of the Presidency of the Nation and the various ministries will be listed below: MINISTERY OF INTERIOR:

! Undersecretariat of the Interior

Undersecretary for Institutional Affairs

Undersecretary for Technical-Economic Affairs


Undersecretary for International Economic Relations

Technical and Coordination Undersecretariat

I - Secretariat for International Relations and Worship

Undersecretary for Foreign Policy

Undersecretary for Latin American Affairs

Undersecretary of Cult

Undersecretariat for International Cooperation

II - Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Special Affairs

Undersecretary for Southern and Limtrophe Affairs

! Under-Secretary for International Peace and Security


- Undersecretary of Defense

Undersecretary of Production for Defence

! Under-Secretary for Programme and Budget Control

Undersecretary for Military Affairs


Undersecretary of Economics

I - Ministry of Finance

Undersecretary for Tax Policy and Administration

! Budget Undersecretary

II - Mining Secretariat

Undersecretary of Mining

III - Regional Development Secretariat

Undersecretary for Regional Development

IV - Trade Secretariat

Undersecretary for Internal Trade

Undersecretary for Foreign Trade

V. Maritime Resources Secretariat

Undersecretary for Maritime Resources

VI - Industry Secretariat

VII. Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

! Undersecretariat for Agriculture

Undersecretary of Livestock

VIII - Cooperative Action Secretariat

Undersecretary for Cooperative Action


Undersecretary of Public Works and Services

I - Secretariat of Communications

- Telecommunications Secretariat

Undersecretary for Broadcasting

II - Secretariat of Water Resources

Undersecretary for Water Resources

III - Ministry of Transport

Undersecretary for Ground Transport

Undersecretary for Fluvial and Maritime Transport

! Undersecretary for Transport Planning

IV - Energy Secretariat

Undersecretary for Electrical Energy

Undersecretary for Business Management

Undersecretary of Fuels

Undersecretary of Energy Planning


I - Secretariat for Educational, Scientific and Cultural Coordination

Undersecretary for Educational, Scientific and Cultural Coordination

II - Ministry of Education

- Undersecretary for Education

! Undersecretariat of Professional Teaching Activity

III - Secretariat of Science and Technology

! Under-Secretary for Coordination and Planning

Undersecretary for Promotion

Undersecretariat for Information and Development

IV - Ministry of Justice

! Under-Secretary of Justice

Undersecretary for Legislative Affairs

V. Culture Secretariat

Undersecretary of Culture


Undersecretary for Labour and Social Security

I - Ministry of Labour

- Undersecretary of Labour

Technical Undersecretariat and Administrative Coordination

II - Social Security Secretariat

Undersecretary for Social Security


Undersecretary for Health and Social Action

I - Ministry of Health

Undersecretary for Regulation and Control

Undersecretary for Health Resources

Undersecretary for Health Programmes

II - Ministry of Sport

! Undersecretary for Sport

III - Social Promotion Secretariat

Undersecretary for Social Promotion

IV - Secretariat for Human Development and the Family

Undersecretary for Human Development and Family

V. Ministry of Housing and Environmental Management

Undersecretary for Housing and Environmental Management


I - General Secretariat

! Under-Secretary-General

- Legal and Technical Undersecretariat

Undersecretary of Government Action

- Undersecretary for Coordination

II - Public Service Secretariat

Undersecretary for Administrative Research and Reform

Undersecretary for Legal Analysis and Standard Development

III - State Intelligence Secretariat

IV - Public Information Secretariat

Undersecretary for Public Information

V. Planning Secretariat

! Under-Secretary-General

Undersecretary for Development Programme

Undersecretary for Programme and Coordination with the Public Sector

- Undersecretary for Long-term Analysis

Art. 2o ! The Cabinet of Ministers Secretaries of Ministries and the Presidency of the Nation and Undersecretaries shall be integrated with the number of positions and categories of the scale that governs on a general basis for the civilian staff of the National Civil Service in accordance with the needs of each jurisdiction, and subject to the fact that their total cost does not exceed the amount arising from the valuation of the following posts:

. Ministers: Up to 4 positions category 24

Secretary of the Ministry and the Presidency of the Nation: Up to 3 positions category 24.

Assistant Secretaries of Ministries and the Presidency of the Nation: Up to 2 positions at level 24.

The above-mentioned charges relate to the scale adopted by Decree No. 1428 of 28 February 1973 or to the highest level of the scale that governs the civil staff of the National Civil Service.

The Ministers, Secretaries of Ministries and the Presidency of the Nation shall, by resolution, establish the details of the positions and categories of the respective cabinets on which the necessary designations will be made.

Art. 3o ! The Ministries for which the administrative coordination unit is not envisaged by this decree may include it in their respective organizational structures with a level of up to the General Directorate. Its functions will be the overall coordination and administration of resources and services. Art. 4o ! A period of forty-five (45) working days shall be established, from the date of publication of this decree, for the Ministers to lift the organizational structures of their respective jurisdictions to the national executive branch, elaborated in accordance with the existing provisions. Art. 5o By virtue of the changes in the structures, allow the current administrative services to continue with their tasks until the time when the final structures have been completed and their funding in the General Budget of the National Administration. Art. 6th ! The above-mentioned services are also authorized to ensure that the emerging costs of the new charges that are created are dealt with provisionally with in relation to the available credits allocated in each Jurisdiction until their inclusion in the budget. Art. 7o ! Default of Decree No. 22 of 22 December 1981 and its amendments. Art. 8o ! Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and filese.

National Civil Service


Antonio A. Tróccoli.

Raúl A. Borrás.

Roque G. Carranza.

Bernardo Grinspun.

Antonio Mucci.

Dante A. Caputo.

Carlos R. S. Alconada Aramburú.

Aldo C. Neri.