Pensions And Pensions Increase Of Assets - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: JUBILACIONES Y PENSIONES INCREMENTO DE HABERES - Texto completo de la norma

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JUBILATIONS AND PENSIONS Increase from 1/9/82 the retirement and pension benefits provided by the National Provident Funds. DECEMBER No. 532

Bs. As., 3/9/82

I look at the Nros Laws. 18.037 (t. 1976) and 18.038 (t. 1980), and wage increases for staff in private and national civil service and


That such increases, determined in fixed amounts, import different percentages in relation to the remuneration received by each group of workers.

In accordance with the estimated variation in the overall level of remuneration produced as a result of the reported increases, in relation to the one taken into account in establishing the previous mobility, provided for by Decree No. 92 of 13 July 1982, and as determined by articles 53 of Law No. 18,037 (t. 1976) and 39 of Law No. 18,038 (t.o. 1980), it is appropriate to increase from 1st September 1982




Article 1 . Increase in the sums of six hundred and fifty thousand pesos ($ 650,000) and five hundred and fifty thousand pesos ($ 550.000) respectively, the assets of the pension and pension benefits of the National Provident Funds.

This increase will be effective 1 September 1982 and will be applied on the amount to be received as at 31 August 1982.

Exclude from the above provisions to the pensions and pensions agreed upon or to agree on the application of Act No. 18.464, its amendments or supplements.

Art. 2o ∙ Raise from 1 September 1982 the minimum monthly assets of the agreed benefits or agree on by the National Provident Funds to the following amounts:

Retirements, except for the advance for women . age-old breadmakers. become the breadwinner.


Pension and early retirement for women


Art. 3o As of 1 September 1982, the maximum number of retirements granted or to be granted by the National Provident Funds, including the mobility established by articles 53, Act No. 18,037 (t. 1976) and 39 of Act No. 18,038 (t. 1980), will be fourteen million seven hundred forty-one thousand three hundred fifty-two pesos ($ 14,741.352) per month. Art. 4o . Note from 1 September 1982 in the amount of one million five hundred and twenty thousand pesos ($ 1.526,000) per month the minimum of the ex gratia pensions and other non-contributory benefits and the existence of old-age and disability pensions, which are subject to article 8 of Act No. 18,820. Art. 5o ∙ The correction rate referred to in article 53 of Act No. 18,037 (t. 1976) is to be applied to the determination of retirements for participants who cease to work as of 31 August 1982. The resulting amount shall be added to the amount of six hundred and fifty thousand pesos ($ 650,000), except in the case of early retirement for women, in which the sum of five hundred and fifty thousand pesos ($ 550.000). Art. 6th ∙ Retentions to the National Institute for Social Services for Retired and Pensioned as a result of increases resulting from this decree shall be made in two (2) equal and consecutive monthly contributions. Art. 7o For the application of this decree the supplement to which article 7 of the Decree refers No. 595/82 shall be regarded as retirement or pension, as appropriate. Relevant liquidations and transfers shall be made subject to the rules of this article, as determined in article 9 of Decree No. 1,500/81. Art. 8o The Under-Secretary for Social Security is empowered to dictate the interpretative and complementary norms of this decree. Art. 9th - Communicate, publish, give to the National Bureau of the Official Register and archévese. BIGNONE. Adolfo Navajas Artaza.