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The National Commission is authorized to form an anonymous company with a Company, to operate the Nuclear Fuel Elements Factory established at the Ezeiza Atomic Center.

DECRECT N° 1.719

Bs. As., 26/10/81

VISTO reported by the National Atomic Energy Commission, and


That the National Atomic Energy Commission has developed the lubrication of fuel elements for nuclear power plants at the pilot plant level, including the production of series as a pre-stage to start production on an industrial scale.

That between the objectives and nuclear policy of the Republic, approved by Decree No. 3183 /77, is to "contribute to the development of national science and technique through the contribution of achievements in the nuclear field", which is articulated with the policy of "developing a comprehensive industry that ensures an adequate production of nuclear inputs according to national needs".

That the purpose of the policy cited with reference to the supply of nuclear combustioles is inserted in that of "obtaining the supply of nuclear supplies, giving increasing participation to the national industry" thus achieving "capacity to carry out the fuel cycle in industrial scale" and "increasing the participation of the national industry in the cycle of comoustible".

That the National Atomic Energy Commission should operationalize the facilities of the Nuclear Fuel Elements Factory, whose construction will soon be completed, and ensure the supply in industrial scale of the fuel required by the Atucha I, Embalse and Atucha II Nuclear Power Stations.

That for the development of this industrial phase and consequently with the decision of the National Atomic Energy Commission to keep its maximum effort in technological development tasks, the creation of a society that will have, as the object of the manufacture of nuclear fuel elements Integrated by a substantial majority of the private sector of national capital has been planned.

That through the business capacity and industrial operating experience that will be provided by the private sector, efforts are made to ensure to the Nuclear Fuel Elements Factory a level of productivity consistent with the requirements of the fuel supply programme for Nuclear Power Stations.

That the necessary tools have been developed within the planned contractual scheme to stimulate the decline in fuel prices, due to their impact on the cost of electricity generated by the Nuclear Power Stations.

That the choice of the private participant for the integration of the company concerned is the result of a complex process of situational analysis and evaluation between local firms.

It resonates with the utmost urgency, given the inescapable and important commitments made, the establishment of an entity to initiate the production of nuclear fuels on an industrial scale.

That the National Atomic Energy Commission maintains open the possibility of incorporating a new private sector partner, for reasons of opportunity and convenience related to the development of the Argentine Nuclear Plan.

That this possibility harmonizes with the position constantly supported by the National Atomic Energy Commission in its relations with the business sectors, tending to diversify the exercise of private industrial activities in the nuclear area.

That the National Atomic Energy Commission that will retain ownership of the property to be used by society will provide and sell to society to form movable property and technology, through the conclusion of contracts in accordance with the nuclear objectives and policies approved by Decree No. 31838277.

That because it is an industry of undoubted strategic importance, it is envisaged that the society to form is composed, exclusively, by local companies of national capital, that there have been statutory provisions for the maintenance of such a requirement, as well as for the exercise by the National Atomic Energy Commission of adequate control of the relations of the society with other entities outside it, without affecting the conditions of financial development and of the economic company.

That Article 10 of Decree Law No. 22.498/56 ratified by Law No. 14.467 establishes the prior authorization of the National Executive Power so that the National Atomic Energy Commission may conclude contracts gives society.




Article 1 — Authorize the National Atomic Energy Commission to form an anonymous company with the Pecom Nuclear Company S. A., to operate the Nuclear Fuel Elements Factory established at the Ezeiza Atomic Center, under the conditions set out in the Social Statute Project that is part of this decree as Annex I.

Art. 2° — Authorize the National Atomic Energy Commission to resolve the incorporation of a third member into the society referred to in Article 1 provided that this does not diminish the rights that the Agency is assigned in the Draft Social Statute that is part of the present.

Art. 3° — Please refer to the National Atomic Energy Commission to transfer to the Anonymous Society to form, the ownership of movable property, either as a contribution of capital or for sale and as an exception, to rent to the same property and facilities affected ai its assets that do not allow its use for another purpose other than that for which they were specifically constructed by the Commission.

Art. 4° —This decree will be endorsed by the Minister of Economy, Finance and Finance.

Art. 5° — Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register, and archvese.


Lorenzo Sigaut

Note: This Decree is published without an Annex.