Army Housing Institute Law N? 21906- Its Regulation - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: INSTITUTO DE VIVIENDA DEL EJERCITO LEY N? 21906- SU REGLAMENTACION - Texto completo de la norma

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Rule No. 21.906


Bs. As., 30/3/79

VISTO Act No. 21.906, establishing the Army Housing Institute, and


That it is necessary to regulate the rules contained in the law for the proper application of them.



Article 1 - The proposal of the person to serve as president of the board of the Army Housing Institute (IVE) referred to in article 5 of Act No. 21.906 shall be raised within fifteen days of the publication of this decree and shall be vested in a superior officer of the Army of the rank of General irrespective of his/her position of journal.

In the event of acephalia the proposal of the replacer should be raised within fifteen days.

Article 2 - The appointment of the Executive Vice President shall be vested in a Senior Army Officer in a retirement situation and that of the directors in a Senior Army Officer in activity, a Senior National Gendarmerie Officer in activity, a civilian staff group of the Army ' s civilian staff, with the title of civil engineer or architect and a Senior Officer or Chief in retirement status as Managing Director.

The executive vice president and the directors shall be appointed for the term of two years if they were officers in activity or three years in the other cases may be re-elected.

Article 3 - The directory, as well as its members, may delegate functions that are not deprived of it to the bodies or persons they deem appropriate, for the best performance of the mission to perform, with determination of the scope and responsibilities of the functions delegated.

Article 4 - The directory will therefore be considered integrated with decision-making authority, with the appointment of the president or executive vice president and his directors.

Article 5 - The quorum and the necessary majority of the directory for resolutions, as well as the powers of each of its members, will be determined in the relevant statute of the Institute.

Article 6 - Please refer to the Army Housing Institute to act as an actor, plaintiff or defendant, in any jurisdiction or competence, to commit to arbitrators, to extend jurisdictions, to make express waiver of rights and to perform any other act, management or diligence leading to the best performance of its functions.

Article 7 - The directory established by Act No. 21.906 for the implementation of specific missions imposed may:

(a) To contract the construction of individual or collective dwellings by means made available under the provisions of article 3 of the said law and those which it receives to affect the construction of housing and that produced by application of the above.

(b) Acquire, locate or dispose of dwellings and intervene in the construction as a third party leader.

(c) To enter into contracts for the location of things, works and services, purchase and sale of goods and semovants, permits and other contractual arrangements that are necessary for the fulfilment of their specific purposes.

(d) To establish garments, receive usufructs, inheritances, legacies or donations to make assignments of credits and mortgage rights, grant general or special mandates and revoke them, be holder and possessor of property.

(e) Make judicial or extrajudicial decisions or transactions, grant bonds and guarantees, give or request waits or removes, grant credits, collect, receive, give receipts and letters of payment and cancel debts.

(f) To enter into contracts for interest loans with national or foreign, public or private entities.

(g) Grant loans with security right to build, acquire, expand or repair housing.

(h) Dictate the bases of the tenders for construction, purchase of materials, contracting of services and works as well as for the acquisition or location of furniture, utilities and teachings.

(i) Adjudicate tenders and sign the necessary conventions for the implementation of the tenders.

(j) To perform works by administration or through third parties.

(k) To conclude agreements or contracts with agencies and units of the national, provincial or municipal civil service and, in particular, with those of the Commander-in-Chief of the Army for the provision of movable, immovable and semovient benefits or property that are appropriate for the fulfilment of its mission.

(l) Transfer or receive by transfer public or private property of the State or decentralized entities.

(ll) Perform the acts and adopt the procedures deemed appropriate for the realization of their purposes in the manner and manner established by general and special laws, and may also conclude contracts with natural or legal persons, by public or private tendering or by direct procurement, as deemed appropriate for economic, technical or financial reasons.

(m) Designate or remove its staff, establish the base plantel and its scaling-up regime and the remuneration thereof, as well as apply cease-in and exoneration penalties.

(n) Open accounts and invest in official or private banks and/or any other financial entity, subject to general regimes.

(ñ) Approve annually the overall balance of the Institute, the profit and loss account, the remembrance and calculation of resources and expenditures and set the amounts to be allocated to meet the needs of the Institute ' s staff welfare and social assistance fund.

The enumeration contained in the preceding subparagraphs is merely declarative, and the directory may undertake any other activity which it deems necessary for the fulfilment of its mission, provided that they are not prohibited by law and are resolved by a two-thirds vote of its members.

Article 8 - The heritage of the Army Housing Institute will be integrated with:

(a) The resources allocated by article 3 of Act No. 21.906.

(b) The positive results of the use of the resources mentioned in (a).

(c) Receipts for inheritance, legacies or donations and the positive result of their application.

(d) Those assigned by the national, provincial or municipal Government and the positive outcome of their implementation.

(e) Foresight and reserve funds that are established in accordance with the rules of the matter.

(f) Other assets that, for reasons other than those listed, may enter the same.

Article 9 - Please provide the directory with the necessary funds to acquire, build or locate, the properties, furniture, semovientes, furniture, logable furniture, inserts and essential tools for the performance of the mandated functions.

Article 10. - In order to fulfil its objectives, the Army Housing Institute will also have the means set out in article 3 of Act No. 21.906, which it receives to affect the construction of and those produced by their application.

Article 11. - Determine the heritage and functional regime of this Institute of national interest and that the acts and contracts it undertakes for the accomplishment of its mission are related and linked to national defence.

Article 12. - The directory shall issue within 90 days of the date of publication of the present decree, its organic status and the regime of its contracts authorized by article 6 of Act No. 21.906, on the understanding that this authority implies its exclusion from public procurement of the accounting law, public works and administrative procedures.

Article 13. - Pursuant to the powers vested in it in article 6 of Act No. 21.906, before 1 January of each year for the period, the Army Housing Institute must have approved its general budget.

Array 14. - Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.

David R.H. de la Riva
José A. Martínez de Hoz