Administration Publishes National Lunches And Work Dinners - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: ADMINISTRACION PUBLICA NACIONAL ALMUERZOS Y CENAS DE TRABAJO - Texto completo de la norma

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NATIONAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Lunch and workouts. Rejoins. DECRECT N° 1.567

Bs. As., 14/7/78

VISTO the need to institute a uniform procedure that will enable the reinstatement of erogations that will erode so-called "lunch or work dinners" when they are motivated in inescapable reasons of service, and


That such an aspect is not regulated by any existing norm;

That it is therefore necessary to unify the treatment with respect to the regulation of the compensation that is instituted, which will result in a better order in that aspect of the administrative work;

That the Technical Advisory Commission on Public Sector Salarial Policy has taken the necessary action;




Article 1 s When for inescapable reasons of services originate "lunch or work dinners", isolated and exempt from all habituality, inside or outside the organism and not beyond 50 km of the usual seat of the same, the attention of those will be subject to the regime that is determined below:

(a) Re-entry system: The National Civil Service and Senior Personal Tram (categories 19 to 24) of the Scaffolding for Civil Staff of the National Civil Service, approved by Decree No. 1.428 of 22 February 1973 and equivalent of other scale-up regimes, may receive the refund of the expenses incurred, to which effect they shall submit the respective proof of the erogation signed by the official.

The maximum amount to be refunded for each lunch or work dinner shall be settled in accordance with the following rules:

I. Ministers, State Secretaries, Secretaries and Head of the Military House of the Presidency of the Nation, Assistant Secretaries, Senior Authority of Agencies, Rectors and Deans of National Universities: the total cost actually incurred.

II . Agents of the Senior Staff Section (categories 19 and 24) of the Scaffolding for Civil Staff of the National Civil Service and equivalents of other scaling-up regimes: the amount of the refund may not exceed the amount resulting from assigning for each of the commensals the amount resulting from applying the coefficient 0.06 to the Assignment of Category I of the aforementioned scalfón.

(b) Direct payment system: The costs in question may not be directly charged by the respective agency, in which case it shall be approved by the staff member with competence to do so, according to the jurisdictional application regime and in accordance with the amounts resulting from subparagraphs I and II of this article.

Art. 2° . In both the reimbursement and the direct payment system referred to in the previous article, the proofs of the expenses incurred by agents of the Scaffolding Personal Work for Civil Staff of the National Civil Service and their equivalents in other scaling-up regimes, in addition to being signed by the appropriate agent, shall be visas by an authority not less than Assistant Secretary, maximum authority of the governing or Dean of National University.

Art. 3rd . In relation to the matter dealt with in the preceding articles, please approve the erogations which, in accordance with the authorities mentioned therein have been carried out to date of this decree, from which the regime approved by it will be strictly applied.

Art. 4° . The General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Nation shall be the Agency of interpretation, with the power to clarify the provisions of this decree.

Art. 5° . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.


José A. Martínez de Hoz.