Hydroelectric Energy Hydroelectric Works - Approved Modifications To The Large Leap Project - Full Text Of The Norm


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Decree No. 669/1975

Modifications to the Grand Jump Project were approved.

Bs. As., 12/3/75

VISTO the Argentine-Uruguay Convention, dated 30 December 1946, Decree No. 2.996 of 18 May 1972, which approves the realization of the works covered by that Convention and Decree No. 817 of 29 December 1973 that authorizes the change of design of the Project without modification of the installed power, or of the generated energy, and


That the Convention of 30 December 1946 was adopted in the Argentine Republic and in the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, by the Laws Nos. 13.213 and 12.517 respectively, complementing them by means of the Agreement to Rule the Convention, approved by Decree No. 789 of 20 December 1973;

That the technical-economic studies regarding the over-equipment of the Hydroelectric Power Plant of Salto Grande, point out the desirability of incoporar Two (2) hydrogenerators additional to the Twelve (12) of the original project, taking into account the condition imposed by the Mixed Technical Commission of Salto Grande that the original work Chronogram should not undergo modifications and that the over-equipment will allow to increase the G70 annual

That the recommended technical solution obliges the modification of the infrastructure of the Work and causes an additional cost that will be absorbed by the product of the greatest energy generated with an updated total benefit of the fifty-two million US dollars ($52.000.000,00);

That studies and the favourable opinion of the technical bodies of each High Contracting Party to the International Convention of 1946 have been conducted;

For this reason, and attentive to the proposals of the Ministers of Economy and Foreign Affairs and Worship,



Article 1 - Please approve the proposed amendments to the so-called Large Jump Project, authorized by Decree No. 2.996 of 18 May 1972 and amended by Decree No. 817 of 20 December 1973, as set out in the Overseas Project, which, as an annex, is an integral part of this decree.

Art. 2o - Authorize the Argentine delegation to the Mixed Technical Commission of Salto Grande to approve, on behalf of the Argentine Government, those modifications and adaptations to the so-called Over-equipment Project, in article 1 of this decree, which, without altering its fundamental characteristics, are suitable for the good execution of the works.

Art. 3o - Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.

M. E. de PERON.
Alfredo Gómez Morales.
Alberto J. Vignes.


The modifications to be made and the equipment to be installed in the works of Salto Grande for the over-equipment project are as follows:

First stage:

(a) Modification of a module from each assembly room to later transform it into a machine room. Construction of a work to take and build a vacuum tube in each of the plants.

(b) Placement of two (2) groups of emergency gates in each of the take-up works.

c) Placement of the guides of the bars and of the auxiliary closing boards in each of the take-up works.

Second stage:

(a) Installation of a vertical axis Kaplan turbine of 187,500 H.P. in each plant.

(b) Installation of a generator of 150 MVA, 13.8 KV, 50 cycles, 75 r.p.m. in each plant.

(c) Installation of the bars in each of the take-up works.

(d) Installation of electrical equipment for each generator group.

(e) Installation of a 150 MVA transformer. on the downstream platform, at each center.

(f) Construction of airline and one arrival section for each of the Salto Grande de salida stations.