Tax Oil Deposits Authorize Y.p.f. To Provide Technical Assistance In The Eastern Republic Of Uruguay - Full Text Of The Norm


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Decree No. 1.767/1975

Fiscal Petroliferous Foundations

It is authorized to provide technical assistance in the Eastern Republic of Uruguay.

Bs. As., 25/6/75

VISTO file No. 350.023/75 of the Secretariat of State of Energy, by which Fiscal Petroliferous Deposits request the adoption of the driving measures that enable it to provide technical assistance to carry out seismic surveys in the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, and


That the National Fuel, Alcohol and Portland Administration (A.N.C.A.P.) of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay has requested the collaboration of the Fiscal Petroleum Foundations for the execution of seismic exploration in the Santa Lucia Basin of that country;

That Fiscal Petroliferous Powers may have the necessary equipment and elements for the materialization of the work required by the Uruguayan State Company without affecting its plans of exploration;

That the collaboration requested falls within the policy of international relations outlined in the Triennial Plan for National Reconstruction and Integration;

That for the realization of the work to be carried out in the neighbouring country by personnel of the Petroliferous Public Prosecutors ' Foundations, emergency measures should be taken to facilitate the speedy and rapid action of the means to be used;

That such measures include allowing the temporary export of equipment and material components of the Seismographic Commission and the mobility necessary to move abroad to all specialized personnel involved in the work to be carried out in the Eastern Republic of Uruguay;

That the characteristics of the tasks to be performed do not make it possible to foresee the time that will require the achievement of the work as well as the payroll of the staff that will execute and supervise them and the occasions that they should travel on;

That the contract was negotiated, improved and signed after the preparation by the Fiscal Petroleum Deposits of the Foreign Travel Plan for the current year, so that those to be carried out pursuant to the contract mentioned were not included in the said Plan;

For this reason and attentive to the proposals of the Ministry of Economy,



Article 1 - Authorize Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales to perform with its equipment, materials, elements and personnel seismic jobs in the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, in accordance with the contract signed by that State Company and National Fuel Administration, Alcohol and Portland (A.N.C.A.P.) of that country.

Art. 2o - Authorize Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales to temporarily export to the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, for the term duration of the work, all the equipment, elements and materials necessary for the realization of the seismic exploration work agreed with the National Fuels, Alcohol and Portland Administration (A.N.C.A.P.) of the neighbouring country.

Art. 3o - Authorize the definitive export, free of the export rights of explosives and of all those elements that do not return to the country by virtue of being unused or by force majeure cannot return from the Eastern Republic of Uruguay.

Art. 4o - Authorize, on an exceptional basis, the provisions of Decree No. 1841 of 10 October 1973, for the provision of the necessary and indispensable travels to the Eastern Republic of Uruguay by officials and specialists who will carry out and supervise the seismic surveys in the same country, assigning them the necessary amounts to be held accountable.

Art. 5o - Let it be established that the movement of material equipment elements and personnel referred to in the preceding articles of the present decree shall not mean any expense for Tax Petroleums and the erogations in which it is incurred are included in the agreed price between this Company and the National Fuel, Alcohol and Portland Administration (A.N.C.A.P.) of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, as stated in the respective contract of services.

Art. 6o - Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.

M. E. de PERON.
Celestino Rodrigo.
Alberto J. Vignes.