Games Of Random Modality Called Quiniela - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: JUEGOS DE AZAR MODALIDAD DENOMINADA QUINIELA - Texto completo de la norma

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The establishment of lottery games is authorized under the so-called quiniela.


Bs. As., 24/12/73

VISTO Decree-Law No. 18.226/69, and


That with a realistic sense of the factual situation raised by the vocation of man to intervene in gambling, the State has chosen to authorize some of its manifestations in order to guide the resources from them to meet the requirements of the community regarding the health, education and housing of the lower income groups;

That among the above-mentioned games is not until this time the lottery under the modality called mechanical quiniela that is penetrated as a long-established custom in vast sectors of the population;

That because of the situation, the benefits of clandestine exploitation are diverted from the designated destinations, which in some weightable measure justifies the authorization of the State;

That it is not prudent to ignore a reality, which translates into fewer resources intended to attend to community emergencies, so it is convenient for both the State, for the needs to be covered and for the own safety of the gamblers, to authorize the National Benefit Lottery and Casinos to establish the mentioned games;

That the net balance of the collection will be transferred to a special account to be destined for works of social assistance carried out by the Crusade of Solidarity of Justice which presides over the Excelent Lady Vice-President of the Nation, María Estela Martínez de Perón;




Article 1.- Authorize the Ministry of Social Welfare to establish lottery games under the so-called quiniela, national jurisdiction and provincial jurisdictions through agreement with local states. The National Benefit Lottery and Casinos will be the executing agency, and it is empowered to dictate the regulation of the game and to conclude the agreements with the “ad-referendum” Provinces of the Ministry.

Art. 2°.- The amounts from the collection will be allocated:

(a) To award;

b) up to ten percent (10%) to pay fees to recipient agents.

(c) up to six per cent (6%) plus any other collection from prescripted awards, sale of extracts, other items and the investment economy of previous budgets for the budget of expenditure and investments that demand exploitation;

(d) The net balance shall be deposited in the special account No. 325 of the Ministry of Social Welfare of the Nation, for the purpose of the Social Assistance work carried out by the Crusade of Justice Solidarity.

Art. 3. Buy a Reserve Fund for the payment of the obligations arising from the successes of the gamblers who could not be treated, for their total amount, with the produced of the respective plays.

The Fund shall be constituted with the net balance of the exploitation of the game obtained during the first ninety (90) days of its entry into force and the resources shall be deposited in the Bank of the Argentine Nation or in the National Development Bank, indistinctly, with the interest that is agreed with the aforementioned institutions and in such conditions that allow the immediate return at the request of the depositary agency. The interests that the capital produces will be credited to the aforementioned special account No. 325.

Art. 4°- The sums that are extracted from the Fund shall be refunded to the Fund with the exploitation of subsequent moves and even their participation.

The Ministry of Social Welfare is empowered to extend the Reserve Fund in accordance with the needs to be acquired, transferring the necessary amounts from the Special Account No. 325.

Art. 5°- The National Lottery of Beneficence and Casinos may use, temporarily, the available funds of the account No. 324 the amounts necessary for the implementation of the game and also, until the integration of the Reserve Fund, for the payment of bets, refunding the same to the extent that the collections referred to in the second article are produced.

Art. 6°- The successful ballots must be presented to the collection, at the place where the regulations dictated by the National Lottery of Benefit and Casinos are established, within a period of sixty (60) days run from the day after the draw to the closing of the operations of the sexthème day, or the next working day if the person falls on holiday or not laborable. After the time limit has not been made, the right of the person concerned to claim the payment of the prize shall be automatically extinguished.

This article should be printed on the game boot and import the apostolate's manifestation of knowledge and acceptance of the rules contained in the respective regulations.

The amount of the prizes not received will be credited to the special account No. 325.

Art. 7°- This decree will be endorsed by the Minister of Social Welfare.

Art. 8.- Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.


José López Rega.