Ultramarine Harbour Complex In Deep Waters Law N? 20085 And Decree N? 997/73 - Amendment - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: COMPLEJO PORTUARIO DE ULTRAMAR EN AGUAS PROFUNDAS LEY N? 20085 Y DECRETO N? 997/73 - MODIFICACION - Texto completo de la norma

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Partially amend Decree-Law 20.085 and Decree 997/73.


Bs. As., 1/2/74.

VISTO Decree Law No. 20.085 of 9 January 1973, in which the system "Portuguese Complex of Ultramar in Deep Waters" was instituted in order to reach the "integral development until the start of the Complex composed of Port in Deep Waters, Puerto Pesquero, National Defense Facilities and Complementary Works located in the maritime area of Cabo San Antonio, proximity to Punta Lavanos


That the Overseas Port Complex System in Deep Waters, created by Decree-Law No. 20.085/73, has developed efficient work, allowing them to currently face stages that directly tend to the realization of such an important project, of national interest;

That the specific nature of the tasks to be carried out in the future should be recommended to transfer the Directorate of the said System, to the area of the Ministry of Economy - State Secretariat for Transport and Public Works, in accordance with article 15, paragraph 71 of Law No. 20,524;

In the face of the above, it is necessary to amend Decree-Law No. 20.085 and Decree No. 997/73 in accordance with existing legal requirements and standards;




Article 1 - Delete the payroll contained in Article 2 of Decree-Law No. 20.085/73 to the "Secretariat for Planning and Government Action" and modify the name "Comando en Jefe de la Armada" by "Comando General de la Armada".

Art. 2o - Replace in the text of articles 3; 5th subparagraph (e); 14 and 15 of the decree-law the expression "Comando en Jefe de la Armada" by "Secretariat of State of Transport and Public Works".

Art. 3o - Replace Article 12 of Decree-Law No. 20.085/73 with the following: "The Secretariat of State for Transport and Public Works shall designate the official who shall serve as the Directorate of the System, who shall be assisted by an Executive Secretariat whose mission, functions and integration shall be established by regulation."

Art. 4o - Replace the text of Article 6 (a) of Decree 997/73 with the following: "a) Three permanent members, one of whom shall serve the Head of the Secretariat, appointed by the Directorate of the System, and must also be one of them an officer of the Navy, appointed on the proposal of the General Command of the Navy."

Art. 5o - Transfer to the jurisdiction of the State Secretariat for Transport and Public Works the special account referred to in article 15 of Decree-Law No. 20.085/73.

The General Command of the Navy shall make the corresponding transfer of the outstanding balances and commitments of cancellation that exist in that account at the date of this decree.

Art. 6th - Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.

José B. Gelbard.
Angel E. Robledo.