Social Pension Provision - Electric Service Staff - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: PREVISION SOCIAL JUBILACION - PERSONAL DE SERVICIOS ELECTRICOS - Texto completo de la norma

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SOCIAL PREVISION No. 937 Regular retirement for staff engaged in risky tasks inherent in the provision of electrical services.

Bs. As. 27/3/74.

VISTO the provisions of Article 64 of Decree-Law 18.037/68, and


That the aforementioned legal rule authorizes the Executive Power to establish regimes that meet age limits and years of services and differential contributions and contributions, in relation to the nature of services in painful, risky, unhealthy or determining old age or premature exhaustion.

That the Standing Advisory Commission established by Decree 5.006/71 for the study and analysis of requests made for the application of differential retirement regimes, produced offices for certain activities provided by the staff employed in the electrical service providers.

That from the result of their studies and checks, the conclusion is drawn that there are some tasks that are evidently at risk or sinfulness resulting in premature exhaustion or aging.

That the first group highlights the work carried out in height or depth, provided that the special characteristics of the same are impossible to take any security measures, and those that involve doing work in high-voltage facilities; while the remaining ones refer to tasks performed in usins and other workplaces, where the noise factor for their intensity, frequency and continuity, constitute harmful elements with incidences of early exhaustion.




Article 1 s They will have the right to regular retirement with fifty-five (55) years of age and thirty (30) of services, the staff employed in electric service providers, who work directly and usually in:

(a) Tasks to be carried out on balances, sillets, stairs to wind or ropes to knots, and those that demand the placement of these elements, provided that they are made more than four meters high, void or depth and that for their realization it is impossible to adopt the respective security measures, aimed at the disappearance of the professional risk;

(b) Work that is done in high-voltage cells and bars that are part of unprotected facilities in their high-voltage elements, and when they do not have enslavement devices or other security measures, for the disappearance of professional risk;

(c) Work with tension in towers or poles;

(d) Contrary tasks of electricity medidores, as well as the change and revision of the same ones installed in user homes;

(e) Workplaces where the eighties and five (85) decibels are exceeded as an average environment when protection, hearing, or the one hundred and fifteen (115) decibels are not provided;

(f) Maintenance, monitoring and cleaning tasks, where they are provided directly and permanently in the sectors where the work referred to in the preceding subparagraphs is carried out.

Art. 2o . When the tasks of those specified in the previous article have been carried out and alternately others of any kind, for the purpose of determining the requirements for the granting of the ordinary retirement, an apportionment shall be made according to the age and service limits required for each type of task or activity. Art. 3o El The contribution corresponding to the personnel referred to in this decree shall be that which governs the common system.

The employer's contribution will be increased by two points over the current amount.

Art. 4o . In the certifications of services that include all or part of the tasks of those provided for in this decree, the employer must expressly state such a circumstance. Art. 5o Las The above provisions will begin to govern from the first day of the month following the date of this decree. Art. 6th El This decree will be endorsed by the Minister of Social Welfare. Art. 7o . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.


José López Rega.