National Census Economic Guidelines For Its Regulation - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: CENSO NACIONAL ECONOMICO PAUTAS PARA SU REGULACION - Texto completo de la norma

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DECRECT N° 1.513

General coordination.

Bs. As., 20/5/74.

VISTO proposed by the Minister of Economy and,


In order to carry out the task of National Reconstruction in which the country is packed, it is essential to have updated statistics;

That in order to know the causes that have led to a deforming system of economic and social concentration of wealth, contrary to national integration and the regional and global growth of the country, it is necessary to have adequate data;

That in the light of this requirement of information, it is of fundamental importance to carry out a National Economic Census through which the distorting factors of the situation in which the country has been going through in recent years will be able to explore the weakness and vulnerability of the strategy of the economic development process observed in the past decade, and to develop and implement the plans, programmes and policy measures leading to overcome these obstacles and to achieve the major objectives of the National Liberation Government;

That the information collected in the last economic census conducted in 1964 has been permissible by the dynamics experienced by the productive sectors over the past decade;

That article 7 of Decree 3110/70 was not fulfilled at the time;

The repeal of article 10 of Decree No. 3110/70 is in keeping with the fact that it sets out rules that are unnecessary against those laid down in Decree-Law No. 17.622/68;




Article 1 - Default of Article 10 of Decree 3110/70 regulating Decree Law 17.622/68.

Art. 2° The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses under the Ministry of Economic Programming and Coordination Secretariat will be responsible for the management and control of the operations of the National Economic Census in 1974, as the governing body of the National Statistical System. To that end, it will organize and direct the programming, dissemination, execution, processing and publication throughout the country of the census. The Provincial Directorates of Statistics, or the agencies that perform similar functions in each province, regardless of their denomination and hierarchical dependence, will be responsible for the execution of the tasks assigned to them by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses, within their respective provinces.

Art. 3rd - The National Economic Census of 1974 will include the following activities: Manufacturer, Trade, Mining, Construction, Electricity, Gas and Water, Transport, Storage and Communications, Financial and Insurance and Social and Personal Services.

Art. 4° - Créase the Committee of the National Economic Census, whose role will be to coordinate the census operation, which will be chaired by the Secretary of Economic Programming and Coordination and composed of representatives of the Ministries of the Interior, Foreign Affairs and Worship, Justice, Defense, Economics, Culture and Education, Labour, Social Welfare, of the General Commands of the Army, of the Navy and of the Air Force, of the Governing Council of National Universities, The Director of the National Institute of Statistics and Census will act as executive secretary of the Census Committee. The Committee shall be constituted within forty-five days of the date of this decree.

Art. 5o - The Ministry of the Interior shall invite the provincial governments and the National Territory of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands to establish in their respective jurisdictions, provincial census committees, which shall be chaired by the Governor, under their responsibility to integrate them, with the representatives of those provincial, national and municipal bodies which, in their view, will enable better development of the census operation. The Provincial Directors of Statistics - or the headlines of the agencies that perform similar functions in each province - shall act as Executive Secretaries of the respective provincial committees. In addition, officials of the National, Provincial or Municipal Public Administration designated by the National Statistical and Census Institute as national delegates will be part of the Provincial Census Committees.

Art. 6th - The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses will set the date of the relay of the Census, as well as the timetable for tasks and executions.

Art. 7o The organization of the census operation will be structured on the basis of the primary school organization. The provincial governments and the national territory of the Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica Argentina and the South Atlantic Islands may plan the operation on the basis of another type of organization, dependent on the provincial or municipal governments and the national government, either for a part or all of its jurisdiction, in which case they must have the agreement of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses, which should be aware of the modifications to the proposed organization by 30 April 1974.

Art. 8o - The provincial census committees, on the proposal of their respective executive secretaries, shall designate the heads of department, fraction and radio who shall be responsible for the different levels of conduct of the census operation.

Art. 9th - The heads of department, of faction and of radio, shall be construed as agents of the census without any condition other than the appointment to that effect, having under their full responsibility the correct and effective execution of the census, fulfilling and enforcing the censusists the instructions, methods, rules of organization and time of execution that are given to them by their superiors in the census operation.

Art. 10. Persons designated to perform census tasks shall be obliged to perform them, in accordance with article 14 of Decree Law 17.622/68. Only those for reasons of illness or duly justified force may not exercise the assigned function shall be exempted.

Art. 11. - The performance of the census declaration shall be credited by the delivery of a "Censal compliance certificate", which shall be required, without exception, by the national, provincial and municipal units and the banking establishments, as a precondition to any procedure pursuant to article 11 of Decree 3110/70 and enforceable from one month after the Census day and by the end of one year.

Art. 12. - Those who do not supply, false or produce with malicious omission the information required through the instruments of recruitment to be used in the operation of the National Economic Census shall incur in violation and shall be liable to fines of up to five thousand pesos ($5,000.-), in accordance with article 15 of Decree Law No. 17.622/68.

Art. 13. - Regular, express, certified and air mail and telephone and telegraphic communications originating on the basis of the 1974 National Economic Census operation shall be exempt from payment of fees and rights. This exemption will be governed by the year 1974 for the whole country, directing this benefit to all National, Provincial, Municipal, educational establishments and Armed Forces units operating in the aforementioned operation.

Art. 14. - The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses, in coordination with the executive secretaries of the provincial census committees, may highlight officials throughout the country, who, as advisers, supervisors, vexers, cartographers, instructors, etc., will receive during the time limit set by the Institute, which may not be more than six (6) months and according to its actual service delivery, a monthly allowance with a fixed amount of up to one thousand orders.

Art. 15. - The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses should establish, organize and direct, as an integral part of the National Economic Census, a programme of economic statistics that will enable a permanent updating of census information and the in-depth study of the country ' s economic structure. It should also propose to keep the list of economic units updated to carry out activities covered by this National Economic Census in accordance with Article 3, which is empowered to require the necessary information from any national, provincial or municipal agency that has administrative records that contribute to these purposes.

Art. 16. - The census operation shall be regulated in all that was not provided for in this decree, as set out in Decree Law No. 17.622/68 and Decree No. 3110/70.

Art. 17. - This Decree shall be endorsed by the Ministers of the Interior, Foreign Affairs and Worship, Justice, Defence, Economics, Culture and Education, Labour and Social Welfare.

Art. 18. - Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.

Benito J. Llambí.
Alberto J. Vignes.
Angel F. Robledo.
Ricardo Otero.
José B. Gelbard.
Antonio J. Benítez.
Jorge A. Taiana.
José López Rega.