Command In Chief Of The Navy Law N? 20114-Regulation - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: COMANDO EN JEFE DE LA ARMADA LEY N? 20114- REGLAMENTACION - Texto completo de la norma

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Bs., As., 23/1/73

VISTO Law No. 18.569, as proposed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, and


That by Act No. 20.114 has been extended to the scope of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy the use of the microfilmation procedure established for the Commander-in-Chief of the Army by Law No. 18.569 with the same effects, scopes, requirements, procedures and powers provided for therein.

That article 2 of Act No. 20.114 stipulates that the regulation of the law shall establish the authorities of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy that shall have the responsibility of the application of the same, the authentication of the microfilms and their photocopies, the specific account to which the resources from the microfilmation enter to third parties and the remaining necessary precautions for their position in practice.

It is appropriate to regulate Act No. 20.114 so that it can be applied.



Article 1 .- The Commander-in-Chief of the Navy through the Comptroller General Naval, is the implementing body of Law No. 20.114 which authorizes the implementation of the procedure established by Law No. 18.569.

Art. 2°.- The process of microfilmation shall be strictly in accordance with the provisions of such laws, due to the authentication instituted by article 4 of Act No. 18.569, the number of the "Registration of Public Contracts" referred to in article 9 of the same Act is established.

Art. 3. Whenever a film roll is started in which documents, files or all other documentation are to be microfilmed, the "act of initiation" must be microfilled, in which it shall consist: order of the military authority that has the microfilmation; order number of the roll and date on which it begins; name of the dependency; quantity or person to which the file belongs; determination of the material to be executed in the first place of the microfilm.

Art. 4°- At the beginning and at the end of each film roll, a white space of fifty centimeters (50 cm) in length should be left, it is completely forbidden to do so in pictures once the microfilmation began.

Art. 5°- Revealing the roll, the Responsible Chief and the Public Writer attached, will review each of the reproductions contained in it and proceed to microfilm the "revision act" that will be added at the end of the same, and must contain the following requirements: date when the original registration is finished microfilm; number of presentations contained in the roll and from what number corresponds to the encoding; if there are any documents reproduced in use
In order to comply with article 5 of Act No. 18.569, the interested parties will be invited through a generic publication in the Official Gazette with three (3) days in advance, which will include the characteristics of the documentation, place, day and time in which the microfilmation will be made.

Art. 6°- After the "revision act" mentioned in the previous article, if there is in the roll defective documents, they will be microfilmed again avoiding the vices that originated their repetition and then an extension of the "revision act" will be added where the place, date, coded numbers of the repeated documents and the name of operator that made the new takes will be found.

Art. 7°- The annex containing the microfilmation of the "revision act" and the new copies with their corresponding record-up, if any, shall be attached to the corresponding roll so that they cannot be discarded, and shall become part of it.

Art. 8°- The originals of the acts referred to in Articles 3°, 5° and 6° of this regulation shall be retained by the notary which is responsible for the registration of the documentation.

Art. 9°- The originals that were not incinerated, will be annulled by the cross-shaped placement of a two-centimeter (2 cm) wide seal by twenty centimeters (20 cm) long that expresses "microfilmado" losing from that moment all probative value.

Art. 10.- Authorize the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy to obtain a compensatory duty of the activity originated in the elaboration of "microfilmation" works performed by third parties' request.

Art. 11.- The resources from the application of the preceding article will be entered into Special Account No. 874 "Argentine Armed Forces and Special Services" of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy and intended to attend to the erogations that such activities may cause.

Art. 12.- The expenses required for the completion of the present decree shall be met with the provisions assigned annually to the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy.

Art 13.- Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.

Eduardo E. Aguirre Obarrio
Carlos G. N. Coda