State Agencies Commission - Creation - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: ORGANISMOS DEL ESTADO COMISION - CREACION - Texto completo de la norma

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Bs. As., 31/10/73

VISTO Ministry Act No. 20.524 and


The Ministry of Economy establishes the technical determination of the organic-functional structures of all agencies of the National State, regardless of their nature, except those of the national defence.

That its application determines a process of realignment of the specific powers of the Ministries, to which those would be subordinated.

It is necessary to order the process by conforming to the actual needs of the willing transfers.

In order to do so, national and uniform rules of administrative organization should be adopted and ensure their comprehensive and harmonious implementation.

That in order for this performance to be realized, it is necessary to create a normative body and computer that coordinates, unifies and solves practically all the problems that arise during the process of rationalization of the structures of the ministries, as well as those that may arise in relation to the new Secretariats of State, Secretariats, Undersecretariats and Dependent Directions.

It is highly inconvenient and unjustifiable to submit modification projects of structures of the same jurisdiction, with less than one year in force.




Article 1 . Créase, within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, the Administrative Organization Advisory Commission, which will have as its purpose, the analysis of the projects of modification of existing organic-functional structures or to be implemented, or the creation of new agencies, in the Ministries, State Secretariats, Secretariats, Undersecretariats and National or General Directorates, and agencies of equivalent level of the Central Administration, State Companies and Decentralized Agencies.

Art. 2o o The Administrative Organization Advisory Commission shall consist of a representative and an alternate representative of each of the following jurisdiction to which the matter to be dealt with is the subject of the Ministry of Economy and Ministry or jurisdiction.

It shall be chaired by the Technical Secretary of the Presidency of the Nation or by the Technical Assistant Secretary.

Art. 3o . Drafts of modification or creation of new structures corresponding to the bodies specified in Article 1 shall be referred to the Ministry of Economy to issue the Advisory Commission, prior to its elevation to the signature of the National Executive Branch, through the Ministry or holder of the jurisdiction which proposes it, indicating the obligatory intervention of its Organization and Methods Service, which shall be responsible for dictating the correct application of the existing legal rules.

Art. 4o La The Advisory Commission will produce its opinion on the basis of the following policies.

(a) Agencies that have approved their structure shall not be able to raise projects that determine their modification until one (1) year, unless the amendment is based on the provisions of Act No. 20.524.

(b) The revision of the structures may take place only once a year, when there are reasons that advise it.

(c) The proposals of the Ministries, State Secretariats and Secretariats will contain all the modifications required by their member agencies.

Projects of all sub-secretariats of each jurisdiction shall be submitted jointly.

(d) Projects must respond to greater workload, creation or implementation of new services or tasks, arising from legal or administrative regulations.

(e) Modifying projects of structures that, involving revaluation of functions or the level of the units, originate ascents or promotions will not be considered.

(f) Projects will be analysed within the general framework of financial austerity dictated by the National Government in order not to increase the budget deficit.

(g) Projects requiring budgetary reinforcements of the provisions approved by the General Budget Act for the National Civil Service shall not be approved.

(h) The cost of the structure projects, which will be reported in each case, will consider the totality of the charges, for their annual value, increased with the amounts of the extras per antiquity, title, family assignments, forecast contributions, assistance, etc., corresponding to the charges. This cost should be financed from the existing provisions for the Staff Expenditures Subparagraph. To this end, within the total of each jurisdiction, compensation, transfers and adjustments may be proposed as appropriate, without exceeding the related total amount of the credits authorized for the Exercise.

(i) The existence of credit available . by vacancies or surpluses no alone will not justify the modification of a structure to increase the number of charges or increase the categories of the existing ones.

(j) In cases where the provision of permanent or temporary staff of the structures is not discriminated against by agent, it is understood that the budget provision limits the level of the total number of posts that result from calculating the annual cost of each, plus the additional and contributions that proportionally corresponds throughout the year.

(k) The pyramid of charges must be representative of an appropriate relationship between the partial amount of each level and those of immediate scale level, on the one hand, and the workloads on the other.

(l) The proposals will provide for the establishment of a mechanism for monitoring the management of compliance with plans, targets and/or objectives.

(ll) The Commission may directly request additional information necessary for the analysis of projects in which it is appropriate to intervene.

Art. 5o Los Projects will be accompanied by the following basic documentation which, as annexes, will be part of it.

(I) Organizational chart/s;

II) Mission and functions;

III. Functional grouping;

IV) Descriptive memory of tasks and workload.

In addition, a comparative picture of the current endowments and proposals, per unit and level, totalized, will be accompanied, indicating differences.

Art. 6th El The Ministry of Economy will make explicit by Resolution the rules of scientific organization doctrinally accepted, applicable to the decrees of structure.

Art. 7o El This decree must be endorsed by the Minister of Economy.

Art. 8o o Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.


José B. Gelbard.