Cereals And Oleaginous Prices Minimos - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: CEREALES Y OLEAGINOSAS PRECIOS MINIMOS - Texto completo de la norma

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DECRETO SECRETARY-GENERAL 4.784 Minimum prices for various grains.

Bs. As., 26/7/72

VISTO file No. 5.112/72, established by decree No. 4.011 of 20 September 1971, and


By decree No. 1,811 of 5 April 1972, the minimum compulsory prices for corn, granular sorghum, millet, sunflower, decayed corn and soybeans were established for the harvest of the agricultural cycle 1972/73.

In view of increased input prices, there is a need for a review of the levels specified in that act of government.

On the other hand, by decree 2.865 of 15 May 1972, the prices for the products of the fine harvest covered by Decree No. 1.811/72 were adjusted.

That, at the present juncture, it is considered timely and convenient to set levels that signify a real stimulus to increase the planting area of those grains that make up the so-called thick harvest.

That such facts and circumstances advise the relevant adjustment of the minimum values in question.

For this reason and attentive to the proposal of the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock



Article 1 las Relevant parts of Article 1 of the Decree No. 1,811 of 5 April 1972, as follows:

"The mandatory minimum prices of grains indicated below, at all stages of the 1972/73 harvest marketing, shall be as follows:

"For every hundred (100) kilograms of bulk, on carriage, Buenos Aires port:

"Maize: yellow and/or coloured hard type, for export, natural or drying, thirty-three pesos ($33.).).

"Maíz: Yellow and/or coloured type of dentate, for natural or dry export, thirty and a weight of thirty cents ($ 31.30).

"Maize: Semidentated type, for export, natural or drying, thirty-two pesos with forty cents ($ 32,40).

"Great Sorgo: Ophthal types, for export, natural or drying, twenty-seven pesos ($ 27.).).

"Mijo: Official type, twenty-one pesos ($ 21.).).

"For every one hundred (100) kilograms bagged, on Buenos Aires port carriage:

"Girasol: Official type, based on oil performance, seventy pesos ($70.).).

"Mani decayed: Official type based on oil performance, ninety-five pesos ($ 95.).).

"Soja: Official type, ninety-five pesos ($ 95.))."

Art. 2o Los The values set out in article 1 of this decree shall be adjusted in accordance with the provisions of the decree No. 4.011 of 20 September 1971, by joint resolution of the Ministries of Agriculture and Livestock, Trade and Finance and Finance, taking into account the evolution of the prices of the inputs from the date of promulgation of this decree, which will be adjusted later if the conditions thus do so are necessary.

Art. 3o Keep the other provisions established by decree No. 1,811 of 5 April 1972 and the amendments introduced by Decree No. 2,865 of 15 May 1972.

Art. 4o . Any other provision opposing this decree is repealed.

Art. 5o . Contact, post, give to the National Bureau of the Official Register and return to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.


Ernesto J. Lanusse Daniel García Cayetano A. Licciardo.