Argentine Railways State Companies - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: EMPRESAS DEL ESTADO FERROCARRILES ARGENTINOS - Texto completo de la norma

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EMPRESS OF THE STATE Argentinian Railways DECRETO No. 4.748 Partly modify the General Regulations of Railroads.

Bs. As., 25/7/72

VISTO the present Expediente number 4473/63 T. and aggregate numbers 11.122/67 T. and 7818 T. in which they process steps to introduce various modifications to several articles of the General Regulations of Railways and,


In the case of part one of article 141, it is necessary to provide clear penalties for passengers who, provided with tickets issued in accordance with the rates governing the services of the suburban lines - which are lower than those of general trains - improperly amount to the latter to travel within those areas despite the notices and predictions that the railway company makes in this regard.

That, as far as article 158 is concerned, it is appropriate to establish a single fine or the relevant penalty of arrest to those who are offenders as determined by it (bulent sellers, lemons, etc.).

That, with regard to article 391, the obligation to provide salivaries to the dormitory car compartments may be eliminated, as this is unhygienic and not practical for the public, there is also no requirement of such containers in the different types of vehicles in use in the Hygiene Regulations of Railways.

It should also be updated on a general basis for obvious reasons of highlighting, the values set out in other articles of the General Regulations of Railroads, both in terms of penalties and those that provide compensation to users for different reasons, as proposed by Argentine Railways in their GCR note. 1-214-8, last March 24th.

For this reason and in accordance with the proposal of the Ministry of Public Works and Services,



Article 1 de Amend the text of articles 141, 158 and 391 of the general railway regulations, which was approved by Decree No. 90,325 of 12 September 1936, as follows:

"Article 141. ). Except for the trains of the urban and suburban service, when there is on the train a ticket without ticket, with a ticket of expired date or that has been issued for another type of train and/or the user does not adjust to the conditions of its issue, it must pay to the guard-train the amount corresponding to the journey carried out and, in addition, a fine equal to twice that amount, which cannot be less than twenty pesos (weights 20.).).

"In the service of urban and suburban trains, the passenger without ticket or with ticket of date or time expired, will have to pay a ticket of twenty pesos ($ 20. ),), which includes the value of the ticket and the fine, penalty that is extended to those who at the departure of the Anden do not have the respective tickets when required.

"After a paid passenger who did not carry the fertilizer with him, he will pay the twenty pesos ($ 20. y) ticket and sign the dorso by crediting his identity to have the right to manage the return, prior to the deduction of the full amount of a one-way trip with the current rate difference that will be returned to him if within forty-eight (48) hours he will prove his condition of payment.

"Article 158. . The presence of street vendors in passenger cars is prohibited if they are not properly authorized by the companies and in an absolute way that of hotel agents or other kind of commercial propaganda, carriages, laces or lemons.

"This ban also applies to the platforms, platforms and other stations.

"The offenders shall be liable to a fine of fifty pesos (weights 50..) or, failing that, to arrest three (3) days.

"Article 391. . In every compartment of the dormitory cars there will be a bath that will be cleaned after each trip. "

Art. 2o , Please also provide, in the form below, the values of the penalties and compensations set out in the articles of the General Regulations of Railways, which are then mentioned:


Article Title Import of the fine $


Expulsion of people from stations and trains



Long-term travel without ticket knowledge..



Class change



Prohibition of moving up or down trains, etc.



Prohibition of smoking



Use of heaters and lamps


162 A.

Use of radio-telephony devices


169 A.

Driving excess baggage


170 A.

Ticket fees for baggage handling



Guns of fire enlightened breadblowers.



Penalties for preventing employee service

20 to



Penalties for attacks or violent resistance to employees.

50 a



Prohibition of transiting through the pathway.


414 A.

Animals in a track area:


(chicos) become conscious.




Article Title Import of the Compensation. $


Compensation for loss or baggage



Compensation for loss, breakdown, or delay in the transport of encomiendas.



Compensation for removing burdens!


Art. 3o ). Raise to sixty pesos (weights 60.).) the amount of the fine established by Decree No. 9.147 of 14 December 1967 issued in Expediente No. 881/61 of the record of the former Ministry of State of Transport, complementary to article 54 of the General Law of National Railways No. 2873 (sanction for throwing waste in the area of the road).

Art. 4o . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.


Pedro A. Gordillo.