Pensions And Personal Pensions Of The Indotria Chacinado - Regimen - Full Text Of The Norm


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DECRETO SOCIAL PREVISION No. 8,746 Chacinate industry. Preferential regime for workers in the industry.

Bs. As., 13/12/72

Article 64 of Law 18.037, and


That the aforementioned legal rule authorizes the Executive Power to establish a regime that covers age and years of services and differential contributions and contributions, in relation to the nature of those activities that were painful, risky, unhealthy or determining old age or premature exhaustion;

That the Standing Advisory Commission established by Decree 5006/71 for the study and analysis of the requests made for the application of differential retirement regimes produced an office on the activity of the shaking industry;

That from the result of their studies, checks and analysis, the conclusion is drawn that, within this activity, there are tasks that mean for people who usually perform them, a physical deterioration that can result in premature exhaustion;

That this effect is observed in certain activities proper to the processing of the meat and derivatives of the beef, such as the so-called "despite", "molienda" "embutides", "triplery" and "grassery", which present characteristics of penosity and risks that make them deserving of a special treatment from the predictive point of view;

As decree 3.555/72, for the meat industry, should be included in the preferential regime to workers who perform tasks in machine rooms where the noise factor, due to its intensity, frequency and continuity, is a harmful element with incidences of early exhaustion;




Article 1 de Will be entitled to regular retirement with 55 years of age and 30 years of service for males, and with 50 years of age and 27 years of service for females, who work directly and usually in:

(a) The processing of the meat and derivatives of the res. It is understood by processing, for the purposes of this paragraph, the manipuleo and direct treatment of the meat and derivatives of the res that is carried out in the activities called "despostado", "molienda", "embutido", "triptry" and "grasería";

(b) Machine rooms where 85 decibels are exceeded as an average environment where there is no hearing protection, or 115 decibels where there is:

(c) Maintenance, supervision, administrative and cleaning tasks, where they are provided directly and permanently in the sectors where the work referred to in the preceding paragraphs is carried out.

Art. 2o . When the tasks of those specified in the previous article have been carried out and alternately others of any kind, for the purpose of determining the requirements for the granting of the ordinary retirement, an apportionment shall be made according to the age and service limits required for each type of task or activity.

Art. 3o El The contribution corresponding to the staff referred to in this decree and the employer's contribution will be those who govern in the common system, both increased in three points.

Art. 4o — Any company engaged in the shaking and related industry, which at the date of this decree is in operation or is authorized to do so in the future, may not incorporate permanent or transitory personnel to develop partial or total tasks of those provided for in Article 1 without medical examination of concern, which shall conform to the following minimum standards:

(a) Complete clinical examination;

(b) chest X-ray;

(c) Mantoux or similar reaction;

(d) Erythrosedimentation and glucemia;

(e) Urine analysis (glucosa, albumin and sediment);

(f) One of the syphilis research reactions;

(g) Huddlesson or similar reaction.

Art. 5o Las The above provisions will begin to govern from the day 1 of the month following the date of this decree.

Art. 6th . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.


Oscar R. Puiggros.