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Original Language Title: GRANOS PRECIOS MINIMOS - Texto completo de la norma

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Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock COSECHA DECRETO No. 836 Grains. Required minimum prices at all stages of marketing of the harvest 1971/72.

Bs. As., 30/4/71

VISTO that it is convenient to set prices for the next harvest of grains, and


That the State has pursued in recent decades a policy of orientation of the agricultural sector through pricing, both for the fine and thick harvest.

It is the purpose of the State to set the prices of the grains of the crops 1971/72, in the most timely time.

That in this way the agricultural sector can properly plan its production.

That the experience gathered in previous campaigns should be used to establish in the present decree those marketing systems that best serve the interests of the country's production and generals.

It is therefore desirable to establish minimum and mandatory prices for all stages of marketing, so that the purposes of support for the agricultural sector that constitute a State policy cannot be reversed.

That with regard to the so-called "administration expenses" it is essential to set a criterion that provides the maximum security of negotiation to the producer and eliminate any confusion factor in the marketing of grains.

Pursuant to article 9 (t) of the Decree-Law No. 6,698 of 9 August 1963, the National Grain Board is the agency created to defend agricultural production and to intervene in the commercialization of grains whenever the National Executive has so provided.




Article 1 Los Required minimum prices at all stages of the 1971/72 harvest marketing will be as follows:

For each hundred (100) kilograms of bulk on the Buenos Aires port carriage:

Hard Trigo: Grade 1, base 80 (80) kilograms of hectolytric weight, twenty-two pesos with fifty cents ($ 22,50).

Trigo semiduro: Grade 1, base eighty (80) kilograms of hectolytric weight, twenty-two pesos ($22.).).

Trigo Candeal or Taganrock: Grade 2, base seventy-eight (78) kilograms of hectolitric weight, twenty-two pesos with fifty cents (22.50).

Maize: Yellow and/or coloured hard type, for export, natural or drying, sixteen pesos ($ 16.).).

Maize: Yellow and/or coloured type, for export, natural or drying, fifteen pesos with forty cents ($15,40).

Maize: Seed for export, natural or dried, fifteen pesos with fifty cents ($15,50).

Yellow bird: Grade 2, base forty-seven (47) kilograms of hectolytric weight, eleven pesos with twenty cents ($11,20).

White bird: Grade 2, base forty-nine (49) kilograms of hectolytric weight, eleven pesos with eighty cents ($11.80).

Cebada cervecera: Grade 2, base sixty-five (65) kilograms of hectolitric weight, fourteen pesos with twenty cents ($14.20).

Forage barley: Grade 2, base fifty-nine (59) kilograms of hectolytric weight, eleven pesos with eighty cents ($11.80).

Hundred: Grade 2, base seventy-three (73) kilograms of hectolytric weight, eleven pesos with eighty cents ( $11.80).

Granife: Official types, for export, natural or drying, twelve pesos with ninety cents ($12.90).

Mijo: Official type, ten pesos with ten cents ($10.10).

For each hundred (100) kilograms bagged, on Buenos Aires port carriage:

Sunflower: Official type and based on oil redding, twenty-seven pesos with ninety cents ($27.90).

Decayed peanut: Official type and oil performance base, forty-two pesos with ten cents ($42.10).

Soja: According to the current regulation, forty-three pesos ($43.).).

No deduction, bonus or reduction that is not authorized by the National Grain Board may be made on these prices.

Art. 2o o The National Grain Board may determine the correlative prices for agreed operations on other railway stations or other reception sites in the country.

Art. 3o o Forbid the discount of so-called "administration expenses." Art. 4o — Agricultural cooperatives, haulers, brokers, industrialists and exporters may freely operate in the commercialization of the products referred to in Article 1; they must at least pay the purchase prices established in this Decree.

Art. 5o Primary operations should be implemented in the manner determined by the National Grain Board.

Art. 6th The National Board of Grains shall procure the producers, only in official facilities, the products to be offered for sale at the prices set out in article 1 of the present decree, in accordance with the regulations issued pursuant to the provisions of article 11 and deducting the expenses established by it.

Art. 7o The National Board of Grains shall acquire the spiritists and cooperatives at the prices set out in the present decree, the grains that are offered to it and shall recognize the sellers the so-called "administrative expenses".

Art. 8o... The National Grain Board will pay ninety percent (90%) of the amounts of its operations deducted the freight and expenses that correspond within ten (10) administrative working days; the balance within ninety (90) days of the date of the first payment.

Art. 9o... The National Board of Grains, upon authorization by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and the Ministry of Economy and Labour, may make purchases above the prices specified in Article 1 in order to regulate the market, make a better defense of agricultural production, or promote the formation of reserves, making the operations it considers appropriate.

Art. 10. Please refer to the State Secretariats for Agriculture and Livestock, Foreign Trade and Industry and Internal Trade to establish in a timely manner the price of linen oil to which the National Board of Grains will buy all the products available to it.

Art. 11. The National Grain Board shall regulate the conditions of application of this decree.

Art. 12. ! The Ministry of Economy and Labour shall establish the financing system necessary to satisfy the purchases set out in this decree.

Art. 13. " . Offences to this decree and its regulations shall be subject to sanctions established by Decree-Law No. 6.698 of 9 August 1963.

Art. 14. Any other provision opposing this decree is repealed.

Art. 15. ! Contact, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and return to the State Secretariat for Agriculture and Livestock.


Aldo Ferrer. Gabriel Perren. Oscar M. Chescotta. Juan Llamazares. Juan A. F. Quiliel.