State Agencies Contracting Advertising Spaces - Updated Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: ORGANISMOS DEL ESTADO CONTRATACION DE ESPACIOS PUBLICITARIOS - Texto actualizado de la norma

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STATE ORGANIZATION Recruiting advertising spaces DECRETO No. 2.219

Bs. As., 6/7/71

VISTO Decrees 6.680 of 22 October 1968 and 530 of 16 February of the current year; and


That the implementation of Decrees Nos. 6,680/68 and 530/71 has not had comprehensive results in keeping with the spirit that inspired them and that their rules gave rise to numerous exceptions to their implementation;

That it is not advisable for technical and practical reasons to maintain in one body the concentration of creativity and realization of the art of state advertising;

It is appropriate to centralize in a single legal body all decisions related to publicity of agencies, companies and other State entities to facilitate the consultation and guidance of officials responsible for their compliance;




Article 1 The planning and hiring of advertising spaces in the country and abroad, in newspapers, newspapers, magazines, television, radio, public channels and films carried out by state agencies and companies, must be carried out in all cases through the Telam S.A. Agency, Journalism, Radiotelefónica, Comercial, Inmobiliaria y Financial. Art. 2o The above provision is applicable to any space that is contracted for advertising, propaganda and for the publication of edicts, administrative acts, spaces in exhibitions and other events that require public dissemination based on existing provisions. Art. 3o The Ministry, State Secretariats, Secretariats dependent on the Presidency of the Nation, Centralized and Decentralized Agencies, State Companies, Anonymous Societies with a State-run majority, Electrical Services of the Greater Buenos Aires (SEGBA), Sociedad Mixta Siderurgia Argentina (SOMISA), Municipalidad de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Banco Municipal de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires and any legal administration in any company. (Note Infoleg: by art. 1 Decree No. 525/2009 B.O. 13/5/2009 excludes the SUPERINTENDANCE OF RISKS OF WORK, the FEDERAL ADMINISTRATION OF PUBLIC INCOME, the SUPERINTENDANCE OF NATIONAL ASSESSMENTS, the SUPERINTENDANCE OF HEALTH SERVICES and the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SERVICES FOR JUBILADOSNote Infoleg: by art. 10 Decree No. 2105/2008 B.O. 9/12/2008 excludes the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF SOCIAL SECURITY (ANSES) from the provisions established by this Decree. Watch: from the date of publication in the Official Gazette.) (Note Infoleg: by art. 1st Decree No. 293/1992 B.O. 18/2/1992 excludes SECRETARIAT OF TURISM from the NATIONAL PRESIDENCE of the provisions set out in this Decree) Art. 4o shall be binding on the agencies mentioned in article 3 of the Decree No. 2.219 of July 6, 1971, the use of the creative advertising service, art and graphic and audiovisual production provided by the Telam S.A. agency and its professional advice. (Article replaced by Article 1 of the Decree No. 56/1975 B.O. 16/1/1975Note Infoleg: by art. 1st Decree No. 1311/2008 B.O. 12/8/2008 Excepted to the SECRETARIAT OF COMMUNICATION MEASURES OF GABINETE JEFATURA of MINISTERS of the obligation imposed by this article with regard to the dissemination of the Acts of Government published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Armenia Art. 5o ! (Article Derogated by Article 1 of the Decree No. 1.638/1972 B.O. 3/4/1972) Art. 6th The Telam S.A. Agency shall inform the Secretariat of the Press and Dissemination of the Presidency of the Nation, which performs under Decree 1.432/71 the functions of the former Secretariat of Dissemination and Tourism, and the Court of Accounts of the Nation directly, any violation of the requirements of this decree, at the time of its verification. Art. 7o The Telam S.A. Agency will receive for its service of contracting spaces the discounts and bonuses granted by the advertising media according to the customs and customs of the square, and when it provides comprehensive advertising service, the fees will be the ones that best benefit the profitability of the advertising investment of the State Agencies. Art. 8o The Telam S.A. Agency will reject publicity applications that do not comply strictly with existing decrees and other regulations or to be issued on publicity by state agencies. Art. 9th The present decree does not apply to the publication of laws, decrees, resolutions and administrative acts in the Official Gazette.

As for the exchange advertising of the agencies, they must inform Telam S.A. in advance of the creation of respective agreements or contracts, the type of space, the amount of the operation performed and its characteristics in relation to the type of medium and professional technical activity of the agency involved.

Art. 10. The deadline for communication to the Telam S.A. Agency, of the budgetary possibilities of each agency involved, will expire on September 30th of each year. Art. 11. The Secretariat for the Press and Dissemination of the Presidency of the Nation, which carries out under Decree 1.432/71 the functions of the former Secretariat for Dissemination and Tourism, shall regulate the implementation of this decree. Art. 12. ! Destroy decrees 6.680 of 22 October 1968; 530 of 16 February of the current year and any other opposing the present. Art. 13. ! Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.


Arturo Mor Roig.