Secretary Of Energy And Mining Company Gas Of The State - Modification Status - Full Text Of The Norm


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DECREASE N° 6.353/1969

Amend articles 4 and 27 of the Organic Statute.

Bs. As., 8/10/69.

VISTO file No. 532.739/69, of the Registry of the State of Energy and Mining, which requests the modification of articles 4 and 27 of the Organic Statute of Gas of the State, approved by Decree No. 2.420/57 and modulations, Nros. 10.120/57, 1,800/58 and 6.056/68, and


That the housing deficit in which the country is going through is thus reaching the staff that integrates the state’s gas strength;

That it is the purpose of the aforementioned State Company to facilitate, within its financial capacity and budget forecasts loans in money and sale of materials to its staff, to build or acquire its property;

That the State ' s Organic Gas Statute does not envisage in its articulate the authority to carry out loan operations in money or sale of materials to its agents, for the achievement of the stated objective;

That liquefied gas, in its different forms of marketing, also constitutes an advanced product with respect to natural gas distributed by networks;

In this regard, Gas del Estado, as a State Enterprise, is responsible for making the product accessible to potential users located in places away from the production centres;

That, currently, such users do not have an organized service in terms of transport and distribution, which means that there are still localities that suffer from the lack of this product;

That this situation should be corrected by an appropriate plan, so that its marketing is not hindered by rigidity in its selling prices;

That the prices of the product should be adapted to the costs of production, marketing and competitive market conditions;

That it is for the purposes set forth to amend articles 4 and 27 of the State ' s Organic Gas Statute;

For this reason and attentive to the proposals of the Secretary of State for Energy and Mining,



Article 1 - Amend articles 4 and 27 of the State ' s Organic Gas Statute, adopted by Decree No. 2.420/57 and its amendments, numbers 10.120/57, 1,800/58 and 6.056/68, which shall be drafted as follows:

“Article 4° - Gas of the State has the capacity of legal persons of private law, with autarchy in the exercise of its administrative, industrial, commercial and financial government and for the fulfilment of its object may acquire and transfer property, including property; take and retain their position; constitute real servitudes; receive usufructs of the properties of others; contract obligations; make payments, even those other than the ordinary ones of the Administration; It may also commit to arbitrators; extend jurisdictions, attempt civil, commercial or criminal actions; waive the right to appeal, accept legacies and donations with or without charge; make contributions as aid or stimulus in kind, whether awards, collection materials or by-products, and of money, as grants to social entities, cultural, sports, cooperatives and any other associations of common good that operate in areas where the Company operates

“Article 27. – Gas of the State will propose the national executive power, the prices for the sale of gas distributed by networks and the prices for the sale of liquefied gas to bulk, by the corresponding hierarchical way, in accordance with the current regulations, being empowered to set, by itself, the prices for the sale of liquefied gas that commercializes fractionated in the different types of packaging and/or bulk to direct consumers.”

Art. 2° - This decree will be endorsed by the Minister of Economy and Labour and signed by the Secretary of State for Energy and Mining.

Art. 3° - Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.


José M. Dagnino Pastore.

Luis M. Gotelli.