Health Public Iodized Salt - Complementary Provisions - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: SALUD PUBLICA SAL YODADA - DISPOSICIONES COMPLEMENTARIAS - Texto completo de la norma

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Ministry of Public Health


DECRECT N° 1,742

Complementary provisions to ensure compliance with the rules on prophylaxis of endemic botium.

Bs. As. 3/4/68

VISTO Decree No. 4.277 of 12 June 1967, which regulates Act No. 17.259 on Prophylaxis of Endemic Bond; and


That on 1 January 1968, it began to govern in certain provinces the compulsory consumption of iodized salt;

That additional provisions are necessary to ensure compliance with the legal norms and their control by the health authorities;

The President of the Argentine Nation,


Article 1.- Elavorators and iodized salt packers for human food use shall carry a book of numbered leaves, authorized by the Secretariat of State of Public Health, or by the provincial health authority corresponding to article 3 of Act No. 17.259, which shall include:

(a) Proceeding and characteristics of salt,

(b) Composed of iodine used and origin thereof,

(c) An elaborate and packaged amount of iodized salt,

(d) Month and year of processing and iodine salt packaging;

(e) Analysis conducted in each month, with the date of verification and the corresponding protocol number, and method of analysis used,

(f) Total monthly iodized salt discharge.

Art. 2°- The processors and packagers will refer to the Ministry of State of Public Health (National Programme to Combat the Endemic Botium) on a monthly basis, in the form of an affidavit, the amount of iodized salt for human food use, with the indication of buyer and destination.

Art. 3. All containers containing iodized salt for human food use shall:

(a) To be of first use only,

(b) Carrying inscription "Enriched salt for human food use - National Act No. 17.259",

(c) To bear the number for registration in the National Register of Iodized Salt Producers,

(d) Indicate container date, specifying month and year when iodines are used, and only the year when iodates are used,

(e) Number of the certificate of authorization of the product issued by the health authority;

(f) Any other requirement required by the laws in force.

Art. 4°- The salt for human food use, existing in the wholesale and retail establishments that does not fit in Decree 4.277/67, may be marketed until 30 April 1968.

Art. 5°- Offences to this decree shall be punished in accordance with articles 10 and 11 of Decree 4.277/67.

Art. 6°- This decree will be endorsed by the Minister of Social Welfare and signed by the Secretary of State for Public Health.

Art. 7°- Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.

NGOANIA.- Conrado E. Bauer.- Ezekiel A. D. Holmberg.