National Development Council (Conade) Structure - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: CONSEJO NACIONAL DE DESARROLLO (CONADE) ESTRUCTURA - Texto completo de la norma

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Ministry of Economics National Council for Development No. 566.

Bs. As., 24/1/64.

VISTO Decrees No. 7,777/62 and 8.715/63 and 565/64;


It is desirable to establish the basis for the structure and to regulate the functions of the National Development Council, in order to achieve greater efficiency in its tasks;

That the structure to be adopted should allow for adequate flexibility in order to facilitate the active participation of all its members;

It is appropriate to delineate the process of the exercise of the advisory function in terms of plans, programmes and investments. There is also a need to coordinate the procedure for the better use of financial cooperation and external technical assistance;

That the aforementioned structure should also contemplate the formation of a permanent body, which will be responsible for the organization and management of technical and administrative services;

That the provisional structure established by Internal Resolution No. 466 of 28 November 1963 is satisfactory from this standpoint;

That the nature of the work requires the collaboration of highly qualified technical staff;

That, pursuant to article 14 of Decree No. 8.715/63, the National Development Council should raise the draft of its internal structure and regulation to the National Executive;


The President of the Argentine Nation, Decreta:

Article 1. la Approve the following internal structure and regulation of the National Development Council:

I Structure

1 El The National Development Council will be constituted by a " Steering Council" and a permanent technical and administrative body, called "Permanent Committee".

2° El The Board shall be integrated in accordance with Article 2 of Decree No. 8.715/63, as amended by Decree No. 565/64;

3° El The Standing Committee will consist of the Vice President and the Technical and Executive Secretaries of the National Development Council.

II Del From the Board of Directors

4° El The Board of Directors will have the following functions:

(a) To approve, for its elevation to the National Executive, development plans and programmes prepared by the Standing Committee;

(b) Adopt declarations of priority of investments, for the purposes of external financing and technical assistance, where appropriate the participation of the National Development Council;

(c) Adopt technical assistance programmes to be submitted to international agencies and other sources of cooperation;

(d) To establish ad hoc commissions, inviting representatives of the private sectors to participate in them;

(e) To inform, for its elevation to the National Executive, the investment plans of the sectors that comprise the National Civil Service, the decentralized and auto-archic agencies, the State-owned enterprises and enterprises;

(f) To advise on the proper implementation of development plans and programmes, suggesting appropriate criteria for achieving greater dynamism and efficiency;

(g) To propose to the national authorities measures for the best allocation of available resources;

(h) Request reports to the Standing Committee on the various aspects related to the activities of the National Development Council;

(i) To approve, for its lifting to the National Executive, the annual cost budget of the National Development Council.

5° El The Board of Directors will also function as "Advisory Commission", for the purposes of the study of investment and selection plans, as prescribed by Article 12 of Decree No. 8.715/63. The agency shall, in each case, decide on the desirability of incorporating other members into the Commission, as stated in the above article;

6° El The Board of Directors will meet once a month. The Standing Committee may convene a meeting of the Board of Trustees when it so requires consideration of any matter. In turn, the Board of Directors will have the authority to turn to the Standing Committee the topics it deems appropriate to deal with, and to require a call;

7° ; At each meeting, the Standing Committee will give account of the work done and the plans, programmes or projects being formulated or evaluated;

8° ; In the meetings of the Board of Directors, the resolutions will be approved by a simple majority of the concurrent councillors, and will be founded;

9° El The order of the day, the views expressed and the resolutions adopted, will be recorded in the Book of Acts that will be signed by the Councilors present.

III Del From the Standing Committee

10° El The Standing Committee will be responsible for organizing and managing the technical and administrative services of the National Development Council, in accordance with the distribution of tasks assigned to each of its members;

11° El The Vice-President shall exercise the powers of Article 3 of Decree No. 7.777/62, delegated by the President of the National Development Council;

12° El The Vice-President will coordinate, at the high level, the various functions of the Standing Committee in order to achieve greater dynamism and flexibility in its management;

13° El The Vice-President shall be responsible for relations with international or bilateral agencies, linked to financial and technical cooperation;

14° El The Vice-President shall exercise the coordinating role of training courses and the exchange of fellowships for staff development;

15° El The Technical Secretary will be responsible for the technical and research tasks of the National Development Council, such as: developing national development programmes; developing and analysing specific, sectoral or regional projects; coordinating, analysing and evaluating external financial or technical assistance programmes; formulating, promoting and analysing national technical assistance programmes; coordinating, analysing and evaluating national public investment plans; avoiding the long- and medium-term economic developments in Argentina; proposing measures or recommendations for the development of private investment projects;

16° El The Technical Secretary will exercise the leadership role of working groups that are necessary for the development of the technical analysis, reports and documents required;

17° El The Technical Secretary will propose the staff necessary for the implementation of the tasks corresponding to the Technical Secretariat;

18° El The Executive Secretary will be responsible for high-level relations with the Presidency of the Nation; Social Economic Cabinet; National Congress (Cámara and Subcommissions); Ministries, State Secretariats; National Banks; Provincial and Municipal Agencies; Trade Unions and Representative Agencies of Private Entrepreneurs; and Education and Culture Agencies;

19° . The Executive Secretary will coordinate the action of Argentine representatives abroad, with regard to the possibilities of external technical and financial assistance and will propose to the national, provincial and municipal authorities, through the relevant agencies, the adoption of provisions necessary to make such assistance feasible.

Art. 2°. El This decree will be endorsed by the Ministers Secretaries in the Departments of Economy and the Interior and signed by the Secretary of State of Finance.

Art. 3. . Communicate, publish, give to the General Directorate of the Official and Printed Bulletin, go to the National Court of Accounts and archvese.

ILLIA. . Eugenio A. Blanco. . Juan S. Palmero. . Carlos A. García Tudero.