Federal Police Decree N? 6.580/1958 - Modification - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: POLICIA FEDERAL DECRETO N? 6.580/1958 - MODIFICACION - Texto completo de la norma

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Ministry of the Interior


DECEMBER No. 5,365

ORGANICAL LAW.- Amend article 250 of the Rules.

Bs. As., 20/7/64

VISTO Issue No. 30.207/64, by which the Federal Police encourages the amendment of Article 250 of the Rules of its Organic Law (Decree 6580/1958), and


The main purpose of the amendment is to properly regulate the extraordinary licenses granted by that distribution, in accordance with article 246, paragraph 4) of that legal body, determining which are those granted for particular matters and which for matters of service.

That in each of these categories a number of situations are contemplated up to the present time, and others are given a definitive character that were temporarily introduced.

Among the innovations are licences for reasons of studies in establishments of a variety of nature, which constitutes the creation of an old yearning for police personnel, licences for private matters that justify their granting and that which is granted to staff who study in police institutes, in accordance with their internal regulations; and among those that are ratified by their beneficial results, is the granted to staff who provide services within the country.


The President of the Argentine Nation


Art. 1- Amend article 250 of the Rules of the Organic Law of the Federal Police (Decree 6580/58), which shall read as follows:

"Article 250... The extraordinary licences set out in article 246, paragraph 4, of which the agents covered by Decree 18,231/50 are exempted shall be governed by the following rules:

A) Licence shall be considered for private matters:

(1) The one granted to the staff, when they measure special circumstances of a private nature, which in the opinion of the head of the Federal Police justify their granting.

However, where there are serious and urgent reasons, whose attention does not allow delay, the heads of units may directly grant up to 8 days.

This license will be granted without having and will be computed as run days. When the petitioner has not made use of his annual license, he may be discounted from it, taking into account only the working days.

(2) Staff who study in secondary or university establishments (official or incorporated) or in private universities recognized by national or provincial governments; or in other special or technical educational establishments, which, in the opinion of superiority, is deemed to have to be covered by this benefit; and for the sole purpose of examinations.

This license will be agreed by the heads of dependency, for a term of up to 30 days per calendar year, and can be obtained as long as it is necessary, but none of them exceeds 5 days.

At the end of each of these fractions, the beneficiaries must present the respective proof, extended by authority of the educational establishment, in which it has given consideration or postponement of the table.

This license shall be granted by adopting the same regime applied for the cases referred to in the preceding paragraph.

(3) The grant to the staff conducting studies in police institutes, subject to their respective internal regulations. These licenses shall be granted by the Director of Instruction, except as prescribed by art. 251.

B) Licensing for service matters shall be considered:

(1) The person granted to the staff, by the head of the Federal Police, on the occasion of being appointed to represent the institution in sports contests or other activities that may be instigating it.

(2) The staff who are required to perform examinations for courses, to organize the institution without prejudice to the regular service or to be carried out in other bodies but whose assistance has been promoted or authorized by superiority, for reasons of institutional interest.

This license shall be granted in the same manner as determined by the inc. A), ap. 2), but its grant shall be with the benefit of assets, computing for days run and not affecting the annual license.

(3) The grant to the staff for the purpose of providing services in the interior of the country, and provided that it has its actual domicile and family in the Federal Capital or at a distance exceeding 60 km of its destination.

This license shall be granted:

(a) To the staff of the delegations Azul, Mar del Plata, Mercedes, Rosario and San Nicolás, from 12 noon on Friday, until 2400 hours on the following Monday, every fifteen days. This license is exempt from what is determined in art. 251.

(b) To the staff of the delegations Comodoro Rivadavia, Rawson and Río Gallegos, fifteen days run every 75 days.

(c) To the staff of the remaining delegations, twelve days run every 78 days.

The staff of the units mentioned in pto (a), may subsidiarily opt for the license specified in c), in no case may accumulate both benefits.

Staff in the delegations referred to in paragraphs (b) and (c), who have their families living at a distance exceeding 60 km, and not exceeding 200 km, may opt for the licence of paragraph (a) in no case accrue both benefits.

Beneficiaries of the licences set out in paragraphs (b) and (c) may be transferred to any point in the country, having to clearly establish the place of stay in order to be able to be placed immediately in front of any eventuality. The usufructuaries of the license set out in paragraph (a) may do so to the Federal Capital or to any equivalent point in kilometre meeting the same requirements.

The concept of family members, for the purposes of this license, involves, for married people, the wife and children under the age, singles; for widowers, children under the age, singles and singles, parents.

These licences will be granted by the head of the Division Delegations and none of them includes the right to travel days.

Art. 2°- This decree will be endorsed by the Minister Secretary in the Department of the Interior.

Art. 3°- Contact, post, give to the General Directorate of the Official Gazette and Prints and archvese.

ILLIA - Juan S. Palmero