Secretary Of Energy And Energy Water And Electrical Energy - Rules Of Procedure According To Law 15336 - Full Text Of The Norm


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Energy and Fuel Secretariat


Decree No. 8,712/1964

ELECTRIC WATER AND ENERGY. - Rules of procedure to be adjusted in accordance with the Legal Regime of Electrical Industry (Law 15.336).

Bs. As. 30/10/64.

VISTO Issue No. 423.147/63, of the Registry of State of Energy and Fuels, by which the State Company of Water and Electrical Energy requests the approval of the rules of procedure to which it must adjust its activity in accordance with the Legal Regime of Electrical Industry, approved by Law No. 15.336, and


That by article 47 of the above-mentioned Act, the debt of Electrical Water and Energy - State Empresa - with the National Government, from funds handed over to it and to the predecessor agencies, by the General Treasury of the Nation, National Energy Fund and Energy Reserve Fund, to execute works, whatever their nature, to carry out studies or to cost a deficit of exploitation;

That consistent with that principle and attentive to the provisions of article 22 of Decree-Law No. 10,852/62 maintained for the present exercise by Decree-Law No. 8,871/63, which empowers to cancel debts originating from advances of the Treasury and/or accrued interest, it is appropriate to establish its scope and take the necessary measures in accordance with such provisions for the better implementation of the specified purposes;

That, also, it is necessary to adopt measures in relation to the provisions of article 46 of Act No. 15,336 concerning works, jobs, services and benefits that were carried out, executed and/or carried out on behalf of the National Government, provided that they are totally promotional or in the appropriate proportion in which they are partly or responsive to multiple purposes;

That, on the other hand, in accordance with the principles relating to Prices and Rates determined by article 39, in accordance with the provisions of article 46 of the said Law, it is appropriate to carry out a survey of all the goods that integrate the assets of the Company and the updated valuation of the same, arbitrating the means that permit the full implementation of those provisions;

That the partial regulation of the aforementioned Act No. 15,336, approved by Decree No. 2.073/61, does not establish any provisions on this matter;

For this reason, it is attentive to the proposal of the Secretary of State for Energy and Fuels, and to the faculty conferred by article 22 of Decree-Law 10.582/62, in force by the rule of Decree-Law No. 8.871/63,

The President of the Argentine Nation,


Article 1 - Please note that the debt of Electrical Water and Energy, cancelled pursuant to Article 47 of Law 15.336, includes the amounts received until September 20, 1960 by the General Treasury of the Nation, the National Energy Fund and the Energy Reserve Fund, in order to fill or resolve the concepts set out in the above-mentioned legal provision, which respond to definitive investments. The accounting records for the cancellation of such debts shall be operated in the light of the provisions of article 46 of the aforementioned Act and the prior cancellation of the accumulated economic deficits with the amounts intended to address the financial deficits.

Article 2 - The debt of the Company of the Electrical Water and Energy State, originated by advances of the Treasury and/or by interest earned in the period from 20 September 1960 to the date of this decree, shall be cancelled.

Art. 3rd - Define itself to the concept that sets the final part of the second paragraph of Article 46 of Law No. 15,336, benefits, studies and works of defense against floods, of flooding and sanitation of unhealthy and unhealthy areas and the appropriation of multiple benefit reservoirs for promotional purposes, as well as any other study, work or service declared defomento, and the national government is required by

Art. 4° - Please note that the property that corresponds to studies, works, works and services that are carried out or provided by the National Government, in accordance with the concept set out in article 3 of the present decree, shall be recorded perfectly in the accounting of the State Company, in order to determine its assets and results.

Art. 5° - Note the obligation to carry out a comprehensive survey of all the goods that make up the property of the State Company Water and Electrical Energy, intended for its specific activities, in accordance with article 46 of Law 15.336, as well as the updated valuation of the same.

Article 6 - Please refer to the State Company for the planning of the tasks and to issue the rules and procedures relating to the comprehensive inventory, as well as for the updating of the values on the basis of the provisions of article 39 of Law 15,336, being authorized to perform the adjustments in assets and amounts, the reordering, regroupings, etc., for the expression of the actual assets, as well as the expression of the actual assets.

Art. 7° - Please also refer to the aforementioned State Enterprise, in order to avail itself in the future of the general and/or particular legal provisions on the revaluation of assets, which are issued for public utility companies, making adjustments to the value of investments and capital, as appropriate, in accordance with the rules established by those provisions.

Art. 8° - Authorize the Company of the State of Water and Electrical Energy to frame its plan of accounts, as regards the goods of use that integrate its assets, within those technical rules that are most appropriate according to the nature of the services it provides, in accordance with the terms of Article 14 of Law 15.336 and its regulation, and must communicate annually to the Secretariat of State of Taxation (R. B. Eper values).

Article 9 - The present decree shall be endorsed by the Minister Secretary in the Department of Economics and signed by the Secretaries of State of Energy and Fuels and of the Treasury.

Art. 10. - Communicate, publish, give to the General Directorate of the Official Gazette and Prints and archvese.

ILLIA. - Juan C. Pugliese. - Antulio F. Pozzio. - Carlos A. García Tudero