Sports Decree Law N? 282/63-Regulation - Full Text Of The Rule

Original Language Title: DEPORTES DECRETO LEY N? 282/63- REGLAMENTACION - Texto completo de la norma

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Ministry of Social Welfare and Public Health



Rule Decree Law No. 282/63.

Bs. As., 9/4/63

VISTO the provisions of article 6 of Decree-Law No. 282 of 14 January 1963, and in accordance with the proposal of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Public Health.

The President of the Argentine Nation

Article 1- The license referred to in Article 1 of Decree Law No. 282/63 shall be initiated or sponsored in each case by the Argentine Federation of Box and authorized in its health capacity by the agency determined by the Ministry of Social Welfare and Public Health of the Nation.

Art. 2°- Any person who intends to obtain the license for professional fugitives must submit to the Argentine Federation of Box in this Capital, or to its affiliates or representatives in the interior, accompanying:

(a) Identity document;

(b) Four (4) flesh-type photographs;

(c) Certificate of technical suitability, granted by the Argentine Federation of Box, its affiliates or sports institutions qualified in boxing activities of the area;

(d) In the event of a minor, parental consent or guardian.

Art. 3°- The institution before which the proceedings are initiated shall request the body to be designated under article 1 to perform the medical examinations referred to in article 7.

Art. 4°- The initiating institution must refer to the Argentine Federation of Box (central level) the data contained in the duly authenticated identity document; the authorization of the parent or guardian, the certificate of suitability and the records of the medical examination, as well as three photographs of the person concerned; it must reserve in his possession a photograph and copy of all other documents sent. The identity document, after extracting the relevant data, will be returned immediately to the data subject.

Art. 5°- The Argentine Federation of Box will hold in its power a photograph and copy of all the documentation received, and will make on the basis of the same "licence of professional boxer", which will raise together with the original documentation and a photograph to the Ministry of Social Assistance and Public Health of the Nation for its award.

The remaining photograph will adhere to the license.

Art. 6°- Once signed by the corresponding authority of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Public Health of the Nation, the license will be issued to the Argentine Federation of Box, which will in turn send it to the initiating institution for delivery to the person concerned.

Art. 7°- In order to obtain their professional license the aspirant to professional púgil must be subjected to the following examinations: Complete urine, Wasserman and Kahn, complete cytological, erythrosedimentation, urea dosage, glucemia, parasitological of fecal matter and psychophysical test. It will also be subject to a general clinical examination, and to ophthalmological and oral examinations to determine whether the aspirant suffers from any of the general causes of ineptitude mentioned in the following article.

The result of these tests should be recorded in the license, as well as the blood group to which the pugil belongs.

Art. 8°- They are general causes of inaptitude that will prevent the granting of the license, or determine its cancellation, if any, the following:

(a) To be under 18 years of age.

(b) Visual thickness less than 1/4 in one or both eyes, depending on the Wekler scale and/or any other injury or oculo-palpebral disease that can be aggravated by the practice of boxing.

(c) Single or bilateral deafness. Sordomudez.

(d) Maximum-facial abnormalities or poor dental implantations or decays.

(e) Hernias.

(f) manifest nasal insufficiency. Lack of vital capacity.

(g) Tension anomalies, pronounced varices.

(h) Equilibrium disorders, epilepsy, neuromuscular incoordination, mental retardation (diocese).

(i) Disendocrinias (hyperthyroidism, acromegalia, etc.)

(j) manifest anomalies of the locomotive, congenital or acquired system.

(k) Contagious conditions or chronic skin diseases.

(l) Testicular ectopia. Hydrocele, varicocele.

(ll) Conditions of the urogenital system that, in the opinion of the doctor, contradicts the practice of boxing.

(m) Organizational conditions of the cardiovascular system that can be aggravated by the practice of boxing.

(n) Lack of physical development.

Art. 9°- Prior to each combat, the professional roster must be subjected to a test of training control and physical condition (Martinet test), according to the following bases:

(a) The test will be performed on the morning of the day of combat, fasting together with the weighing of the fugitive.

(b) The static pulse, and static blood pressure (maximum and minimum) will be controlled.

(c) The pugilist must perform twenty (20) leg reflections, without lifting the feet of the ground and at the rate of one per second; then the dynamic pulse will be taken at 5 seconds, at the minute, at two minutes and at three minutes of finishing the reflections.

(d) The pugilist who has not regained his normal pulse shall not be allowed to fight at the end of the two minutes of the flexions; nor to the one whose static pressure exceeds 14 1/2.

Art. 10- Licensed boxers, to maintain the validity of this, must undergo a clinical examination and training control every six (6) months. Such periodic examinations will consist of a clinical and laboratory study (orine, cytologic complete, erythrosedimentation, urea and glucemia), electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram; they will give special care to the disorders of the nervous system, and should ultimately be declared inept to the púgil that present them.

Symptoms of such disorders will be considered, whose check will determine the immediate declaration of ineptitude and the consequent cancellation of the license, the following: reflex disorders (ebombing, slowness of the pupil reflex and photomotor and convergence, nistagmus, hyperreflexia patelar and aquiliana; Babinski positive, neuromuscular incoordination); equilibrium disorders (comprobated)

Art. 11- Any fugitive who has suffered three (3) continuous knock-out or discontinuos, within one year of the first, will be disqualified to act for six (6) months; at the end of that time, a new medical examination shall be submitted.

Art. 12- Any episode, accident or event that is recorded in the activity of the pugil, as well as the result of the fighting in which it intervenes, shall be recorded in the license and communicated to the Ministry of Social Welfare and Public Health for its annotation in the registry established by article 1 of Decree Law No. 282/63.

Art. 13- When the result of any of the medical examinations or training control tests provided for in this decree arises the need to cancel definitively or temporarily suspend the validity of a license, it will be withdrawn to its holder by the respective medical authority, which will bring it to the Ministry of Social Welfare and Public Health of the Nation with the corresponding report, to take the measures of the case.

The resolution that recayere will be brought to the attention of the Argentine Box Federation for the purposes of carrying out the respective national and international communications.

Art. 14- The fugitive who wishes to obtain the revocation of the measure that provides for the temporary suspension or final cancellation of his license, must file the respective appeal within ten days of notice of the respective resolution, before the Ministry of Social Welfare and Public Health of the Nation. In such cases, a medical board shall be formed consisting of two representatives of the Ministry, two representatives of the communal authority, one doctor appointed by the Argentine Federation of Box and one proposed by the applicant, whose opinion shall be appealable.

Art. 15- Pugils with license granted that in any way violate the provisions of Decree Law No. 282/63 or of this regulation, shall be liable to the suspension of their license for a term of three months to one year, and may be terminated in the event of recidivism. Against this measure, the resources provided by the S.D. may be filed. No. 7520/1944 and regulations.

Art. 16- Invite the provincial governments to accede to the law of Decree-Law No. 282/63, also to adhere to the terms of this regulation.

Art. 17- This decree will be endorsed by the Minister Secretary of State in the Department of Social Welfare and Public Health.

Art. 18- Contact, post, give to the General Directorate of the Official Gazette and Prints and archvese.

GUIDO- Tiburcio Padilla