Ministry Of Economy National Development Council (Conade) - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA CONSEJO NACIONAL DE DESARROLLO (CONADE) - Texto completo de la norma

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Ministry of Economics NATIONAL DEVELOPING COUNCIL No. 8.917 Please provide information on the implementation of Decrees 7.777/62 and 11.498/62.

Bs. As., 8/10/63

VISTO legal observation No. 5 (Annex 50/63) formulated by the Court of Accounts of the Nation, dated 17 June 1963, in article 3, points 1) and (2) of Decree No. 7.777/62 and article 5, second paragraph of Decree No. 11.498/62, and


That the standards observed empower the National Development Council to recruit and designate its staff;

That the reasons for moving the executive branch to grant the above-mentioned authority remain, for which reason it is necessary to insist on its implementation, as authorized by article 87 of the Accounting Act;

That, however, it is considered appropriate to subject the authority granted to general directives in accordance with the purposes of ordering and rationalizing national services;


The President of the Argentine Nation, Decreta:

Article 1 . Please provide for compliance with Article 3(1) and (2) of Decree No. 7.777 of 6 August 1962 and Article 5, paragraph 2, of Decree No. 11.498, of 31 October 1962.

Article 2° s From the date of the present decree, the monthly remuneration required by the National Development Council, in the contracts for the location of services it concludes, shall not exceed the maximum amounts, for any reason, which are indicated:


Teachers, auxiliary and administrative services


Technical staff


The maximum for technical staff may be extended to the sum of m$n. 80,000 and for a number of not more than five agents, in cases duly justified for reasons of competence and professional versation, in the opinion of the contracting agency.

Art. 3° . The respective contracts shall establish an hourly service allowance not less than at least seven hours a day or 35 hours a week. The National Development Council will monitor compliance with this requirement.

Art. 4° presente This decree will be endorsed by the Minister Secretary of State in the Department of Economics and signed by the Secretary of State of Finance.

Art. 5° . Communicate, publish, give to the Directorate General of the Official and Printed Newsletter and go to the National Court of Accounts.

GUIDE. . José A. Martínez de Hoz. . Eduardo B. M. Tiscornia.