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Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock


Decree No. 1.574/1963

Introduce yourself on 7 July each year.

Bs. As., 19/12/63

VISTO Expediente No. 653/63, in which the National Institute of Agricultural Technology promotes the institution of the "Día de la Conservación del Souelo", and


That the agricultural soil configures the strongest support of the Argentine economy, as well as its future expansion and that, consequently, the conservation of our basic natural resource is essential to guarantee the well-being of all the inhabitants of the Nation;

That this need is increasingly felt in the face of the problem of the enormous undernourished human nuclei, which currently faces the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) with its World Hunger Campaign, as our country, for its most favoured natural conditions, has an undeniable duty to help mitigate that imbalance by ensuring the growing production of its lands;

That in this sense it is necessary to attract the public interest, not only of the rural producers but of the whole of the national population, about the importance that the careful management of the soil has for the Argentine future and the vitalization of the most needy sectors of the orb;

That the movement that ausptizes fully collects the certain warnings of Dr. Hugh Hammoun Bennett, assigns man of science who dedicated his efforts to achieve the greatest production of the earth through his greater protection and who with wisdom, tenacity and clear vision to lead the struggle against the problems of the soil spread his preaching to realize, with universal acceptance, the benefits of proper management and protection;

That in order to achieve the above purposes, it will be a positive influence to institute an annual celebration date to exalt the need to conserve the soil throughout the country;

That, adhering to the recognition that the entire humanity has contracted for Dr. Bennett, it is just to perpetuate his memory by coinciding with the celebration propitiated with the date of his death, which occurred on July 7, 1960;

For this reason, and attentive to the proposal of the Secretary of State for Agriculture and Livestock,

The President of the Argentine Nation,


Article 1- Institúyese el ìdia de la Conservación del Suelo Sound, which will be held throughout the territory of the Nation on July 7 of each year.

Art. 2°- Annually, on the date cited, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock will organize acts relating to it and in all educational establishments under the Ministry of Education and Justice of the Nation, classes will be given to highlight the importance of soil conservation.

Art. 3°- The Secretary of State for Communications will highlight the celebration of the Suelo Save idiom, by stamping alusive phrases on the postal items.

Art. 4°- Invite the Provincial Governments and the Universities of the country to take measures of adherence to the aforementioned date.

Art. 5°- When the fixed date coincides with a fair or unworkable day, all acts associated with its celebration will be held the day before.

Art. 6°- This decree will be endorsed by the Ministers Secretaries in the Department of Economics, Education and Justice, Interior and Public Works and Services and signed by the Secretary of State for Agriculture and Livestock and Communications.

Art. 7°- Contact, post, give to the General Directorate of the Official Gazette and Printers, take note and archvese.

ILLIA. - Eugenio A. Blanco.- Carlos R.S. Alconada Aramburu.- Juan S. Palmiero. Miguel A. Ferrando.- Walter F. Kugler.- Antonio Pagés Larraya.