Ministry Of Economy National Development Council (Conade) - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA CONSEJO NACIONAL DE DESARROLLO (CONADE) - Texto completo de la norma

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Ministry of Economics NATIONAL DEVELOPING COUNCIL 6.337 It will be responsible for the study and advice of the general plan of works, public works and property investments in the field of the National Civil Service.

Bs. As., 4/7/62

VISTO the functions assigned to the National Development Council by Decree No. 7.290/61, and


That the magnitude of expenditures and investments authorized by the General Budget of the Nation, as well as by those of the State Enterprises, has a decisive influence on the development of the economy and the possibilities of action by the National Government;

That for such reasons it is appropriate for the National Development Council to have effective intervention, prior to the final authorization of such expenses and investments;


The President of the Argentine Nation Decreta:

Article 1 . The National Development Council, in the exercise of the powers and powers conferred upon it by Decree No. 7.290/61, shall be responsible for the study and advice on the general plan of works, public works and property investments to be carried out in the field of the National Civil Service, so that it meets the most urgent needs of the country and its economic impact, adjusted to the real financial possibilities. The Council will also take into account the following points of view:

(a) Priorities established by the National Government;

(b) Present and future currency situation in relation to the balance of payments;

(c) Proportion of materials used and their relationship with imports;

(d) Labour occupation;

(e) Territorial jurisdiction;

(f) Convenience of funding in terms of time, conditions and origin of funds.

Art. 2° . The Ministries, State Secretariats, decentralized agencies, State enterprises and joint societies shall submit to the National Development Council, in the form and date determined by it, their plans for public works and work and related property investments or one or more exercises.

Art. 3° El The executive branch shall submit to the Honorable Congress the projects of public works and works and property investments to be carried out on the basis of advice from the National Development Council.

Annually, the Treasury Secretariat will incorporate into the draft general budget for the National Administration, for the respective year, the global allocations for the execution of the works included in the approved plans.

With regard to State enterprises governed by law No. 13.653, the advice of the National Development Council will be formulated in conjunction with the report of the Ministry of Economy to the Executive Branch by submitting its annual budgets and action plans to the approval of the Executive.

Art. 4° . Please note on 31 July as the deadline for submission to the National Council for the Development of Documentation referred to in Article 2°, for the fiscal year 1962/63. In addition to this exercise, the Agency ' s intervention and advice will be prior to the incorporation by the Ministry of Finance of the global items in the draft General Budget for the execution of works already approved by the Honorable Congress.

Art. 5° . This decree will be endorsed by the Minister Secretary in the Department of Economics and signed by the Secretary of State of Finance.

Art. 6° . Communicate, publish, give to the General Directorate of the Official Gazette and Prints and archvese.

GUIDE. . Alvaro C. Alsogaray. . Rafael R. Ayala.