Professional Decree Law 6.070/58- Its Regulation - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: PROFESIONALES DECRETO LEY 6.070/58- SU REGLAMENTACION - Texto completo de la norma

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Secretariat of Public Works


The Regulations annexed to Decree-Law 6.070/58 establishing the exercise of Agrimensura, Agronomy, Architecture and Engineering are approved and Decree 128/56 is repealed.


Bs. As., 13/8/62

VISTO Decree-Law No. 6.070 of 25 April 1958, which establishes the exercise of Agrimensura, Agronomy, Architecture and Engineering, in national jurisdiction;


That the experience gained with the application of the meticulous decree-law makes it necessary to dictate the complementary provisions by means of the regulation that allows to specify and delimit the scope of different articles thereof;

That, on the other hand, they are considered in this way and in respect of the exercise of the activities according to the registration of each professional in the Council corresponding to its title, the consultations carried out by several Professional Councils before the Ministry of Works and Public Services, in accordance with article 41 of the aforementioned Decree-Law number 6.070/58, motivated by the need to find solutions to the points of view held by all the Central Professional Councils to which it refers;

That in the above situations are articles 3°, 4°, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 20, 26 and 34 of the aforementioned Decree-Law No. 6.070/58, concerning the scope of the title for the personal provision of professional services; in their relation to the intervention of foreign professionals; in respect of the exclusive registration of the Councils for the professional degree and the competence of each Council, including the activities of their registration

That the necessary updating of the standards of professional ethics in accordance with article 20, paragraph (1) of Decree-Law No. 6.070/58, advises the repeal of Decree No. 128/56 whose content is not in line with article 20, paragraph 2;


The President of the Argentine Nation,


Article 1 - Approve the regulations annexed to the Decree- Act No. 6.070/58.

Art. 2°- Default of Decree No. 128/56.

Art. 3°- This decree will be endorsed by the Minister Secretary in the Department of Public Works and Services.

Art. 4°- Contact, post, give to the General Directorate of the Official and Printed Bulletin and return to the Ministry of Works and Public Services.

GUIDE. July C. Crivelli



Of the Titles
Regulation 3°, 4° (subparagraphs (a) and (c) and 10, Decree Law No. 6.070/58.

Rule 3

I.- For the purposes of the provisions of article 3 of Decree-Law No. 6.070/58, for the personal benefit of professional services, undertake the tasks enumerated in article 2 (b) of Decree-Law No. 6.070/58, under the sole responsibility of the professional.

II.- The signature of plans, documents or any other written manifestation that means the exercise of the profession, or any other graphic expression that replaced it, constitutes - for the purposes of article 26- the presumption that the professional is the author of the entire work to which they refer, in the contrary, to expressly clarify and after the professional title, the functions to which they have been limited in their participation.

III.- When a registered professional acts jointly with a foreign professional, in the cases covered by Article 10, he assumes the responsibility of the tasks developed.

IV.- The registered professional who takes charge of the tasks of execution of work of whose project are foreign professional authors is understood to share the responsibility of the project and assume that of its development.

Rule 4

Subparagraph (a) - Diplomas at national universities must add the university's mention of issuing it, recognizing or revaluing it and in any public performance it performs.

Subparagraph (c) - Those authorized under Decree-Law 8.036/46 shall use the name that the respective Council has established.

Rule 10

I.- Foreign professionals who are domiciled outside of the country, who are adjudged by virtue of having been victorious in an international contest whose bases have been approved by the respective Councils, may apply for this sole circumstance, the authorization to carry them out.

The authorization shall be granted by the respective Council with limited scope only to the accomplishment of the awards and shall involve, where appropriate, the authority to exhibit its professional signature as authors of the project.

II and III- For foreign professionals, points III and IV of the regulation of article 3 are applicable in the relevant part.


Regulation 12, 13 (c), (d) and (e) and 15 of Decree-Law No. 6.070/58.

Rule 12

Diploma holders issued, revalued or recognized by the national university shall be enrolled exclusively in the Council for their professional qualifications, regardless of the functions for which the latter trains them and although part of them also chores on another specialty. The competence of each Council only includes the activities of their respective enrollments.

Rule 13

Subparagraphs (c), (d) and (e) - The persons referred to in subparagraphs (c), (d) and (e) of Article 13 of Decree-Law No. 6.070/58 shall be enrolled in the Professional Councils for the title they hold or in the Council extending the respective qualification.

Rule 15

The application for suspension or cancellation of registration shall be made only in cases where the professional does not owe any amount to the Council in which he is enrolled, for any of the concepts set out in Decree-Law No. 6.070/58.


Central Board

Regulation 16 (Section 6) and 20 (Section 2; 6; 8; 11) and 26 of Decree-Law 6.070/58.

Rule 16

Subparagraph 6) - The study of the canel of the title of its registration, referred to in article 16, paragraph 6 shall be carried out by each Council within 270 days, from the date of validity of this decree.

Rule 20

Subparagraph (2) - Until the design and proposal of the public authorities of the Code of Ethics to govern in respect of the professions of Agrimensura, Architecture or Engineering in its various branches, the Central Board shall be entitled to establish the rules of substance and forms necessary for the Tribunal to comply adequately with its task.

Subparagraph 6) - The decisions of the Board that effect the entire Council shall be adopted by the unimportantness of its members.

Subparagraph 8) - Within 270 days of the date, the Board shall proceed to make the disciplinary regulations referred to in article 20, paragraph 8 of Decree-Law No. 6.070/58. The penalties provided for therein shall be communicated to all public divisions determined by the sanctioning body and where they, or when originating in a lack of ethics, involve the suspension or cancellation of the registration, the professional shall be obliged to restore to the respective Council the corresponding credential, subject to a fine established by the Council or the Board, as appropriate.

Subparagraph 11) - The coordination of the projects sent by the Councils shall be carried out by the Board, in accordance with article 20, paragraph 11, and shall consist of the circumstantial determination of all cases in which the functions assigned to different specialties are overlapped, without prejudice to making the necessary suggestion to propose a clearer and clearer distribution of functions, taking into account in particular the curricula and their correspondence with the title issued.

Rule 26

It is applicable to this article that establishes point II of the regulation of article 3.


Rule 34 of the Decree- Act No. 6.070/58.

Rule 34

I.- On the proposal of the respective Councils, the Board shall establish the amount of the rights to be paid by professionals in any of the situations provided for in article 10 of the Law, and in this regulation.

II.- The surcharges referred to in article 34 of Decree-Law No. 6.070/58 shall consist of double the annual right, when the delay in payment is more than three months and less than six months; triple when it is less than six and up to one year; and fivefold when it is more than one year, cumulatively.