Rural Leases And Apparitions Decree N? 8593 - Modification - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: ARRENDAMIENTOS Y APARCERIAS RURALES DECRETO N? 8593 - MODIFICACION - Texto completo de la norma

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DECRETO N° 12.317 Opening of the Registration of Ternas for the Designation of Vocals Representatives of Renters, Tenants and Appearers

Buenos Aires, August 4, 1955.


That it is considered appropriate to replace the regulatory system of elections sinstituted by Decree No. 8,593 of 12 April 1949s for the preparation of pre-appointed sheets for the appointment of vowels representatives of owners and tenants and apparitions, because in practice it has not proved effective, fast or fair, and it is necessary to do so more appropriately to the principle of the numerically more representative agrarian entities,

Therefore, and the proposal of the Minister Secretary of State in the Department of Agriculture and Livestock,

The President of the Argentine Nation, Decreta: Article 1 de Replace Articles 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 and 13 of Decree No. 8.593 of April 12 of 1949, with the following:

"Article 2° Las The entities referred to in the previous article shall apply for registration, as appropriate, in the following Registers to be carried by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of the Nation (Address and Rural Parkings Directorate):

(a) Registration for the formation of panels of members of the Central Chamber;

(b) Registration for the formation of members of each of the Regional Chambers.

"Article 3° La The application for registration must be accompanied by:

(a) A copy of the statutes and of the last memory and balance approved;

(b) Data relating to the legal status and in the case of cooperatives, of their registration in the respective Register;

(c) Nomin of the members of the Steering Committee;

(d) Nomin of active partners whose premises are located in the jurisdiction of the corresponding Regional Chamber, with the indication of:

(1) Name and address;

(2) Agrarian activity to which they are engaged;

3) Location of the or of the preds that lease or where they perform the exploitation;

(4) If they act primarily as landlords, tenants or parkers. The data required in this article shall be subject to the character of affidavit and shall be updated during the first bimonthly of each year, and may be available to the Directorate of Rural Leasing and Apparitions, where appropriate, to inspect the books-registers of partners for the purposes set out in this decree."

"Article 4° , You may register in the Register provided for in Article 2(2)(a), the entities referred to in Article 1 provided that:

(a) Do not have statutory limitations on their activities to a particular region of the national territory;

(b) Group or represent at least five hundred active partners.

If the registration is requested by federations or confederations of agrarian entities, the data required in Article 3 (d) shall be referred to those provided by them for their respective registrations."

"Article 5° ". You may register in the registers provided for in Article 2°, subparagraph (b), the entities referred to in Article 1, provided that they have their headquarters or that of their sectionals within the jurisdiction of the respective Regional Chamber and, at a minimum, group fifty active partners who meet the quality to which they are represented and who exploit preds within the jurisdiction mentioned above."

"Article 7° El The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of the Nation (Dirección de Arrendamientos y Aparcerías Rurales), with the precedence set by ministerial resolution, will prepare the corresponding registers for the Regional Chambers and the Central Chamber, with determination of the registered entities and the number of partners corresponding to each of them".

"Article 8° ). Each entity shall appear in the owners-arrenders and tenants and apparitions patterns with the number of partners resulting from the computation of the data requested in Article 3, paragraph (d).

If the entity ' s statutes contain special rules that circumscribe its action primarily to the defence or protection of the interests of determining the quality of persons (owners-owners, tenants and apparitions) it will only appear on the list of the partners concerned.

When the active partners of the entity simultaneously review the quality of landowners and tenants or apparitions, they can only be listed in the register for their primary activity. If it is not possible to determine it by the entities, these will be inscribed in the pattern that the associates or, failing, the entities choose, being excluded from the other pattern."

"Article 9° ". Prepared the pads, they will be displayed in the premises of the Regional Chambers and the Central Chamber and distributed among the entities inscribed so that, within the time limit set by the ministerial resolution, the challenges can be made".

"Article 11. . The approval of the fertilizers and the determination of the entities that prove to be numerically more representative will be made by ministerial resolution, which also requires the proposal of the ternas for the designation of titular and alternate vowels. Applicants to integrate terrestrials shall meet the following conditions:

(a) Being native or naturalized Argentine with five years old;

(b) Over twenty-five years;

(c) Have a certificate of good conduct;

(d) To have versation in agrarian matters;

(e) Have a domicile within the limits of the territorial competence of the House to be integrated".

"Article 12. . The earths must be presented within the term that in each case establishes the same ministerial resolution. If, within that time period, the earthlings are not presented or are alleged and proven to be compliant, the proposal of the earthlings shall be requested to the entity that follows in the order of the numerically more representative and so on."

"Article 13. ". Presented the ternas, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock will propose to the executive branch the appointment of candidates who will act as representatives of tenants and tenants and apparitions."

Art. 2° . Please refer to articles 14, 15 and 16 of Decree No. 8.593 of April 12 of 1949; and article 68 of the General Regulations of Law No. 13.246. Art. 3rd . Communicate, publish, give to the Directorate General of the National Register and return to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock for its purposes. PERON . José M. Castiglioni.