Shipyards And Naval Establishments Registration - Full Text Of The Norm


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Shipyards and Naval Establishments Must Be Registered in the Naval Industry Registry

DECRETO N° 5.089 - Bs. As. 14 March 1951

I look at the records of this 5-S-13.534-C/V-950, and attentively informed by the Marine Department,

The President of the Argentine Nation,

Article 1- Within (90) days of the date of this decree, shipyards, naval workshops and naval industry establishments existing in the country, both of private property and of the public administration (national, provincial or municipal), must apply for registration in the Registry of the Naval Industry that carries the National Maritime Prefecture.

Art. 2° - For the purposes of this decree, it shall be understood by:

Shipyard: Establishment dedicated to the construction, armed, transformation, modification or repair of ships or ships.

Naval Workshop: Establishment dedicated to the realization of mechanical works for the purpose of the construction, construction, transformation, modification or repair of ships or ships.

Naval Industry Establishment: Establishment dedicated to the storage, production, manufacture or manufacture of materials or mechanisms used in the construction, construction, transformation, modification or repair of ships or vessels.

Art. 3° - Shipyards, naval workshops and naval industry establishments that are constituted after the date of this decree, must request such registration within thirty (30) days of completion of its installation and in all cases, prior to the realization of any work related to its art or industry.

Art. 4°- For the purposes of registration in the Register, shipyards, naval workshops and naval industry establishments, through their owners, administrators or legal representatives, will submit in writing to the National Maritime Prefecture, the corresponding request, attaching:

(a) Copy of the company contract;

(b) Proof of registration in the Public Registry of Commerce;

(c) Installation plan (plant) of the establishment, showing the distribution of its units;

(d) Plan of installation of machinery and equipment of motor force, with its specifications;

(e) Detailed ratio of mobile work teams;

(f) Table where the following data are obtained, as appropriate:

1- Name of the establishment;

2- Name, last name and legal address of the owner;

3- Foundation date;

4- Location or main seat or headquarters;

5- Total area occupied (in m2);

6- Area covered by rods and stairs (in m2)

7- Area covered by workshops, galpones, tinglados, etc. (in m2)

8- Amount of grads and rods;

9- Width and length of each gravel and sink;

10- Inclination of each grad or varadero with respect to the horizontal (in degrees);

11- Inclination of each grad or rod with respect to the channel axis (in degrees);

12- Height of water to zero on the outer edge of the grad and antegrated (in meters);

13- Depth of the channel to zero on the external edge of the grad and antegrated (in meters);

14- Longitude of the dock available;

15-Water depth to zero at the edge of the dock (in meters);

16- Tonnage and main dimensions of the larger vessel you can build;

17- Maximum number of larger units that can build or repair simultaneously;

18- Existence in deposit of metal material (perfiles, plates, etc.,) (in kilograms);

19- Existence in warehouse of naval construction woods (in m2, indicating the thickness in centimeters);

20- Average number of persons employed on a monthly basis (discriminate by specialty);

21- Maximum number of people who can employ working on three shifts (discriminate by specialty).

Art. 5° - Any change and alteration of the data provided under Article 4 shall be immediately communicated to the National Maritime Prefecture for the purpose of updating the Register.

Art. 6° - Once you register, the National Maritime Prefecture will extend to or interested the respective Certificate of Registration, according to the corresponding Register Group.

Art. 7°- For the purpose of establishing its industry capacity, shipyards, naval workshops and naval industry establishments, will send within the first three (3) months of each year, a demonstration plan for the work performed, initiated and pending execution.

Art. 8° - Compliance with this decree does not preclude the observance of the provisions governing the installation and operation of the establishments referred to therein.

Art. 9° - The violation of articles 1, 3, 5 and 7 of this decree shall be repressed by the National Maritime Prefecture with a fine of up to one hundred pesos national currency (m$n. 100.-) and shall result in the paralyzation of the actions and/or records that the offending company has in place before the distribution, until compliance with its provisions.

Art. 10 - Contact, post and return to the Marine Department (National Maritime Prefecture) for processing and filing.

PERON. Enrique B. García