Atomic Energy National Commission Of Atomic Energy - Creation - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: ENERGIA ATOMICA COMISION NACIONAL DE LA ENERGIA ATOMICA - CREACION - Texto completo de la norma

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Decree No. 10936/1950

Bs As., 31/05/1950


That the progress of research related to atomic energy cannot be unknown by the State, because of the multiple derivations of public order that its practical applications determine or can determine in the future;

That the effects of radioactivity derived from atomic energy require appropriate defensive measures;

That public health can receive enormous benefits from the correct application of radioactivity generated by atomic energy;

That atomic energy can replace the current forms of energy and that this fact could alter the economic and social balance of the country because of the profound modifications that it would determine in the activity of industry, transport, mining, etc., so it is appropriate for the State to take the corresponding forecasting measures;

That it is necessary to coordinate the action of all official and private agencies currently engaged in investigations of this nature within the country, avoiding dispersion and overlapping of efforts;

That the Argentine Republic, careless of any offensive intent, can work in this order of things also with a high sense of peace for the benefit of humanity.

For all of it,



1.- Consider the National Atomic Energy Commission that will depend directly on the Presidency of the Nation, through the Ministry of Technical Affairs.

2.- The National Atomic Energy Commission is composed of ministers that the respective regulations determine.

3.- Specific functions of the National Atomic Energy Commission shall be:

(a) Coordinate and stimulate atomic research in the country.

(b) Control official and private atomistic investigations conducted throughout the territory of the Nation.

(c) To propose to the Executive the adoption of the necessary forecasts for the purpose of the defence of the country and of persons against the effects of atomic radioactivity.

(d) To propose to the Executive the measures aimed at ensuring the good use of atomic energy in the economic activity of the country: medicine, industries, transport, etc.

4 .- All persons, entities or public and private institutions conducting research on atomic energy should report them directly to the National Atomic Energy Commission.

5.- The Ministry of Technical Affairs of the Nation as the Technical Secretariat of the Presidency of the Nation shall act as an administrative agency of the National Atomic Energy Commission.

6.- See the General Secretariat of the National Atomic Energy Commission.

7.- The expenses required to comply with this decree shall be taken from the funds allocated to the Ministry of Technical Affairs by the current budget.

8.- Contact, post, leave to the National Directorate of the Official Register and Archivese. Perón - Mende - Sosa Molina - Ares - Cereijo - Gómez Morales - Lucero - Emery - Barro - Castro - Pistarini - Ojeda - Paz - Freire - Borlenghi - Gache Pirán - Subiza - Carrillo - García.