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DECRETO N° 3.899.

Bs. As., 17/2/49.

VISTO Decrees 1.143/49 and 1.14/49, issued Agreement of Ministers, on the creation of the Secretariats for the Economy and Finance of the Nation, and proposed by the National Economic Council; and

CONSIDERING: That it is necessary to determine specifically the functions of the precited State Departments, as well as those corresponding to the Ministry of Finance and the Secretar de Industria y Comercio as a result of the creation of those departments;

That such determination of functions should be complemented by coordination standards that facilitate the harmonious compliance of those that are concurrent, with a view to the greater effectiveness in the management of the ministries and secretaries;

The President of the Argentine Nation, in General Agreement of Ministers, Decreta: Article l° . Corresponds to the MINISTERIO DE HACIENDA concerning the heritage, resources and expenses of the State.

(a) Tax and customs policy and regime;

(b) Treasury; perception of the income and payment regime of the Nation;

(e) Public debt;

(d) General budget of the Nation and investment account;

(e) Administrative and financial control;

(f) Recording of civilian personnel to the State;

(g) Registration of State property;

(h) coins and printing of notes and values;

(i) State supplies;

(j) Insurance and Insurance Controller;

(k) Administrative and financial compensation for social aid works;

(l) To participate in the negotiation of international conventions relating to the subject matter of their competence; and

(m) Studies and research leading to the best performance of their functions.

Art. 2° a Corresponds to SECRETARIAT OF INDUSTRIA AND TRADE OF NATION regarding the regime and promotion of industry and the organization and counter-reference of supply and trade, and in particular:

(a) Fuels and energy in general:

(b) Mines, geology and hydrology for energy development;

(e) Control of industrial processing processes;

(d) Technological research and quality certifications;

(e) Patents and brands;

(i) Weights and measures;

(g) Identification of goods;

(h) Compliance with the law on the suppression of monopolies;

(i) Cooperatives;

(j) Promotion and organization of exhibitions, competitions, publications and other activities for industrial and commercial development:

(k) Advice on the establishment of customs duties in terms of industrial development and supply;

(l) Collaboration in the selection of immigration from an industrial point of view

(m) Organization and administration of industrial entities of the State of commercial purpose;

(n) Commercial operations in the domestic market necessary to ensure adequate supply of the country; and

(in) Studies and research leading to the best performance of their functions.

Art. 3° de The SECRETARIAT OF ECONOMIA is responsible for the promotion, orientation and realization, to the extent of its powers, of the country ' s trade policy, and in particular:

(a) Intervene in the negotiation of international trade agreements and control their compliance. It will also project the rules to be followed by Argentine presentations to the conferences s and international economic bodies; -

(b) Perform and/or control procurement and sales in the external market and those of the domestic market that are carried out on the basis of external marketing for reasons of defence of production or other of general interest;

(e) To make all purchases abroad to meet the needs of the distributions of the State, except in the case of acquisitions that the executive branch decides to exclude from this regime;

(d) To advise on the establishment of customs exchange rates and tariffs, and to any other measure of economic policy related to the subject matter of their competence:

(e) To intervene in the preparation and implementation of immigration plans;

(f) Conduct the permanent study of markets and organize the propaganda of Argentine products abroad; and

(g) Conduct all studies and researches leading to the best performance of 1st specified functions.

Art. 4° It corresponds to the SECRETARIAT OF FINANCES regarding monetary and credit policy; that of changes; that of the market of movable values and the, of insurance and reassurance, and in particular:

(a) Act in defence of the value of the currency;

(b) Monitoring the international capital movement:

(e) Direct the regulation of credit and means of payment;

(d) Promote banking liquidity and the organization and operation of credit and savings;

(e) Intervene in internal and external credit operations, in the issuance of public loans on behalf of the National Government and other obligations that or without special guarantees;

(f) Authorizing bank interest rates:

(g) Fix exchange rates for imports and exports;

(h) Rule and stabilize the market of furniture values;

(i) Intervene in the negotiation of international agreements on payments and verify compliance;

(j) To contribute to the promotion of agricultural and industrial production; to the development and organization of trade; to colonization and housing; and

(k) Disseminate the rules and take the necessary measures to regulate, coordinate and control the actions of the agencies of their dependence and to provide studies and research that lead to the better performance of their functions.

Art. 5° . It is up to the NACIONAL ECONOMIC Council to coordinate action resulting from the concurrent functions of the different State Departments in order to ensure proper compliance with the national economic policy.

To that end, and with regard to the permanent members of the Council, please describe the following matters as concurrent action:

MINISTERY OF HACIENDA: Tax and Customs Policy; Public Debt General Budget of the Nation. SECRETARIAT OF INDUSTRIA and TRADE: Industrial Development; Supply; Internal Trade. SECRETARIAT OF ECONONIA: Commercial policy; International trade agreements; Procurement - sales in the external market and those of the domestic market that are carried out the function of external marketing for reasons of defence of production or other of general interest; Commercial abroad propaganda; Immigration; FINANCIAL SECRETARIAT: credit policy of changes and the market of secure and secure securities; International payment agreements; Art. 6° All provisions that are contrary to this decree are repealed. Art. 7° - Give the Congress of the Nation a timely account. Art. 8° , Communicate, post, if you are to the General Directorate of the National Registry and archívese PERON Ramón A. Cereijo. . Carlos A, Emery. Enrique B. Garcia. . Juan A. Bramuglia. - Angel G. Borlenghi. . Belisario Gache. . Humberto Sosa Molina. . Juan Pistarini. . Alfredo Gómez Morales. . Roberto A. Ares. . José C. Barro. . Juan F. Castro. . José M. Freire. . Ramon Carrillo. . César R. Ojeda. . Oscar Ivanissevich. . Oscar L. Nicolini.